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Tuesday, Aug 06 2013 10:46 AM

'First Look': Musician Monty Byrom celebrates show's 100th

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    Musician Monty Bryom joins Scott Cox to celebrate the 100th edition of "First Look with Scott Cox."

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Bakersfield musician and songwriter Monty Byrom helped "First Look with Scott Cox" celebrate its 100th show Tuesday with an original song.

Byrom, who said he has a new record coming out, played "Bottle of Lightning."

"You knew I'd like that song when you wrote it," simulcast host Scott Cox said. Byrom quipped that he thought of Cox for about four seconds.

"Write some more songs like that and we'll get along like peas and carrots," Cox said.

Byrom and Cox joked about a special graphic that included many guests from the 100 shows used on Tuesday's show on bakersfield.com. Check out the video for their exchange.


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