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Wednesday, Feb 05 2014 01:57 PM

'First Look': Lois Henry looks into districts running out of water

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    Californian columnist Lois Henry appears on "First Look with Scott Cox."

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Seventeen rural water districts in California are in danger of running out of water in the next two to four months.

That is what Californian columnist Lois Henry talked about Wednesday on "First Look with Scott Cox." She talked about what this could mean for these districts, as it was the topic of her Wednesday column.

Lompico County Water District is one of the districts that falls on the list. One thousand people in that district could be impacted.

Small districts such as Lompico have been trying to acquire funds from the state's Proposition 84 passed in 2006, which set aside $1.5 billion to help small districts, Henry said.

"This bill would help small districts bring up their drinking water standard by consolidating with larger districts," she said.

But communication between the state and the districts has been quiet. Henry said the state simply sends forms to districts, wanting to know their plans.

"The state has a lot of culpability," Henry said.


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