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Friday, May 02 2014 08:00 AM

'First Look': First News for May 2

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Lead stories from "First Look with Scott Cox's" Top Stories:

TWO SHERIFF'S DEPUTIES AND THIRD MAN ARRESTED AFTER FIGHT AT RESTAURANT: Late Wednesday night, there was a fight at an Applebee's restaurant between two off-duty Kern County Sheriff's deputies and a third man, allegedly over comments about a woman. And the fight was serious enough that the men requested citizen's arrests against each other. Police said the men initially fought inside the restaurant, and several patrons and employees tried to separate them. The fight happened over alleged comments made about the girlfriend of 24-year-old Sean Curtis. Curtis, of Bakersfield, and his girlfriend, attempted to flee in a vehicle driven by the woman, but were stopped by officers a short distance away. Christopher Saldana and Jonathan Nunez, both 23, identified themselves as Kern County Sheriff's deputies and waited at the restaurant. Curtis requested a citizen's arrest against Saldana and Nunez, both of Bakersfield. Nunez requested an arrest against Curtis. Read the full story here.

ATTORNEY'S PRESCRIPTION FOR COUNTY KMC PAIN: THC: Bakersfield attorney Gabriel Godinez's prescription for the chronic pain Kern County's experiencing from its money-hemorrhaging hospital is simple: medical marijuana. Godinez represents Natural Treatment, one of 10 medical marijuana dispensaries on unincorporated county land which county attorneys have said became illegal in February when a Kern County Superior Court judge invalidated Measure G. Godinez proposed his client make a yearly payment of 25 percent of a Kern County Sheriff's deputy's annual salary -- that percentage ranging from $11,307 to $19,356 -- as well as a $100 "daily" payment to the county to remain open. Read the full story here.

SCREENING OF ANTI-FRACKING DOCUMENTARY ON LOCAL OIL'S RADAR: Oil industry representatives are calling on their local supporters to show up at a free movie screening in a Bakersfield church hall Saturday to counter what they see as the film's misleading anti-fracking message. An email sent last week by a California Independent Petroleum Agency official to Taft oil veteran Fred Holmes, indicated the group is "quietly looking to fill the seats with pro-industry people" at a 5 p.m. showing of filmmaker Josh Fox's two-hour "Gasland Part II" at St. Paul's Episcopal Church. The agencies CEO said The Gasland movies are false pieces of propaganda that have widely been discredited. He wants to ensure that people hear the truth from experts that actually know how oil and gas operations work. Read the full story here.


In case you missed it, here are the stories that are trending across bakersfield.com.

KHSD EMPLOYEES TESTIFY NO CAUSE FOR CONCERN IN ALLEGED SEXUAL ASSAULT CASE: Kern High School District employees testified in an alleged sexual assault case Thursday that when two autistic teenagers were caught half undressed in an Independence High School bathroom the female student did not seemed traumatized. Matthew Hoyt, the former special education aide at Independence who found the two students, said he did not believe the female student was harmed or that the students were involved in sexual activity, consensual or otherwise. The girl's parents are suing KHSD for counseling and therapy for their daughter. Read the full story here.

HUNDREDS UNITE TO PRAY AND BLESS COUNTRY: An estimated 500 people gathered at The Marketplace on Thursday celebrating the 63rd annual National Day of Prayer. The event was organized by several denominations in Kern County. More than 40 churches of about 15 different denominations attended. The National Day of Prayer will be followed by 40 days of prayer, ending June 8 with the Global Day of Prayer. Each day the prayer session will be held at a different Kern County church. The theme of Thursday's event was "One Voice, United in Prayer." Read the full story here.

WOMAN INDICTED FOR ALLEGEDLY STEALING $120,000 IN SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS: A former Wasco resident was indicted Thursday on suspicion of stealing more than $120,000 in Social Security benefits. A federal grand jury indicted 56-year-old Rosaura M. Tinajero of Omaha, Neb., charging her with alleged theft of public money and two counts of wire fraud. According to court documents, Tinajero's mother, a Social Security benefits recipient, died in 1987. The Social Security Administration was not notified of her death, and distribution of benefits continued from June 1987 to June 2009. If convicted, Tinajero faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for theft of public money. Read the full story here.



FACEBOOK UNVEILS ANONYMOUS LOGIN: Are you uncomfortable with the information Facebook shares about you with third-party apps and websites? Good news: Facebook has a solution, a CNN report said. Facebook unveiled an anonymous login feature that allows users to sign into apps without sharing their identities. The apps will be forbidden from collecting personal data from people who use the feature, the report said. "By giving people more power and control, they're going to trust more apps," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.



RANKS OF INSURED GROWING: A new Gallup poll says four percent of Americans who have health insurance now were not covered last year. A little more than half that group, or 2.1 percent of the U.S. population, got their new insurance through health exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act. The rest got it somewhere else. Overall, 11.8 percent of U.S. adults said they got a new health insurance policy this year. One-third of this group, or 4 percent nationally, said they did not have insurance last year. 



OLSON LEADS FRONTIER SOFTBALL: Frontier sophomore Kaycee Olson hit a bases-loaded single on a pitch that was barely above the ground with two outs in the seventh inning to lead Frontier to a 4-3 comeback win against host Stockdale on Thursday. Read the full story here.




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