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Wednesday, Apr 23 2014 12:36 PM

'First Look': Lois Henry takes on the California Air Resources Board

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    Californian columnist Lois Henry discusses her columns on "First Look with Scott Cox."

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    "First Look with Scott Cox" host Scott Cox talks to Californian columnist Lois Henry about her recent columns.

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Truck drivers have been spending $25,000 to $30,000 for filters that decrease bits of fine particulate matter contained in soot, dust and diesel exhaust. But these filters have caused other engine problems and even massive fires.

Wednesday on "First Look with Scott Cox," Californian columnist Lois Henry talked about the California Air Resources Board and their new rules for trucking.

Many trucking businesses replaced the filters in some of their trucks but started running into problems, Henry said.

"The board said they (the filters) were great and OK, but it turns our they were crap, dangerous crap," she added.

And the problems don't stop with the filters.

Henry said the federal EPA does not have the studies used in the late 1990s when the agency first said PM2.5 could kill you.

"All the data under these studies is secret," she said.


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