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Thursday, Apr 17 2014 11:02 AM

'First Look': First responder agencies compete in 911 Series race this weekend

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    Steven Blakesley of Kern County Raceway Park and Capt. Tim Ortiz of the Bakersfield Fire Department talk about the 911 Series race local law enforcement and firefighters compete to raise money for charity on "First Look with Scott Cox."

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Racers, start your engines.

The return of the 911 Series is back at the Kern County Raceway and local first responders are preparing themselves for the big night race that kicks off Saturday.

Thursday on "First Look with Scott Cox," Steven Blakesley of the raceway and Capt. Tim Ortiz of the Bakersfield Fire Department, talked about the participating departments in the race.

The six teams racing for their preferred charity are: the Bakersfield Police Department, Kern County Sheriff's Office, Bakersfield Fire Department, Kern County Fire Department, Shafter Police Department and Taft Police Department.

"I wouldn't second guess the small town police departments," Blakesley said.

All teams have identical Mini Stocks and will race 15 laps.

Blakesley said there are eight races in total and will be raced once a month.

"Those 15 laps get intense both physically and mentally," Blakesley said.

But Ortiz said the competitiveness was going to kick in fast and the fire department is going after the win.


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