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Thursday, Jun 20 2013 10:18 AM

'First Look': Marley's Mutts helps both dogs, people

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    Zach Skow, founder of Marley's Mutts, and Carlos Baldovinos, executive director of The Mission at Kern County, talk about their partnership on "First Look with Scott Cox."

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Marley's Mutts is working to rescue dogs -- and people. Non-profit founder Zach Skow came on "First Look with Scott Cox" Thursday with a pit bull named Hercules to talk about how he rescues dogs from Kern County Animal Control, rehabilitates them and then finds them homes.

"Our county is constantly bringing in dogs, and bringing them in and bringing them in (to the shelter)," Skow said.

He praised the staff at the county shelter, saying they deal with thousands of animals that often are hurt, abused and abandoned. While other cities might see one horrific animal incident a year, Kern County animal workers deal with them all the time, Skow said. He said the staff members at the shelter are tough and dedicated.

So far, Skow said, his rescue has adopted about 750 dogs in four years and brought them to his facility to rehabilitate them and teach them how to live with families before they're adopted.

Because of what many of the dogs have been through, they often aren't adoptable straight from the shelter, Skow said.

"We have a lot of aggression issues with the dogs we pull from the shelter," he said. But, he said, the rescue can change that around because much of the behavior is just fear biting.

Skow also said he has a new partnership with people -- those at The Mission at Kern County. A one-month-old program brings dogs there to work with people who are in recovery.

"At first I was like, dogs and humans?" said Carlos Baldovinos, executive director of The Mission at Kern County.

But he and Skow are seeing it work. Skow said he recently brought three dogs directly from Animal Control to The Mission and men helped with their bathing, walking and care.

"Some of the folks in our program have been literally to hell and back," Baldovinos said.

Learn more at marleysmutts.com.


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