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  1. Supervisors to talk ag freeze and and KMC contract increase

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Tuesday, Sep 30 2014 09:43 AM

    Kern County supervisors will discuss a freeze on all agricultural development in the Indian Wells Valley and a contract adjustment for the management firm that runs Kern Medical Center.

    That will take place this afternoon during the 2 p.m. session. This morning was light except for a couple supervisor comment sessions.

  2. lerdo_tour3.JPG

    Supes agenda full of interesting nuggets

    Kern County supervisors have a long list of issues to dig through today. This morning they will hear an update on the county's ongoing battle with methamphetamine, review the results of an audit of the Kern County Sheriff's Office, and...

  3. Runways, solar panel and fireworks scheduled for Supervisors meeting

    Supervisors will get a report about reconstruction of the main runway at Meadows Field Airport and hear a man cited for using illegal fireworks argue he shouldn't face the $1,500 fine. Then, in the afternoon, supervisors will discuss...

  4. KERN QUIRKS: Supervisors face flood of items today

    Morning mix A high dollar contract for a chief financial officer, slated for a routine vote during supervisors' 9 a.m. session, could cost Kern Medical Center $520,000 for a year. That's more than double what the last CFO at the struggling...

  5. County budget to get routine approval today

    The county had, for the most part, buttoned up its budget weeks ago. But on Monday and Tuesday Supervisors sat down for two final hearings for a spending plan that is already two months into its 12 month run. Only one county department -...

  6. Evacuees3.JPG

    County poring over draft report on Arvin gas leak

    Kern County officials are reviewing a draft of the human health risk assessment for the neighborhood of homes in Arvin that was evacuated due to a leaking gas line earlier this year. Supervisor Leticia Perez said the report on the...

  7. Retirement costs and park fees on Supervisors agenda

    Kern County supervisors will talk about park fees and debate strategies for handling retirement costs at today's weekly meeting. We'll see if lively discussion develops - especially in the afternoon's retirement talk. Stay tuned.

  8. Supes tackle odd items on Tuesday's agenda.

    It's a bit of an eclectic day for the Kern County Board of Supervisors. They'll consider a new slate of fees for the Assessor-Recorder and County Clerks offices. They will talk about a summer lunch program for children at Beale Memorial...

  9. Supes to discuss good budget news

    Kern County Supervisors will go over the budget picture this morning -- a considerably brighter illustration than they got last month when layoffs in the District Attorney and Sheriff's offices and the closure of Sheriff's substations were...

  10. Tax break and jail taxes on supes plate

    Supervisor Leticia Perez wants to know if Kern County voters support operations of a new wing at Lerdo Jail with a quarter-cent sales tax increase. This afternoon she'll ask her fellow supervisors if they would support putting the sales tax...


    Committee: KMC authority on track, merger needs work

    Kern County's plan to move Kern Medical Center into an independent hospital authority took a wobbly step forward Wednesday. Meeting in Sacramento, the California Senate Health Committee approved Assembly Bill 2546, which would create the...

  12. Supervisors tackle KMC layoffs, county budget

    Today Kern County supervisors will decide whether to layoff approximately 50 employees at Kern Medical Center to match the volume of work to the number of staff working -- and to save around $5 million a year. Supervisors will also consider...

  13. Centennial Corridor rolls into Supervisors' meeting

    Kern County supervisors will ponder, Tuesday morning, whether to support the alignment that Caltrans prefers for the Centennial Corridor -- a route that will take a multitude of homes and business as it cuts through the Westpark...

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