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  1. Supes will ask Brown to speed review of injection wells

    BY JAMES BURGER The Bakersfield Californian
    Tuesday, Mar 24 2015 05:53 PM

    Kern County supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to send a letter of concern to Gov. Jerry Brown expressing concern about the state's approach to water and gas injection wells.

    Since last summer, there has been close scrutiny of the practice of injecting "produced" water, the fluid that comes up when oil and gas are pumped out of the ground, back below the surface.

    Last summer the California Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources, following a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency review, began shutting down wells in Kern County that had reportedly been injecting produced water into potential drinking water aquifers.

    Kern County supervisors said Tuesday that they are concerned about the economic impact to the county if new...

  2. Oil permitting and KMC surgery center in the mix at supervisors meet

    The Kern County Board of Supervisors meeting today is a bit of a hodge-podge. But there are some interesting tidbits that could be interesting. We'll be there to check it out. On the afternoon agenda there are plans to open a KMC surgery...


    Lamont facility's ownership change clears way for settlement

    A long legal battle over a controversial Lamont composting facility is over. Kern County supervisors have settled two lawsuits brought against the county by the Lamont Public Utility District and the composter, Community Recycling &...

  4. Kernville library branch

    Library's Kernville branch slated for closure

    Plans are underway to close the Kern County Library branch in Kernville. Kern County supervisors will be asked within the next few weeks to permanently close the 500-square-foot space, which has been out of circulation for repairs since...


    Are biosolids a hazard? LA's opinions differs from Kern's

    This story isn't really about poop. It's about questions that don't yet have good answers. Does treated human and industrial sewage present a danger to the environment or human health when it is spread on farmland? We don't know that it...


    Green Acres is the place to be, for tons of LA sludge

    Black biosolids slide off the dump truck in massive clumps. They mound on the field, still steaming, even after a long drive over the Grapevine from Los Angeles. Workers scurry around the truck, spraying down the bed and preparing to...

  7. weed3.JPG

    Legal battle against pot shops is not swift

    When Bakersfield's ordinance banning medical marijuana dispensaries took effect Aug. 1, 2013, 25 such businesses were open in the city. Nearly 20 months later, 16 have closed but others have taken their place. Today, some 28 are believed...


    Library debate lands on supervisors' lap today

    Today Kern County supervisors are expected to formally launch what should be an exhaustive and contentious debate over whether the county should privatize its far-flung library system. The most likely course of action is the county will...


    Foes rage over idea of privatizing county libraries

    A couple weeks of heated emails and letters have set the stage for a scrappy meeting on Tuesday as the Kern County Board of Supervisors takes up the issue of library privatization. Supporters of the Kern County Library system have...


    Debate rages over civil service rules and library privatization

    Talk of hacking civil service rules and privatizing the Kern County Library system seem to have put a crimp in the relationship between the Kern County Board of Supervisors and Kern's largest employee union. Service Employees...

  11. Supervisors to brainstorm fiscal strategies

    You'll have to wait until this afternoon to hear discussion from the Kern County Board of Supervisors about a buffet of ideas for saving cash and bringing in new revenue. There are no plans for bake sales. But staff from the CAOs office...


    KMC looking to replace 'class of the 1970s' physicians

    Kern Medical Center is working with mixed success to bring more doctors to Bakersfield. Russell Judd, the CEO of the county-owned hospital, told Kern County supervisors that Kern continues to be troubled by a chronic lack of physicians -—...

  13. Kern supes to consider some lofty ideas

    Next week Kern County supervisors will discuss a lofty-minded set of 2015 goals intended to "increase efficiency, maximize resources and improve services to Kern County residents." Ideas in the package being presented to supervisors on...

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