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    THE GRADE: Teachers find a 'cool way' to sell music offerings

    By LAUREN FOREMAN, Californian staff writer
    Wednesday, Aug 20 2014 06:40 PM

    MUSIC IN OUR SCHOOLS: The Bakersfield City School District began a music performance Tuesday it has been hosting each year since the 1970s to introduce students to the district's music offerings.

    The program, Music In Our Schools Week, put 12 BCSD music teachers who serve multiple schools on stages at Chavez, Garza, Horace Mann, Owens Intermediate schools Tuesday. Teachers visited Downtown, William Penn, Roosevelt and Wayside schools Wednesday.

    They played flutophones; woodwinds; and brass, percussion and string instruments in 30-minute orchestra, band and choral performances at each school. They featured teachers dressed as superheroes, an original song about how to join BCSD music programs and jazz tunes such as "Jump Jive An' Wail,"...

  2. mailer_2_fa.JPG

    BCSD teachers help alum get to college

    Nikki Mailer, a fourth-grade teacher at Owens Intermediate School, instructed a group of 24 fourth-graders Monday on what was their first day back to school following summer break. She told them they are family to her. "'Whatever you...

  3. Jessica_Stump.JPG

    History Day winner's work makes its way to classrooms

    Jessica Stump spoke to more than 15 family members of the late Henrietta Lacks to write a historical paper that in June earned her a first-place national history award. Now the 13 year old's work will be used in an online curriculum...

  4. NewSchools1.JPG

    Two new BSCD schools open for students Monday

    Caity Dransoff, a kindergarten teacher at Fletcher Elementary School, said if not for a two-school complex opening Monday parents might have to commute across the city to have their school-age autistic children placed in appropriate classes...

  5. KHSD teachers back newcomer in board race

    The Kern High School Teachers Association will endorse newcomer Aurora Cooper instead of incumbent Mike Williams in one of two contested school board races in the Kern High School District this year. "We just felt like he didn't really...

  6. standard_9_fa.JPG

    THE GRADE: Back to school again

    READY FOR BACK TO SCHOOL? Backpack, check. Notebook, check. Pencils, check. Getting back into the school routine, questionable. As another school year approaches, parents, teachers and students are scrambling to get back into the academia...

  7. Autistic-trial_tab.jpg

    KHSD insurers to drop assault case appeal

    Kern High School District insurers announced Wednesday they are dropping efforts to appeal a nearly $1.5 million verdict in a civil suit involving an autistic girl harmed in a school bathroom in 2009. KHSD's insurance company --...

  8. standard_1_fa.JPG

    School starts early -- yes, this early -- for Standard kids

    Students in the Standard School District returned to school for the first day Wednesday following a summer recess. Junior high students at Standard Middle School returned to an updated campus that includes a new administration building,...

  9. autism_case3.JPG

    KHSD board wants insurer held accountable in autism case

    The Kern County Board of Education and superintendent said they have no jurisdiction in a civil suit against the Kern High School District involving an autistic girl harmed in a school bathroom in 2009. Kern County Superintendent of...

  10. girlssurveilance.JPG

    KHSD board opposes appeal of $1.5 million verdict

    The Kern High School District board president said Monday he was "shocked" and "stunned" to learn its insurer will appeal a nearly $1.5 million verdict reached in a civil suit involving an autistic girl harmed in a school bathroom in 2009....

  11. Slates for school board elections shape up

    One became two in the Kern High School District instead of the romance cliche of two becoming one. That is two contested school board races in that Nov. 4 election. Phillip Peters in Area 4 and Aurora Cooper in Area 1 joined a slate that...


    South High wants students thinking career early

    Miguel Zeferino, a three-sport athlete at South High, transformed his grades from junior high to freshman year in 2013-2014. He earned Cs, Ds and Fs at an alternative school in Delano; Bs and Cs at another alternative campus in...

  13. ShannonGroveEdPage.JPG

    THE GRADE: Student privacy, charter school bills in the works

    KID PRIVACY BILL PROPOSED: Student privacy concerns spawned a federal bill last month to restrict public school districts from releasing personal student data without parental consent. U.S. Sens. Edward Markey, D-Mass., and Orrin Hatch,... Daily Deal!

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