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    Experience is only reward for We the People teams

    BY LAUREN FOREMAN The Bakersfield Californian
    Saturday, Jan 31 2015 10:30 PM

    No sentence lasting much more than 10 seconds, local high school students rattled off speeches at the California We the People competition Saturday like they had been practicing since summer. And many of them had.

    Bakersfield's Arvin, Liberty, Centennial and East high schools all participated in the state competition held at Golden Valley High School.

    Although local teams failed to advance to a national level of We the People -- Amador Valley High, about three hours north of Bakersfield in Pleasanton, was the only school to accomplish that -- students said they didn't regret participating.

    Jessica Ricketts, a senior at Centennial High, said We the People gave her greater compassion as a person. "It taught me to care about people who...

  2. core_4_fa.JPG

    Burrowing into Common Core Part Two: High school

    American 15-year-olds have, since 2003, fared worse than their peers internationally on a special test comparing math literacy of students in dozens of countries. The United States (with a score of 508 in problem solving) was more than 40...

  3. SnowDay1.JPG

    PHOTO GALLERY: School 'snow day' a chance to learn, play

    Students at Owens Primary School played in eight piles of the closest thing they could get to actual snow Friday in a snow day for transitional-kindergarten and kindergarten classes. Close to 200 students, with help from parents and...

  4. Bakersfield hosting state We the People competition

    Students from four local high schools will compete in the statewide We the People competition Saturday at Golden Valley High School. The contest, which runs like a congressional hearing, tests students' knowledge of the U.S. Constitution...

  5. GrandNightMusic1.JPG

    THE GRADE: It was another 'grand night for music'

    IT'S A GRAND NIGHT FOR MUSIC: Nearly 800 high school orchestra, band and choir students performed Tuesday in It's a Grand Night for Music, an annual honors music festival at the Rabobank Theater and Convention Bureau. With piano...

  6. core_3_fa.JPG

    Inside the Common Core classroom

    Public schools are in the thick of a wholesale shift in both how students are instructed and how they're tested. That shift largely involves implementation of new federal learning guidelines known as Common Core State Standards. Common...

  7. bowers_fa.JPG

    THE GRADE: Eighth-grader and published author

    GOOD KNIGHTS: Isaac Bowers, 14, plays football every day. He's been playing the sport for seven years and earning straight A's in the meantime. Worth noting? Yes. Unusual? Not really. What makes Isaac stand out is he is a published...

  8. BC_Degree1.JPG

    State chancellor's office recommends BC offer four-year degree

    Bakersfield College is on the cusp of becoming one of the first 15 community colleges in California to offer a bachelor’s degree — in industrial automation — as part of a temporary, pilot program. The California Community Colleges Board...

  9. intergration adamo.JPG

    State considers changing how it evaluates schools

    Standardized tests, in large part, have for more than a decade determined how California measures success of local schools. But with the onset of a new testing system, state officials are considering using more measures to hold schools...

  10. Obama Community College.JPEG-0fc27.JPG

    Tuition-free community college? Obama says he has a vision

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will propose today making community college tuition-free for “responsible students,” launching what officials described as an ambitious plan for the federal and state governments to widen access to...


    Bakersfield students program robots to compete

    Centennial High students wired, tested and reconfigured robots Wednesday in a robotics room on their Hageman Road campus. While one group tried to get its robot to pick up cube- and pole-shaped objects, another student wired a bot shaped...

  12. Lauren_Foreman.JPG

    THE GRADE: KHSD talks earlier school year

    DISTRICTS TALK EARLY START: School officials in districts throughout Kern County are considering plans to start the 2015-2016 school year a couple of days early. Kern High School District trustees voted last school year to start the...

  13. AnnaLeland.JPG

    Local students nominated to prestigious U.S. military academies

    A second-time applicant from Stockdale High, a student earning a perfect 800 score in reading on the SAT, a student at a military institute and a volunteer with more than 800 hours of community service earned House Majority Leader Kevin...

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