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    CITY BEAT: Cloud seeding pays off, Delano gets cash

    By THEO DOUGLAS, Californian staff writer
    Thursday, Apr 10 2014 06:00 PM

    CLOUD SEEDERS AT WORK: If you appreciated last week's storms, hug a cloud seeder. Those magnificent people in their flying machines helped Bakersfield battle its historic drought.

    "The recent storms this week have helped the snow pack accumulation in the Kern River Watershed," City Manager Alan Tandy wrote Friday in his weekly memo to the mayor and Bakersfield City Council.

    "Cloud seeding operations did occur during the storm to enhance precipitation in the watershed." The bad news: it's still a drought.

    The ... not great news: the recent April showers prompted the California Department of Water Resources to revise its estimate of runoff yield, which is the amount of water we'll get from melting snow running off into waterways.

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    CITY BEAT: Truxtun traffic flow improvements planned

    TRUXTUN TRAFFIC TALLIED: Traffic on Truxtun Avenue has risen about 40 percent since the August opening of the Westside Parkway, from about 40,000 to about 56,000 vehicles per day. In response, officials at the Thomas Roads Improvement...

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    Latest scoop on municipal government: Meeting agendas go paperless

    CITY COUNCIL GOES ELECTRONIC: Some day soon, fewer trees will die so a Bakersfield City Council agenda packet can live. That's because at its March 5 meeting, the council approved a little line item on the consent calendar called...

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    CITY BEAT: The latest scoop on municipal government, including a water confab

    WATER CONFAB: Is this historic statewide drought serious enough for local officials to consider the possibility of water rationing in Bakersfield? No. Bakersfield's extensive Kern River and Isabella Lake water rights are keeping such...


    Council to consider small raises for police

    Bakersfield Police Department officers and detectives will get small pay raises but be responsible for more of their own pension contributions according to a proposed labor contract the Bakersfield City Council will consider Wednesday. If...

  6. Parts of Centennial Corridor could be built early

    With construction of controversial Centennial Corridor more than a year away, city officials hope to build unrelated parts of the project sooner to improve traffic congestion, add jobs and spend federal highway funds before other...

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    Health club remodel serves up two more tennis courts

    Following a challenge by club members, the Bakersfield Planning Commission made its call Thursday, approving revised plans to remodel the In-Shape Laurel Glen health club, saving 10 of 15 tennis courts by shrinking a new parking lot and...

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    City officials pledge support in Internet cafe fight

    Tired of tolerating drug use and disorderly conduct, and finding used syringes and discarded underwear in common areas, business owners aired grievances against Internet cafes Monday at a downtown hair salon that is next door to one....

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    City thinks a state water bond is all wet

    Faced with a resolution supporting a statewide water bond at this week's annual League of California Cities conference, fiscally conservative Bakersfield is recommending its delegate stay neutral during an expected vote Friday. The...


    Council approves Mohawk Street extension, settlement in traffic stop lawsuit

    The Bakersfield City Council approved a $3 million contract Wednesday extending Mohawk Street to Hageman Road, and a resolution letting the city quickly buy what it needs to take over an animal shelter from Kern County. But before the...

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    Bakersfield opens first new freeway in 37 years

    With prophetic and playful words, patriotic songs, the snip of a red ribbon, and a promenade of classic cars, Bakersfield on Friday inaugurated a five-mile, $178 million stretch of the Westside Parkway, the city’s first new freeway in 37...

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    City faces environmental lawsuit over pot dispensary ban

    A group calling itself Concerned Citizens of Bakersfield has filed notice that it intends to sue the city for violating the California Environmental Quality Act by not conducting an environmental review before adopting its new medical...

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    City waiting for signal to stop illegal gambling in Internet cafes

    Internet cafes in Bakersfield have become a haven for illegal gambling, City Attorney Ginny Gennaro told the city's Safe Neighborhoods and Community Relations Committee on Thursday. "We believe that internet cafes, as a general rule, are... Daily Deal!

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