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    CITY BEAT: New roof, Mill House award, skeeters

    By THEO DOUGLAS, The Bakersfield Californian
    Thursday, Oct 16 2014 04:21 PM

    A HOLE WHERE THE RAIN GETS IN: As its age implies, the 1946 bungalow Helen Lopez shares with her daughter Yasmin Lopez-Gonsouland is a southeast midcentury classic.

    Like other 68-year-old structures, though, it needs work neither woman could afford, thanks in part to less-than-adequate fixes in the past.

    Twice before, contractors have fixed the boxy little house's roof and ceiling -- taking the mother-daughter duo's savings from their fixed incomes.

    Until recently, their substandard work let in both sun and rain. In May, workers from Rebuilding Together Kern County secured a $5,000 grant from Chevron to patch the living room ceiling, fix their front door and remodel their bathroom.

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    CITY BEAT: Validation, recycling, new wait staff

    DETAILS OF FREEWAY CHALLENGE: Opening briefs are out in the ongoing lawsuit asking a Kern County Superior Court Judge to "validate" Bakersfield's plans to borrow millions for major highway improvements. They're the precursor to a court...

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    CITY BEAT: Sales tax results, GET raise fallout

    GOOD SALES TAX NEWS: Quarterly sales tax results are in, they're up, and they're stabilizing, according to City Manager Alan Tandy in his weekly memorandum to the Mayor and members of the Bakersfield City Council. In turn, that's...

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    CITY BEAT: Water savings, 24th Street work

    CITY WATER USE DOWN:  City officials say water conservation efforts prompted their 42,678 residential connections to use about 15.8 percent less water in May compared to May 2013. That's a decrease from 911 million gallons in May 2013 to...

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    CITY BEAT: Sullivan takes record, council finances

    SULLIVAN IS LONGEST-SERVING: That rumbling beneath your feet Thursday wasn't the San Andreas Fault bringing destruction to poor old Frazier Park -- it was Ward 6 Councilwoman Jacquie Sullivan passing 19-year Ward 7 rep Mark Salvaggio to...

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    CITY BEAT: Council nearly booted GET board members

    GET OFFICIALS GET REALLY QUIET: Two Golden Empire Transit board members appointed by the Bakersfield City Council narrowly survived motions from three councilmen to replace them either immediately, or when the bus strike ends or their...

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    CITY BEAT: Social media debuts, election update

    ADVOCATES HONORED IN D.C.: Bakersfield went to Washington, D.C., this week, as the Kern County Homeless Collaborative was recognized Monday for its efforts to end chronic homelessness. Back in June 2012, the Collaborative joined the...

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    CITY BEAT: Immigration, bikes, bikinis

    THERE'S A BIKE APP FOR THAT: Can't find the Kern River Parkway bike trail? Looking for an east-west commuter street? Need help fixing a flat? There's a free app for that. Local bike emporium Snider's Cyclery is a sponsor of the...

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    CITY BEAT: Water talk, lot sizes and the bullet train

    MUCH ADO ABOUT WATER: Residents deserve to hear the truth about the drought, Bakersfield City Council members said Wednesday -- before voting to spend up to $385,000 to pump city water back from Kern County Water Agency and keep the...

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    City Council votes to sue high-speed rail agency to stop train construction

    Nineteen months after authorizing a lawsuit against the California High-Speed Rail Authority, the Bakersfield City Council reaffirmed that plan late Wednesday, authorizing the City Attorney to sue to stop the multibillion-dollar bullet...

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    CITY BEAT: Looking at litter, 21st Street traffic

    PICKING UP ON CITY TRASH: Members of Keep Bakersfield Beautiful took their yearly bus trip Thursday to see how residents are doing cleaning up after themselves. The group has done this for at least eight years through fair weather and...

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    CITY BEAT: Centennial EIR, bikinied baristas on their way

    CALTRANS' READING LIST: The long-awaited draft environmental impact report on Centennial Corridor -- Bakersfield's most controversial major highway improvement project at the moment -- comes out Friday. Why is it so contested? Partly...

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    CITY BEAT: Population growth, freeway art and trash talking

    KERN CITIES ARE A-GROWING: Bakersfield is growing but McFarland is growing faster, according to revised 2013 and preliminary 2014 population statistics released Wednesday by the state Department of Finance. Bakersfield's population grew...

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