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Monday, Jun 11 2012 12:34 PM

VIDEO: Sen. Rubio on centrist thinking

BY LOUIS AMESTOY Californian staff writer

Sen. Michael Rubio (D-Shafter) said there is a need for more centrist dialogue and cutting through red tape in Sacramento in order to improve the state's sagging economy and job market.

"The No. 1 issue facing people today is the unemployment rate, the fact that they can't go out and get a job that pays a living wage," said Rubio during a June 11 segment of Californian Radio on KERN 1180 AM. "So what is the legislature doing today to move our economy forward? I have introduced several bills that would streamline government, reduce the red-tape.

"I've always joked, the red-tape that people talk about we ought to turn that red tape into the red ribbon at a finish line. We've got to allow the business sector to know when they start a project when they can finish it."

Video streaming by Ustream Rubio was a guest of Californian CEO Richard Beene's weekly show on KERN Radio.

Rubio said the state's elected leaders need to be responsive to the voters, especially after they enacted public-employee pension reform for city workers in San Jose and San Diego.

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