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Tuesday, Jul 10 2012 08:09 AM

'Bakersfield, Earth" not your ordinary sci-fi film

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    By David Quantic

    "Bakersfield, Earth" is a "low-fi sci-fi" film set in Bakersfield.

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By Bakosphere

Moviemaker David Quantic is using Kickstarter to raise funds for his short film "Bakersfield, Earth," which he describes as "low-fi sci-fi."

As best we can gather, here's the storyline for "Bakersfield, Earth":

Aliens from Jupiter somehow get mixed up in a storyline about "small-town politics," the creationism vs. evolution debate and men who wear dresses. It's described as a comedy, but judging by the Kickstarter video, humor is a relative term.

As to the title of his film, Quantic said:

"The Bakersfield in my short has less to do with the actual location Bakersfield, but, instead, is more about the IDEA of a place like Bakersfield: a rural, mostly agriculture based, conservative community that is far from more urban and liberal cities and is often the butt of jokes by the rest of the state. Similar to how Kansas is often portrayed in relation to the rest of the country."

Oh, and that it's close to his home in Los Angeles.

As of this morning, Quantic has raised $1,820 from 36 people. He has four days to hit a $10,000 goal.

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