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Saturday, Apr 14 2012 08:00 AM

VIDEO: Bakersfield's old world parrot flock

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BY LOUIS AMESTOY Californian staff writer

We found this artfully produced video on Indian Ringneck Parakeets here in Bakersfield, and it's an informative guide to the species, which makes its home here.

While it's not uncommon for wild parrots or parakeets to live in California -- as the YouTube channel masterfully chronicles -- but it is uncommon to find non-New World species. The video's producer suggests the birds can be found in other cities around California but this is the only type of Old World parrot to be found in the state.

The YouTube channel is called CaliforniaFlocks and the producer shows flocks in Long Beach, Pasadena, Orange, Downey, Malibu, Cerritos, Arcadia and Santa Ana. There are 27 videos in the collection, but this one is the only video capturing parrots in Bakersfield.

The particular species is native to India, according to the narrator of the video. We checked The Calfiornian's archives and there are several stories about parrots living here. Check out the video and add some comments if you've seen the parrots.

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