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    Who’s in charge of upkeep at this weed-infested Marines building?

    Friday, Apr 17 2015 12:03 PM

    Q: Who is responsible for maintaining the grounds and landscaping at the closed U.S. Marine Corps Reserve building on Chester Avenue?

    The grounds fronting Chester Avenue have a very unkempt, non-military appearance and have become an eyesore. They are in need of a good "high & tight" and spit-shine.

    — Marty Brownfield A: The power of Ask TBC and its question submitters reveals itself once again!

    We tracked down a spokesperson for the Marine Forces Reserve and passed along Marty’s complaint about the vacant building. (We also sent a picture of the place taken by our Casey Christie).

    That spokesperson, Master Sergeant K. Washington, confirmed the Marine Corps Reserve is still responsible for maintaining the closed facility.

  2. Where did Brown Material Road get its name? And Seventh Standard Road?

    Q: Where did Brown Material Road in western Kern County, near Lost Hills, get its name?   If it turns out you don’t want to touch this one, how about Seventh Standard Road? — John Strand A: We will touch both of them. Actually, we’ve...

  3. Ask_on_ramp.JPG

    Why is this turn onto the Westside Parkway so abrupt?

    Q: I am so grateful that the Westside Parkway was built; it is a fantastic roadway.  I generally catch it on northbound Coffee Road and continue east into town.   I was wondering why there isn't a right-hand access turn lane to enter the...

  4. What the heck is going on with gas prices?

    Editor’s note: We’ve received several questions from readers about what’s going on with local gas prices. This is an example of one that pretty much summed them up: Q: There's a glut in the global supply of oil. Some 2 million barrels per...

  5. Parkway1.JPG

    ASK TBC: Where has all the city utility surcharge money gone?

    Q: I would like The Californian to provide information on the city of Bakersfield utility surcharge revenue. How much money is collected yearly? How much money has been collected to date? How is this money used? I would like to know when...

  6. Did KHSD board president Vegas follow meeting rules?

    Q: In conducting school board votes, Chad Vegas, president of the Kern High School District board in 2014, often asked for board members in agreement. But he did not ask if there were any disagreements or abstentions. This is unethical...

  7. What's that big machine in the middle of Highway 58?

    Q: Does the huge machine in the middle of Highway 58, near South Chester Avenue, lay the rebar for the new lanes? — Sidney Kelley A: Janet Wheeler, spokeswoman for the Thomas Roads Improvement Program, responded — including with...

  8. When will that smelly project in the southwest be finished?

    Q: Can we get an update on the stinky construction in the southwest? It's still going on and I think the hazy weather makes the smell spread further. I could smell it at my son's school today a half-mile away from the site. — Jamie Butow...

  9. How do those lines form in the sky?

    Q: What causes the vapor lines in the sky all the time? Seems like all the beautiful blue skies are tracked all over with these white lines. — Marilyn Jones A: As you and most people probably already know, they’re contrails from...

  10. Do the police cite for illegally modified suspensions?

    Q: Why don't the Bakersfield traffic police cite trucks with illegally modified suspensions?   They are easy to spot whenever they are on the road. The bottoms of their frames are way above the maximum allowed and their oversized wheels...

  11. Why are the lights always on at Memorial Stadium?

    Q: Why do the parking lot lights at Bakersfield College’s Memorial Stadium always seem to be on? I'll drive by at 3 a.m. on a Thursday and there's nobody at school and the lights are on. That's expensive. — Matt Antolik A: BC spokeswoman...

  12. Are any improvements coming to Highway 184?

    Q: Are there any plans to redo Highway 184 east of Morning Drive? With increased traffic from two new schools, it's getting pretty dangerous. It has no shoulders on either side of the road from Hillcrest Mortuary to Bedford Green Drive,...

  13. Any new news on the shuttered Mesa Verde correctional facility?

    Q: Can you tell me what's going on at the old Mesa Verde Community Correctional Facility on Golden State Highway? There has been a lot of new construction going on there for months now. — Wendy Trine A: A spokesman for The GEO Group,...

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