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  1. Why are the lights always on at Memorial Stadium?

    Wednesday, Dec 17 2014 02:31 PM

    Q: Why do the parking lot lights at Bakersfield College’s Memorial Stadium always seem to be on? I'll drive by at 3 a.m. on a Thursday and there's nobody at school and the lights are on. That's expensive.

    — Matt Antolik A: BC spokeswoman Amber Chiang dug into this for us: Since I’m not sure when your reader saw the lights on, it could have been for any purpose — late night classes (we go until after 10 p.m.), a sporting event, or someone rented the parking lot or adjacent buildings for an event. Regardless of the reason why they were on, the lights weren’t turned off as they are supposed to be.

    Over the last year, Bakersfield College has been installing LED light fixtures on all external lights on campus, thanks to funding by...

  2. Are any improvements coming to Highway 184?

    Q: Are there any plans to redo Highway 184 east of Morning Drive? With increased traffic from two new schools, it's getting pretty dangerous. It has no shoulders on either side of the road from Hillcrest Mortuary to Bedford Green Drive,...

  3. Any new news on the shuttered Mesa Verde correctional facility?

    Q: Can you tell me what's going on at the old Mesa Verde Community Correctional Facility on Golden State Highway? There has been a lot of new construction going on there for months now. — Wendy Trine A: A spokesman for The GEO Group,...

  4. When will Calloway Drive be widened here?

    Q: A major bottleneck on traffic flow is Calloway Drive south of Rosedale Highway  to Holland Street. It's only four lanes. We have been waiting for several years to see it widened to six lanes.   What is the hold-up? — John Tierce A:...

  5. Will the county extend Patton Way?

    Q: Are there any plans to extend Patton Way from Meany Avenue to Downing Avenue? The current blockage of the short private roadway makes getting to Downing Avenue very difficult. — Carl Endsley A: Kern County Roads Director Craig Pope...

  6. Why are there bus-only fog delays?

    Q: Why, when school districts call fog delays, do they sometimes call two-hour delays for children who ride the bus but not for kids who walk or get transported to school another way? Bus drivers are protected but not the rest of us? —...

  7. Will these sidewalks be built on Stockdale Highway?

    Q: On Stockdale Highway there is a stretch of unfinished sidewalk on the north side of the road in between Allen Road and Jenkins Road. Does the city have any plans to finish this? — Anthony Flores   A: The short answer is no near-term...

  8. Would it be illegal for a school counselor to out a bisexual student to his or her parents?

    Q: I’m the mother of a 12-year-old seventh-grader in the Panama-Buena Vista Union School District. My daughter was upset yesterday because a friend of hers was in trouble. A school counselor called the girl into her office and confronted...

  9. Will there be a railroad overpass or underpass on Rosedale Highway?

    Q: I read your column Monday about Rosedale Highway (plans to expand it to three lanes each way from Highway 99 to Allen Road). I was wondering if the city is going to put an overpass or underpass at the railroad track. — Ray Brondel A:...

  10. How often do people skip out on jury duty?

    Q: Everyone I talk to in Los Angeles County just throws away their jury summons when they get them in the mail, saying that the court can’t prove you got it unless you sign for it. Is this the case in Kern County? How many people are...

  11. Will the city resurface 23rd Street downtown?

    Q: Are there any plans to resurface 23rd Street between F & L streets? It feels like a washboard.    — Darlyn Baker A: Kris Budak of the Thomas Roads Improvement Program answered: “As part of the 24th Street Improvements Project, the...

  12. Water1.JPG

    ASK TBC: Can people blow greenwaste into the street?

    Q: Why are gardeners allowed to just blow clippings and leaves into the street instead of onto the property they are tending? This happens daily by private and both city/county landscaping crews. Last week I was driving through my...

  13. When I dumped my trash at the Keene transfer station, they told me recyclables will be sorted out of it. Is that true? And does that happen in Bakersfield, too? --A reader

    Waste from the Keene transfer station ends up at the Tehachapi Recycling Facility, said Aurora Rush, special projects manager with Kern County Waste Management Department. There, the waste stream goes on a conveyer belt, and recyclables...

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