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HERB BENHAM: My vest-laid plans, poked full of holes

By HERB BENHAM, Californian columnist
Wednesday, Nov 26 2014 09:12 AM

Cold outside. It's sweater vest time -- what a look -- although there are friends who think vests are dorky and would prefer not to be seen with people who wear them.

I own three, which is nothing compared to Carl, the tux guy, with whom I was talking recently.

"I must have close to 30," he said. "I pulled a couple out and I saw that the moths had gotten to them."

I told him I was sorry but what I really was thinking was, "You poor son of a gun. My vests are fine. I don't have a moth problem like you do."

I felt superior even though he had a 30-to-three vest advantage over me. Mine were intact. Moths flew over our house like migrating ducks to get to his.


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