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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: A marriage, like a tandem, is a ride built for two

    By VALERIE SCHULTZ, Contributing columnist
    Friday, Aug 01 2014 04:14 PM

    "Slow, or fast, or faster You lead, I'll follow after The path flies by As you and I

    Ride a bicycle built for two ..." -- "Daisy Bell," by Harry Dacre, 1892 "Tandem" is a very cool word. Its actual definition, as an adjective or an adverb, describes an arrangement of two things -- horses, ponies, seats, parts of machines -- one behind the other. It can also imply a certain chemistry between two people. When two people do something in tandem, they are doing it at the same time. As a singular noun, a tandem can also mean a bicycle built for two, where one cyclist sits directly behind the other, and they pedal as one on two sets of pedals.

    That's the kind of tandem I want to buy. I have fallen in love with the tandem. My...

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    BAKERSFIELD OBSERVED: A blog about life, media, politics & people

    HOUSING: Another sign that we are far from recovering from the recession came this week when it was revealed that the share of Americans who own homes had dipped to its lowest level in almost 20 years. The Commerce Department said just 64...

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    HEATHER IJAMES: Husbands', wives' definitions of 'good husband' collide

    I came across an article with which I have to take issue. In so doing, it might appear I'm picking on husbands, but I'm not. I only want to address a wife's point of view of an article from I also want to disclose...

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    BAKERSFIELD OBSERVED: A blog about life, media, politics and people

    SCAM: More on those telephone scams going on around town. From Alice Merenback: "Today, I received 11 phone calls (obviously their machine jammed because it was the same message each time). The caller had a very strong foreign accent and...

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    BAKERSFIELD OBSERVED: A blog about life, media, politics & people

    TRAGEDY: Horrible news out of Cabo San Lucas, where a Bakersfield man was severely injured in a zip-lining accident. Brian Hodges and his wife, Shimeaka, were in Cabo celebrating a year of marriage when Brian broke his neck after slamming...

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    BAKERSFIELD OBSERVED: A blog about life, media, politics and people

    PLEDGE: Kati Hartnett McKeown, who works in the district office of Rep. Kevin McCarthy, noted this as she was driving with her 6-year-old son: "Jake just said the Pledge of Allegiance to a flag flying on a pole by a building as we were...

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    HERB BENHAM: It's any porch in a storm for disloyal outdoor cats

    Our cat disappeared recently. Vanished. Left, as if she had met with a better offer. Blueberry is a porch cat, her world consisting of a green rocking chair, a flat cat scratcher, a soft bed, and a four-foot high porch wall from which to...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Big news -- voters on the right don't like our president

    Big news on the right: President Obama is rapidly falling out of everyone's favor! He can't do anything right! Here's proof: A recent poll by Quinnipiac University indicates that a third of the survey respondents think that President Obama...

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    HERB BENHAM: Cyclists send thoughts, and photo, to injured pal

    At 6 a.m. Thursday we took a group shot of more than 40 cyclists to send to fellow rider Mike Aldridge, who is in the ICU at Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno after being hit on July 9 by a commercial truck while riding in the Nevada...

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    CAMILLE GAVIN: Young actor ready to graduate to adult roles

    It seems to me that Kyle Gaines is a good example of the value of learning stagecraft at a young age and then continuing on that path throughout one's growing-up years. In a sense, his appearance as Donkey in "Shrek the Musical" this...

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    HERB BENHAM: LeBron James' future is in his past

    Every so often a sports story rockets from the arena, stadium, field or court and lights up a moonless night. A story that delights, charms and inspires. Thank LeBron James for the latest example. Even if you don't care about basketball,...

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    Bakersfield Observed: A blog about life, media, politics and people

    HEADS UP: There have been more reports of folks posing as alarm company technicians trying to gain access to alarm codes. The latest report came from Rivera Westchester, where two men in their mid-to late 20s showed up telling a homeowner...

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    HERB BENHAM: Text typos: Pissibilities are endless

    I meant to type possibilities in a recent text but accidently substituted an i for the o and wrote pissibilities . There are websites devoted to text misfires. One woman wrote "I'm busty tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday afternoons and... Daily Deal!

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