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  1. VALERIE SCHULTZ: God gives each of us loaves and fishes

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Friday, Aug 29 2014 10:26 AM

    The biblical story of the loaves and fishes appears in all four of the New Testament Gospels. Jesus, having captivated the imagination of thousands of followers with his teachings and healing powers, realizes that his listeners must be hungry. But they are gathered in an isolated spot where there is no food available. The disciples of Jesus track down five loaves of bread and two dried fish, which, they argue, are nowhere near enough to feed the multitudes. They urge Jesus to send the people on their way, as the situation is a mathematical impossibility, but Jesus, with perfect assurance, instructs his disciples to feed the people. He blesses and breaks the loaves and fishes, and the disciples start distributing the food. Somehow, after...

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    HERB BENHAM: Outer Rosedale to inner peace

    When I told a friend I was planning to walk home from Rosedale Automotive after dropping the truck off, he looked at me as if I were crazy. "Don't you have any friends that will give you a ride?" I have friends and when you propose...

  3. artgallery3.JPG

    CAMILLE GAVIN: Life imitates art in musical

    Two famous paintings -- the "Mona Lisa" and "The Scream" come to life in a startling way in Adam Matthew Fernandez's original one-act musical this weekend at The Empty Space. Titled "The Art Gallery," it's about a young couple, Arthur...

  4. herb.JPG

    HERB BENHAM: Bono the boss in Ireland -- just ask Bruce

    Al Palitz, the pride of East Bakersfield High School and a recently retired Kaiser doctor, told me this story about a friend of his youngest daughter, Cordelia: "She's a darling 24-year-old red haired Irish lass named Aoife (ee-pha) who...

  5. beene_fa.JPG

    BAKERSFIELD OBSERVED: A blog about life, media, politics and people

    SCAM: Here is yet another scam that leverages our obsession with social media. A friend's nephew is vacationing in Mexico, and the lad mentions it on Facebook. Someone sees this, and calls the nephew's grandmother (how he got the number, I...

  6. herb.JPG

    HERB BENHAM: You’re never too old to take on a pup this cute

    Two missed calls in a row from my father-in-law, John, can be cause for alarm. When I looked at my phone a week ago Thursday, I punched the first of two voice mails. “It’s Thursday afternoon and we’re on our way to Springville to look at...

  7. HERB BENHAM: It's a small - and less complicated - world on this ride

    It's a small world and sometimes we like it that way. It's a Small World celebrated its 50th anniversary at Disneyland recently and the news warmed my heart in the same way that writing a to-do list with a No. 2 pencil on a yellow legal...

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    CAMILLE GAVIN: Artist maps out imagination

    In terms of the subjects for his artwork, Greg Hauss is eclectic, but his new exhibit at the Access Center has a single focus -- maps. On the surface, that may sound rather hum-drum but in Hauss' hands, cartography inspires detailed...

  9. beene_fa.JPG

    BAKERSFIELD OBSERVED: A blog about life, media, politics and people

    SHOOTING: The shooting of an unarmed man in Ferguson, Mo., and the unrest and rioting that followed has triggered a lot of soul searching about behavior by both the police and regular citizens. I found this advice about "how to avoid being...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: When did ripped jeans become high fashion?

    Let me go on record as thanking God that my daughters outgrew their teenage desire to shop for new clothes at a certain pretentious mall chain store. You know the one I mean: When you walk by the store, the music is at the exact decibel...

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    CAMILLE GAVIN: Stars Theatre playing 'Dirty'

    Director Joe Lowry gave me a rundown on what he's planning for "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," the musical opening Friday at Stars. Like the 1988 film on which it's based -- the stars were Michael Caine and Steve Martin -- the show is set on...

  12. Obit Robin Williams.JPEG-0a5d7.JPG

    HERB BENHAM: Palpable pain at the passing of a funny, gifted man

    Robin Williams had many memorable roles, but for our family it will always be "The Best of Times." It was the movie we watched at Christmas when the children were younger and the one we returned to when they were on their own and came home...

  13. beene_fa.JPG

    BAKERSFIELD OBSERVED: A blog about life, media, politics and people

    OUTLETS: I stopped by the Outlets of Tejon the other day and left impressed with the design, location, convenience and of course, the retailers. These are outlet stores after all, but the Tejon Ranch Company did a remarkable job with the... Daily Deal!

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