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  1. StacyInman.JPG

    Ice was nice, but it's time for a new ALS challenge

    BY KELLY ARDIS The Bakersfield Californian
    Wednesday, Oct 01 2014 05:18 PM

    The ice from the bucket challenges melted long ago, but the public awareness of the mysterious medical condition the viral phenomenon highlighted remains -- as does the desire to raise funds to understand and treat it. And organizers of the annual Walk to Defeat ALS are striking while the iron's hot this weekend.

    "Our (local ALS Association) case manager just a week ago said, 'When I tell people what I do, they don't ask me what ALS is,'" said Stacy Inman, who started the walk more than a decade ago. "That's a huge jump. They've heard about it. They have some understanding of it."

    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis went from tongue twister to national prominence over the summer when everyone from schoolchildren to A-list celebrities...

  2. BakSymphony4.JPG

    First BSO finalist: Bakersfield is music to his ears

    Although he has led many orchestras in Europe and the United States, Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra music director candidate Stilian Kirov is looking for an orchestra he can call his own. "This would be my first confirmed music...

  3. 1friday1.JPG

    First Friday heads west

    The heartbeat of First Friday originates from a one-block corridor of 19th Street, but a new gallery space just to the west is pumping some fresh blood into the monthly downtown event. Susan Ruppel hopes to coax people from the arts...

  4. Rocky-Horror-Picture-Show.JPG

    Introducing the original American 'Horror' story

    The rare occasion when talking back to the movie screen is actually encouraged is a midnight showing of the 1975 cult classic "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." And there's no more appropriate time to celebrate this campy sendup of...

  5. Fashion is a shared passion at this show

    As the weather transforms from scorching to crisp, women find themselves trading in their sundresses and sandals for cardigans, scarves and boots. If your fall wardrobe is in need of a refresh, you're in luck: The American Business Women's...

  6. guys and dolls.JPG

    Review: Luck is a lady with 'Guys and Dolls'

    Director-choreographer Shay Brandon Burke was right on the money when he predicted that "Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat" would be something special. When I saw that particular scene in "Guys and Dolls" on Sunday at Stars, I was...

  7. October_Fun_Fest3.JPG

    Farm adds butterfly blast to pumpkin-picking pastime

    Butterflies are all the buzz in Bakersfield these days. The recently concluded Kern County Fair boasted an attraction devoted to the insect and now Murray Family Farms has announced the winged beauties will be a show-stopping part of its...

  8. Have a slab of fun at Bakersfield Baconfest

    Forget about bringing home the bacon. It's time to go out and enjoy some this weekend at Bakersfield Baconfest, the first swine soiree this fall (Bakersfield Bacon and Craft Beer Festival happens Nov. 8). Tickets are still available for...

  9. via_arte_4.JPG

    Artists: Take a chalk on the wild side

    The medium is chalk, the "canvas" is asphalt and the work is temporary, but the Via Arte Italian Street Painting Festival provides "everlasting" memories to participants, said the organizer, who reports that 13 spots are still available to...

  10. herb.JPG

    HERB BENHAM: September full of grape expectations

    Last week I went to the Albertsons at the corner of Chester and Brundage to buy half and half in case somebody wanted coffee at the dinner party we were hosting. I thought it was too hot for coffee -- Sue didn't -- so being the mature...


    PETE TITTL: There's a lot more to love about La Costa

    Walking into the new La Costa Mariscos, you feel like a proud parent. This is a child who's grown up, struck out on his own and is on the cusp of a bright future. The family-owned restaurant, a staple of downtown for two-plus decades...

  12. BakoSymphony_15.JPG

    BSO season opens on unique note with conductor search

    The Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra's search for a new conductor sounds like the premise of a television reality show, except this competition will be dignified and we won't be subjected to backstage catfights and tearful soliloquies. But...

  13. herb.JPG

    HERB BENHAM: Case of juror dragon breath is dismissed

    "Please leave your weapons and handcuffs in the car," said the jury coordinator during the orientation speech for prospective jurors. I can't bring handcuffs to court? What's wrong with this country? Handcuffs are my version of a service...

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