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  1. DSCN2047 landscape rose 'Flutterbye'.JPG

    It's pruning time for rose bushes

    BY JOHN KARLIK For The Californian
    Saturday, Jan 24 2015 03:31 PM

    Rose pruning in home gardens and landscapes can be a simple matter; it is not necessary to agonize over placement and number of pruning cuts. A recent study showed that it is variety selection rather than pruning that has most influence on flower number and growth of outdoor roses.

    As for other woody plants, rose pruning is used to invigorate a plant and direct its growth. For hybrid-tea and similar roses (as opposed to shrub- or landscape-type roses), common recommendations are to remove dead and damaged wood as well as older canes showing poor vigor. The rose plant can be thinned, removing central canes to favor growth to the outside.

    The amount of pruning is influenced by the function of the rose in the landscape -- roses used for...

  2. fruit tree one year old.JPG

    Branch out into proper pruning

    As much of the garden lies dormant, now is a great time to prune your deciduous fruit trees. The amount of pruning depends on the age of your tree as there are three pruning phases in a fruit tree's life. The first occurs at planting,...

  3. herb.JPG

    HERB BENHAM: Grandparent role fills my mind at Costco

    Sam and I met at Costco recently for lunch. He asked what I was doing for lunch and while we were fishing for a place to eat, I suggested the hot dogs at Costco for both a cultural and culinary experience. In other words, a change of pace...

  4. lillian_5_fa.JPG

    Lillian Haggard Rea: Out of her brother's shadow

    Apologizing that her home looks like it was cleaned with an eggbeater, Lillian Haggard Rea welcomes a visitor with an offer of water -- "or would you rather have a beer or champagne?" -- and a misgiving that the slightly tardy newspaper...

  5. schultz_tab.jpg

    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Why are compliments so hard to accept?

    Today, Jan. 24, is National Compliment Day, and may I say that you readers of this newspaper are a lively, good-looking, intelligent bunch. I am always grateful for the special comments that some of you direct my way, at least the ones...

  6. herb.JPG

    HERB BENHAM: Glow of movie screen warms our coldest month

    Don't despair. Gray days, cold days, January days. This is no time to take a knee, but an opportunity to spring to your feet and see a movie. Dismiss the darkness nibbling at the edge of your soul and fall into the wonders of the big...

  7. anime_11_fa.JPG

    Who was that masked man? Find out at Bak-Anime

    If unsuspecting guests at the Bakersfield Marriott Hotel this weekend don't know what anime is, they're sure to have some idea by the time they leave. It will be impossible to miss the hundreds of fans of Japanese-style animation and...

  8. exhibit_1_fa.JPG

    Brush up your imagination

    The Bakersfield Museum of Art is taking a big risk this week -- opening three exhibits of abstract art simultaneously for its winter show. Why is it a risk? Because the organizers of the exhibition don't know what you're going to see....

  9. Rosedale 1.JPG

    Melodrama hits 'Road' again

    Like any good theater mixing a bit of old with the new, Gaslight Melodrama kicks off its 10th year Friday with "The New Road to Rosedale," an all-new show inspired by the production that started it all. In August 2005, the newly opened...

  10. Play in a day? Plan is a-OK

    The Empty Space theater will learn what a difference a day makes when it debuts "Project: Play in a Day," a 24-hour whirlwind of writing, directing and acting that will culminate in an all-new show Saturday night. "It could be amazing or...

  11. Lauren Shera2.JPG

    Of octaves and oatmeal: Meet Lauren Shera

    What a topsy-turvy time for music and musicians, when wildly talented singer-songwriters like Lauren Shera are willing to sell anything, sacrifice anything and play anywhere. Her dedication comes through, whether it's selling organic...

  12. b-IMG_0157.JPG

    Review: Stars' 'For Me and My Girl' is a fun romp

    Stars' production of "Me and My Girl" is a boisterous, fast-paced show, the kind where the audience seems to be having as much fun as the actors. It's a rags-to-riches story with an unusual twist, that takes place in the 1930s in England....

  13. KCFairBoard3.JPG

    Fair board to critics: We are going to listen

    The pledge came at the end of a two-hour meeting, but that's nothing considering how long critics of the Kern County Fair board have been waiting to hear it: "We are going to listen to you." So said Kern County Fair director and...

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