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  1. VALERIE SCHULTZ: Supporting each other in our suffering

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Friday, Oct 24 2014 11:14 AM

    As the blues musician David Bromberg sings, "You've got to suffer if you wanna sing the blues." But really, you've got to suffer if you are a human being. Even the most seemingly charmed life endures its times of suffering, be they great or trifling, spiritual or physical, brief or extended, temporary or final.

    Let's face it: We avoid suffering. Who wants to suffer? We'd rather not. We want life to be pretty and rosy. We shy away from pain or disappointment or disillusionment. We seek escape in alcohol or drugs, material gain or food. We chase the elusive concept of personal happiness, which we are certain is just over the next rise.

    We also avoid other people who are suffering. We keep them at a distance, as though they are contagious,...

  2. Vanilla Bean Cake with White Chocolate Ganache_HC2379809B04_.JPG

    Shopping, cooking and bonding: We're in!

    Cooking can be a divisive activity. For every person who loves concocting new dishes, there's someone else struggling to boil water. It might help those in the second group to know that even Taste of Home Cooking School instructor Jamie...


    Curtain goes up at renovated BC theaters

    Bakersfield College students could be forgiven for feeling as though they'd been upstaged this weekend, and by a most unlikely source: the very theaters where they performed. Out of commission for three years, the college's indoor and...

  4. williamdraven 2.JPG

    Padre has a few tricks - and treats - up its sleeve

    If the circus is the greatest show on earth, then the Circus of Souls aims to be at least the greatest show in Bakersfield on Halloween. In an effort to brand itself the ultimate party destination, the Padre Hotel will offer "a completely...


    More Whiskey, please: Fall fest grows

    With white water in short supply these days, the Kernville Chamber of Commerce is looking to boost tourism this weekend by focusing on an inexhaustible natural resource: colorful history. Now in its second year, the Whiskey Flat Fall...

  6. drax_gamora_final.JPG

    Cos and effect: Comic-Con hustles to meet demand

    Before Bakersfield Comic-Con gets a gamma-ray boost -- moving out to the Kern County Fairgrounds next year -- it will pack the Bakersfield Marriott one last time on Sunday. The annual gathering for cosplayers and fans of comic book,...

  7. halloween.JPG

    Even the thrills are mom-approved at event for kids

    Growing up in Bakersfield, I looked forward to Safe Halloween at the Kern County Museum with a passion usually reserved for cultivating sticker books and collecting My Little Ponies. But, being on the timid side, dressing up for me...

  8. BuenaVista2.JPG

    Uncertainty a thing of the past

    If the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History and Science is a hidden gem, it just got a shiny new polish in the form of a refurbished Discovery Center. With all the exhibits to see and so much to learn, the museum is great for those in...


    A trip through history for a song

    The first concert of the season for Bakersfield College's student singers will be as much an educational experience as a musical one. You could call Friday's concert a "musical history tour." Directed by Jennifer Garrett, the BC choral...

  10. CSUB giving visual arts a much larger canvas

    Back-to-back openings, both related to the making and viewing of art, will be held at Cal State Bakersfield on Friday. The first is the ribbon-cutting for the Visual Arts building, a $6 million structure located west of the Dore Theatre....

  11. HornsbyWendy.JPG

    Mystery writer to host workshop

    Just in time for Halloween, Writers of Kern will host Edgar Award-winning author Wendy Hornsby at its monthly meeting Saturday at the Clarion Hotel. Hornsby is the author of two mystery series and a collection of short stories, and is a...

  12. Kern's Past: It's okay to stand as you cut turkey, Papa

    WASHINGTON -- This is a Thanksgiving story for men only -- men who never have been able to decide whether to carve the turkey from a sitting or standing position. The agriculture department has made a long study of the situation and has...

  13. SchoolDebate3.JPG

    Taking Bakersfield to Marin County

    "Bakersfield and Beyond," the Marin County-based radio program/podcast that celebrates the alt-country, hillbilly, country, folk and Americana music of the past and present, will feature The Californian's Robert Price this Thursday....

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