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  1. HERB BENHAM: A top-flight seatmate is crucial

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Thursday, Oct 30 2014 03:35 PM

    I like to make friends on airplanes. It seems odd and almost unsporting to sit next to somebody for four hours and ignore them. I'm inclined to bring people on the team. Recruits can become your plane family, confidants in whose ears you murmur last words if the aircraft nose-dives.

    Befriending seatmates also makes sense given that coach seating is snug. Elbows may touch, sleepy heads may fall on horrified shoulders and bathroom visits must be cleared by the person anchoring the aisle seat.

    I put Mark on the team. A 50ish man from Chicago, he was sitting in the middle seat of our flight from LAX to Chicago O'Hare, the first leg of our trip to Paris and Scotland.

    Mark looked like an older, thicker version of Mark Harmon, handsome in an...

  2. 0K1A0621-2.JPG

    Stuart delivers on big talk with fabulous show

    On the off chance that some soul wandered in from the lobby oblivious as to what was about to take place on the Fox Theater stage Saturday night, Marty Stuart offered a bold guarantee of what he and his band were about to deliver: A...


    History museum looks ahead

    This aging beauty of Kern County's cultural scene is pushing 75, and looks it. But if her caretakers can turn intentions into reality, a rejuvenated Kern County Museum just may be turning heads again by 2016, the diamond anniversary of...

  4. IMG_7472.JPG

    Day of the bikers is day of the dead

    With motorcycles, a chile verde cookoff, drinks, music, raffles and more it would be easy to mistake the gathering at Noble Park on Saturday for some kind of biker party. While that's not far off, the Dia de los Muertos (or Day of the...

  5. Classic, not classic rock, guitar

    Although many music lovers may think the guitar achieved its greatest importance in the 1960s, the true golden age of the instrument was some 200 years ago. "The guitar was extremely popular in the early 1800s," said guitarist and scholar...

  6. Duo aims to make old gems shine like new

    "Rediscovered gems" is the way cellist Dieter Wulfhorst describes the pieces he and violinist Susan Doering will perform Sunday at First Congregational Church. "The program centers around the year 1800 because all but one composition were...

  7. Voice students open up Thursday

    As with all performing musicians, a singer has got to start somewhere. For those who devote their college education to music, it often starts with a student recital, such as the one offered by Cal State Bakersfield Thursday evening. The...

  8. schultz_tab.jpg

    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Supporting each other in our suffering

    As the blues musician David Bromberg sings, "You've got to suffer if you wanna sing the blues." But really, you've got to suffer if you are a human being. Even the most seemingly charmed life endures its times of suffering, be they great...

  9. Vanilla Bean Cake with White Chocolate Ganache_HC2379809B04_.JPG

    Shopping, cooking and bonding: We're in!

    Cooking can be a divisive activity. For every person who loves concocting new dishes, there's someone else struggling to boil water. It might help those in the second group to know that even Taste of Home Cooking School instructor Jamie...


    Curtain goes up at renovated BC theaters

    Bakersfield College students could be forgiven for feeling as though they'd been upstaged this weekend, and by a most unlikely source: the very theaters where they performed. Out of commission for three years, the college's indoor and...

  11. williamdraven 2.JPG

    Padre has a few tricks - and treats - up its sleeve

    If the circus is the greatest show on earth, then the Circus of Souls aims to be at least the greatest show in Bakersfield on Halloween. In an effort to brand itself the ultimate party destination, the Padre Hotel will offer "a completely...


    More Whiskey, please: Fall fest grows

    With white water in short supply these days, the Kernville Chamber of Commerce is looking to boost tourism this weekend by focusing on an inexhaustible natural resource: colorful history. Now in its second year, the Whiskey Flat Fall...

  13. drax_gamora_final.JPG

    Cos and effect: Comic-Con hustles to meet demand

    Before Bakersfield Comic-Con gets a gamma-ray boost -- moving out to the Kern County Fairgrounds next year -- it will pack the Bakersfield Marriott one last time on Sunday. The annual gathering for cosplayers and fans of comic book,...

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