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    HERB BENHAM: Face it: Women harsh judges of own beauty

    By HERB BENHAM, The Bakersfield Californian
    Friday, Dec 19 2014 12:00 PM

    A friend told me his wife had been to the hairdresser and when she returned, she was quiet. It was Saturday. Saturday is a happy day. A day filled with soccer games, bike rides and, occasionally, wives deep in thought.

    There is quiet and there is the Joycean quiet of deep snow falling over a country cemetery. The I'd-rather-not-talk quiet. Hers spoke with a wordless eloquence.

    She was there, and she was not there. She had things on her mind that were not of the cheery Saturday ilk. "What's wrong?" he asked, exhibiting the intuition with which husbands are blessed, sensing that it might have something to do with having been at the hairdresser's.

    "It's a girl thing," she answered. "A girl thing." Three words that might as well be...


    Taft quadruplets: It takes fourtitude

    This time last year, Christina and Jared Harp were disheartened that after years of trying, they still didn't have a new baby to add to their family of four. "I write notes to myself when I'm packing up Christmas stuff, about my goals for...

  3. 'Wild' walks on with strength, pride

    I've often thought (and written) that the most compelling characters in films are those who, no matter how difficult the circumstances they find themselves in, simply get up the next day and quietly go about their business. There is an...

  4. Pete_Tittl_Dining_Out_tab (1).jpg

    PETE TITTL: Italian place just not what it used to be

    Taste memory can be a funny thing. You walk into a restaurant you've visited before, one that inspires fond memories of good experiences, and that night it's not the same. Did you change? Did they? Is nostalgia inaccurately coloring what...

  5. BloodDonors.JPG

    HERB BENHAM: He just rolled up his sleeve and gave - and gave

    If someone gave me a license plate frame for my birthday, I'd be frothed, tell them to take it back and remind them I could go to Pep Boys and buy one for $4.99. However, a license plate frame from Houchin Blood Bank packs a punch when it...

  6. MentoBuru2014_color.JPG

    Music and a balloon o' money on NYE

    The New Year's Eve party at Elements will bring together three veterans of the Bakersfield music scene in a venue that's as rhythmically rockin' as the artists themselves. In a NYE first, Latin/reggae/ska/ cumbia masters Mento Buru will...


    Padre in Wonderland on NYE

    To ring in the new year, the Padre Hotel will bring Wonderland to downtown Bakersfield, inviting guests to "fall down the rabbit hole" like Alice with an evening of deejays, hookahs midnight snacks and surprises. The fanciful fete is the...


    Krush pops corks on first NYE

    Popping bottles is the order of the evening for New Year's Eve, but Krush Wine Bar plans to bump up the bubbly for the big night. "At midnight, there's a giant bottle of champagne I'll be pouring -- a salmanazar, a nine-liter bottle,"...

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    CESAREO GARASA: Comic Medina packs a punch

    As a teenager living in Arizona via the Bronx, comedian Joey Medina trained to be a professional boxer, eventually getting as far as winning a state boxing championship in 1986. Since then, the jabs he specializes in are of the verbal...

  10. IMG_3840.JPG

    Family gives back; will you?

    Though most of us no doubt would be considered human-kindness slackers by contrast, Stephen Ariey feels a little guilty about his commitment to helping the poor: He does it only at Christmas -- but every Christmas and for 13 of his 25...

  11. IMAG0074.JPG

    Dolls cast own glow at CALM

    The story sounds like one of those classic animated Christmas specials -- a bunch of once-beloved toys are discarded and then, after hardship and tough times, find a new home and once again are loved by all. Ten Christmas seasons ago,...


    What to do with the kids on NYE? How about ...

    The image of New Year's Eve may be all fancy dresses, champagne and kisses at midnight but the year is changing for those under 21 too, and a few local businesses are putting on special events for kids and their families. If it's true...

  13. Ethel's offers great New Year's deal

    If the thought of spending New Year's Eve in an impossibly loud and crowded club is enough to make you want to forgo the whole ordeal and spend the night at home with ice cream and Ryan Seacrest, consider one other possibility first: the...

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