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    HERB BENHAM: Duo take mission of caring global

    By The Bakersfield Californian
    Saturday, Apr 19 2014 09:59 PM

    How is this for a pickup line? "I said no the first time Clark asked me out because he told me he was not looking to have fun, but for a wife to go to India with him," said Jennifer Jensen.

    That wouldn't work with a lot of girls. However, if working to abolish human trafficking sounds like a better use of time than taking in a movie, then it's as good as having sweet nothings whispered in your ear.

    "A couple weeks later, we went on our first date and were married one-and-a-half years later in Bakersfield." Theirs is noble work, which they perform through Global Family, founded and run by Clark. Most of us aren't this tough or committed and would long for Wood-Dale rib-eye steaks and Smith's lemon custard doughnuts before the week...

  2. NICK STROBEL: Late Easter date, lunar eclipse top astronomy news

    Astronomy Day was well-attended even though last Sunday's paper showed there was a number of competing activities occurring throughout town. A large crowd gathered to hear Alex Filippenko introduce the fundamentals of cosmology (the study...

  3. VALERIE SCHULTZ: Feeling the spirituality of Easter

    Easter dawns differently when you don't have little kids at home to anticipate the joy of hunting for colored eggs and candy. The box of Easter decorations gathers dust in the garage. We no longer have to pack egg salad in our lunchboxes...

  4. HERB BENHAM: Home travels to him for son's 30th

    For his birthday dinner, Herbie wanted something from Bakersfield that reminded him of home. We brought pit beef, garlic chicken, broccoli parmesan, potato salad, jalapeno cornbread muffins, Texas sheet cake and chocolate chip cookies from...


    Guests treated like VIPs at luncheon

    Although the wait staff is top-billed, at the Celebrity Waiters Luncheon it's the attendees who are getting the star treatment. The popular fundraiser, put on by the Bakersfield Association for Retarded Citizens, is in its sixth year and...

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    Zuckerberg blazing her own trails

    Though she recently crossed off the top item on her bucket list -- at age 32 -- Randi Zuckerberg isn't the type to coast. As founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media, editor in chief of a technology and lifestyle website and author of two...

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    Youth Connection off to races for Dinner at the Derby

    The Kentucky Derby won't be run until May 3 but Bakersfield's Youth Connection will be off to the races April 25 with its annual Dinner at the Derby fundraiser. The early date is no problem for the event, held at Seven Oaks Country Club....

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    Working at different angles for The Apparat

    By definition, an apparat is an existing power structure, but The Apparat in Bakersfield is something a bit different. A collective of recent Cal State Bakersfield art grads, the group heads to its alma mater's Todd Madigan Gallery for a...


    Car show fuels kids' wishes

    This weekend's Cruisin' for a Wish Classic Car Show is the kind of grass-roots help the Make-a-Wish Foundation counts on. "To have a group put on an event like this is so amazing," said Catherine Anspach, director of the Kern County...


    Don of the 'dale honored

    You never know what you'll find by delving into old newspaper clippings -- for me it's an adventure that often leads to unexpected pleasures. Apparently Jan Gary feels the same way. Her research has turned into a reason to honor the man...

  11. herb.JPG

    HERB BENHAM: The rules on man kisses and side hugs

    A note from Will Winn on the column about getting a surprise man-kiss from a friend: "After finishing graduate school in Virginia Beach, VA, Karen and I ministered to a rural congregation in Harrisonburg, VA, that was primarily Mennonite....


    Amgen jersey: Bako guy won the race!

    The Amgen Tour of California is still a month away, but the race already has its first winner: Bakersfield architect Larry Aronat, who created the winning design in the tour's Breakaway from Cancer jersey contest. Prevailing over a field...

  13. herb.JPG

    HERB BENHAM: Free speech -- I'm thinking of a price tag

    I was finishing lunch at Sequoia Sandwich -- having polished off a small coleslaw, the chili and Gary's new ham sandwich, which features thinly sliced extra lean ham, a basil, garlic and parmesan pesto, balsamic mayo, mild swiss, crispy...

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