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HERB BENHAM: I went vegan and didn't miss the meat

By The Bakersfield Californian
Monday, Sep 01 2014 09:00 AM

I was not optimistic when I opened the cold case at Nature's Food Market & Juice Bar and looked at the selection that included an eggless egg-salad sandwich the turkey sandwich made with vegan turkey and the chicken- salad sandwich made with vegan chicken. Can a man get a piece of meat around here? "All the sandwiches are meatless," Glenn said. That's OK for you because you haven't eaten meat...

  1. HERB BENHAM: Sometimes the best medicine is your own bed

    Saturday, Aug 30 2014 09:00 AM

    A few days ago, Dad called. He had news. Dad calls are occasions, making me feel as if I have been promoted to...

  2. Jains punctuate Paryushana festival with spirit of forgiveness

    Friday, Aug 29 2014 10:26 AM

    Every year, Jains seeking forgiveness say "Michchhami Dukkadam" to all living souls. Michchhami Dukkadam is an ancient...

  3. VALERIE SCHULTZ: God gives each of us loaves and fishes

    Friday, Aug 29 2014 10:26 AM

    The biblical story of the loaves and fishes appears in all four of the New Testament Gospels. Jesus, having captivated...

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  1. State will change pediatric dental coverage in 2015

    Wednesday, Aug 27 2014 05:35 PM

    All children covered by insurance plans purchased through the state's health exchange Covered California will have pediatric dental coverage included with their medical coverage next year, raising questions about the ability of the region to meet demand.

  2. ASK EMILY: Does Covered California really have you covered?

  3. Death of Robin Williams boosts calls for help

  4. Yellow fever mosquito detected in Kern County

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