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    Bakersfield preemie a 'miracle child'

    The first miracle was the twins. After a four-year battle with infertility that included a heart-breaking ectopic pregnancy, in-vitro fertilization had helped Stephanie Crisostomo become pregnant with a boy and a girl. The fifth-grade...

  2. Premature births costly, beg ethical questions

    The state of California has reduced its pre-term births to below the national average, but Kern County's rate remains stubbornly high. That's a public health concern. Nationally, premature babies cost society at least $26.2 billion a...

  3. airquality_2.JPG

    City residents finally get break from awful air

    Breathe deep, Bakersfield. The air quality in the southern San Joaquin Valley saw dramatic and welcome improvement late Tuesday and Wednesday, bringing relief to residents who had been living through one of the worst concentrations of...


    ASK EMILY: Open enrollment II: Tips for Obamacare's second year

    I'm a notorious penny-pincher, though I much prefer the term "thrifty." So I have some counterintuitive advice when it comes to picking a Covered California plan: Cheaper isn't always better. I'll explain why below and provide other advice...


    Childhood trauma affects more than 60 percent of adults in Kern, California

    Between 60 percent and 62 percent of Kern County adults surveyed have experienced at least one adverse childhood experience traumatic enough to affect their lives years later. That's according to the report, "A Hidden Crisis: Findings on...


    Nonprofit provides surgery for uninsured

    When Aurora Martinez needed gastrointestinal surgery last month, the Mexican native's first thought was to get it done in Mexico. Without health insurance, the cost of the procedure here was beyond her reach. Then she found out about...


    Health roundup: Free immunizations, mammography lecture coming up

    San Joaquin Community Hospital is offering free childhood immunizations to children who have no health insurance, have Medi-Cal, or are American Indian or Native Alaskan. A mobile unit is moving to various locations all over town this...

  8. Ebola Health Care Workers.JPEG-04e24 (1).JPG

    No Ebola in Kern, but local health officials preach preparedness

    Officials at the Kern County Department of Public Health sought Tuesday to ease the public's fears regarding Ebola, while at the same time assure area residents they are actively reviewing care and containment procedures should an active...

  9. Murset1.JPG

    Family stops in Bakersfield on cross-country trip to help the needy

    Vicki Jameson was a little overwhelmed by the activity in her mobile home as a small army of volunteers cleaned and packed. She didn't know any of the folks who had driven all the way from Phoenix to help ease her transition to an assisted...

  10. APTOPIX United States Ebola.JPEG-0a429.JPG

    Is Kern County ready for ebola? Maybe, maybe not

    The death of an ebola patient in Dallas Wednesday has raised questions about the American health care system's ability to handle a domestic outbreak. Thomas Eric Duncan had been sent home from an emergency room last month only to return...

  11. Grimes_Dudley1.JPG

    Foundation sponsors comedy benefit for special couple's dream wedding

    Kurt Dudley and Blanca Grimes thought they'd made it through a cancer nightmare when, two years ago, Dudley feigned an excuse to get down on one knee and surprised his longtime girlfriend with a ring. Dudley had had 80 percent of his...

  12. Emily_tab.jpg

    ASK EMILY: Key efforts to reform health reform

    It has been quite a year. More than 3 million of you signed up for new health coverage in California. But many of you couldn't find doctors who accepted your plans. Some of you were charged hundreds or thousands of dollars for desperately...


    Health roundup: Valley fever drug, Covered California

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has named a developing treatment for valley fever a "qualifying infectious disease product," or QIDP, under the GAIN Act, which should help expedite the medicine's approval process. The new antifungal...

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