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    ASK EMILY: Help! Help! Out-of-network emergency woes

    Last year, I developed an antibiotic-resistant infection on my arm when I was traveling on the East Coast. With each day, it grew scarier and more painful, and it was spreading. Like a good girl, I called my health insurance company here...

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    Locally, observers are split on high court's ruling

    In Bakersfield, abortion opponents applauded the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby, which had challenged a mandate to cover contraception along with other preventive services at no extra charge to insured employees. "Of...

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    THE PULSE: Valley fever training and procedure database

    VALLEY FEVER TRAINING: The Health Officers Association of California is developing a continuing medical education program on the diagnosis and treatment of valley fever. Also called coccidioidomycosis, valley fever is an infection caused...

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    Obamacare open enrollment to resume in November

    Open enrollment to purchase individual health plans through the state's health insurance exchange will run from Nov. 15 to Feb. 15, 2015. It had been unclear when open enrollment would resume because of efforts to synchronize Covered...

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    THE PULSE: Keeping tabs on health & wellness issues

    FREE LECTURES FOR WOMEN: Dignity Health is sponsoring "Below the Belt," a series of free monthly women's health seminars . The seminars will cover a variety of obstetrics and gynecology topics. The first one is 6:30 p.m. June 25 at the...


    Huge change 'inevitable' in public health care

    If it happens, it will represent one of the biggest changes to public health care in Kern County since the establishment of the Medi-Cal safety net. While Kern County supervisors on Monday cheered a proposal to merge Kern Medical Center...


    Valley fever research eligible for new federal funding

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has decided to include the fungus that causes valley fever on a list of qualifying pathogens mandated by the Generating Antibiotic Incentives Now, or GAIN, Act. The law created incentives for the...

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    THE PULSE: America leads the world in obesity

    Shocking news: Americans are fat. The United States had 13 percent of the global population of overweight and obese people last year despite accounting for just 5 percent of the world's population, according to a new analysis of trend data...


    County supervisors cheer KMC-KHS merger

    Nobody is throwing up roadblocks to the creation of the Kern County Health System Authority. Yet. Kern County supervisors -- on a 3-0 vote -- approved a plan to merge Kern Medical Center with Kern Health Systems Monday, linking the...

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    Local pharmacist a key force behind new landmark law

    Bakersfield pharmacist Ryan Gates knows how to work a room. Wherever he goes, people seem to know him. He, in turn, knows them, not just names but details about their families -- whose mother is sick, who just had a baby. "He's really...

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    County proposes Kern Medical Center-Kern Health Systems merger

    County officials are unveiling a new plan to help rescue Kern Medical Center: a merger with Kern Health Systems. Under the carefully crafted proposal, the struggling county hospital and the successful public health insurance management...

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    California teen births fall, but Kern's is among state's highest

    Kern County has the second highest teen birth rate in California, according to new numbers released this week. Kern had a birth rate of 53.4 births per every 1,000 females ages 15-19, second only to Tulare County's just higher 53.7, the...

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    ASK EMILY: Months after applying, legions stuck waiting for Medi-Cal

    "One stop shop." "No wrong door." State officials have used those phrases since last year to describe the new, easier, more efficient Medi-Cal application process. But something happened between their mouths and reality: "A hole fell... Daily Deal!

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