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    CESAREO GARASA: Pythons together one last time

    By CESAREO GARASA, Contributing columnist
    Wednesday, Jul 16 2014 10:17 AM

    For those of us who keep a lumberjack cosplay in the closet (just in case) and can recite the world's deadliest joke, there will be much rejoicing Sunday, when Monty Python's global funeral will be shown on silver screens around the country, including in Bakersfield.

    From the O2 Arena in London comes "Monty Python Live (Mostly)," the historic reunion fans never thought would happen -- and for good reason, since the iconic comedy troupe's various members have given us little reason to hope over the years, particularly since the 1989 death of co-founder Graham Chapman.

    But here they'll be, all five of the surviving Pythons: John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin, with their absurd, irreverent sketches for...

  2. Ed Gerhard - photo - TBC 6-17-14.JPG

    He doesn't get lost in music; you do

    It's not unusual to hear musicians talk about getting lost in their music when they're performing, using music as a means of transcending the here and now. But when Grammy-winning guitarist Ed Gerhard performs, the last thing on his mind...

  3. jazzlounge10.JPG

    In need of jazz fix? You've got it

    A newspaper interview with JR Hester at the Jazz Lounge, Bakersfield's newest night spot, was interrupted three times by musicians eager to book gigs, proving that among players, at least, there's plenty of interest in his club. But what...

  4. Highwaymen web.jpg

    Waylon, Willie, Johnny take highway to the Fox

    Michael Moore got two pieces of advice from Willie Nelson. The first: "Always get your money up front." But it's the second pearl of wisdom that Moore takes to heart every night when he hits the stage in long braids and faded jeans as the...

  5. art machuca.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Rocker is wearing two hats

    Bakersfield musician Art Machuca has big plans to use his knowledge and connections to bring crowds back to the basement at Jerry's Pizza, once home to some of Bakersfield's biggest all-ages shows. Those familiar with Jerry's Pizza...

  6. photo-credit-chapman-baehler-extralarge_1389988130601.jpg

    Still as Goo as it gets

    Touring the country in a smelly, run-down van isn't responsible for the Goo Goo Dolls' breakthrough -- the pop gem "Name" did that -- but a decade of swindling cigarettes from bartenders, snagging showers in college gyms and winning fans...

  7. Genevive Artadi.JPG

    CESAREO GARASA: I'll be celebrating 5th of July

    As anyone who has ever driven downtown looking for something to do on the Fourth of July knows, there is nothing happening. Ever. It doesn't matter if the Fourth lands on a Friday or Saturday, most of the city will be at house parties...

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    Keyboardist's voice 'just melted' his fans

    Johnny "Blue" Villalovos was talented enough to attract notice from the likes of Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, but his musical abilities likely made the biggest impression on a woman who walked into a Union Avenue club one evening in 1982....

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    MATT MUNOZ: War riding a new album low and slow

    Southern California funk legends War released their 19th full-length CD, titled "Evolutionary," last month. Released as a double album, the first disc contains 13 new original tracks while the second is a first-time CD issue of the group's...

  10. Gregg Allman.JPG

    CESAREO GARASA: Make a drive to see a true rock legend

    Eagle Mountain Casino outside Porterville might seem like a long drive, but how far would you be willing to go to see an actual living legend of rock 'n' roll? Gregg Allman is one such legend. One half of the titular Allman Brothers Band...

  11. Media_Jam2.JPG

    Local media under a different spotlight

    Not a busy schedule, nor stage fright, nor lack of singing prowess could keep a group of local media personalities from answering the call to help a good cause while entertaining the masses at this year's Media Music Jam, benefiting the...

  12. Andrew Duhon 2.JPG

    Artist's backup plan: Keep making music

    Andrew Duhon may never make Bruce Springsteen money but he's not sweating it. The New Orleans-based singer-songwriter plays music for a living. He has no backup plan. Duhon's backup plan is to write more good music. The critically...

  13. Carl Saunders.JPG

    Trumpeter offers tough love for musicians

    Trumpeter Carl Saunders has a tough message for aspiring jazz musicians, one they need to hear.   “You can’t teach people to play jazz,” Saunders said. “You can teach them to play their instrument, to play scales and such, but you can’t... Daily Deal!

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