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    CESAREO GARASA: This guy's finger-pickin' good

    By CESAREO GARASA, Contributing columnist
    Wednesday, Apr 23 2014 01:17 PM

    Doyle Dykes knew exactly when he wanted to be a musician. He was playing guitar in a church revival in Jacksonville, Fla., at 11 years old.

    "My family was very musical." Dykes said. "I was raised in church, so our lives pretty much revolved around that; my granddad was our choir director. My dad was a guitar player.

    "I learned to play in church, and when I really became a Christian, that's when it just sort of clicked that I wanted to do something in life that was meaningful and, you know, to give back something and that's when the guitar really came up to the forefront in my life and it has ever since."

    He chose wisely, and Thursday Bakersfield audiences have the opportunity to find out why when Dykes performs at the increasingly...

  2. ChrisShiflettDeadPeasants.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Get up close and personal with Chris Shiflett

    Chris Shiflett's journey from arena rocker to honky-tonk rabble-rouser is about to come full circle. Following the release of his album of classic country covers, "All Hat and No Cattle," last year, the Foo Fighters guitarist performed to...

  3. joey-ely-2.JPG

    Joe Ely: A legend as big as Texas

    There must be something about all that empty landscape that makes Texas musicians uneasy about being hemmed in. Just take Joe Ely, who's never been one to observe musical boundaries. He's as comfortable sitting on a back porch playing...

  4. Gardea.JPG

    CESAREO GARASA: Show's over for Tim Gardea

    When one door closes, another door opens. That old saying comes to mind with the recent news about the sale of Tim Gardea Presents. As a musician and music lover, I've known Tim Gardea personally for the better part of two decades. I've...

  5. RobertThies2.JPG

    Go to one BSO concert a year? Here it is

    If you attend no other Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra concert this year, this is the one you should. Music director John Farrer has programmed a concert with something to please every type of listener: the adventurer, the traditionalist,...

  6. jon-apple-web.JPG

    Electronic master goes traditional with BSO

    Never heard of composer Jon Appleton? You should look him up. But don't look him up in the usual places -- Who's Who in American Music, New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, even Wikipedia. Look him up on,...

  7. 20120409_zaf_ce6_001.JPG

    Guthrie on Guthrie at Fox

    Woody Guthrie, the renowned Dust Bowl troubadour, was so inspired by John Ford's classic 1940 film, "The Grapes of Wrath," he immediately found a copy of the book upon which it was based, took it home and devoured it, front to back. When...

  8. Charles Martinet 2.JPG

    CSUB gamers are true players

    If your idea of gamer education is looking up a walk-through of "Titanfall" online, prepare for an awakening: It's Mario time Friday at the third annual CSUB Gamer Education Day as the voice of Nintendo's Super Mario heads up an evening of...

  9. Dave Mason.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Some Traffic jams on the bill

    The 2014 Bright House Networks Amphitheatre concert series kicks off Saturday featuring guitar icon Dave Mason. Widely known for his groundbreaking work with English psychedelic rock architects Traffic during the late 1960s, he also...

  10. Richard Glazier.JPG

    Pianist to present American Songbook

    Pianist Richard Glazier has a special reverence for the Great American Songbook. "It's more than just songs," Glazier said. "It's a part of our culture; it's part of who we are. "It represents a voice that came out of the melting pot of...

  11. Jennifer Nettles.JPG

    Jennifer Nettles: On her own but not alone

    Sugarland fans, don't panic. Although bandmates Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are currently working solo, the famous country group has not broken up. But until they reunite, fans will need to make due with one half of the...

  12. Imagine 3.JPG

    Buck and ballet? Only in Bakersfield

    Although many events bill themselves as offering "something for everybody," not all live up to that expectation. But from an opening number to get folks to turn off their cell phones to a show-stopping line-dancing tribute to Buck Owens,...

  13. RudyParrisVoice.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Big break, thanks to 'Voice' lessons

    The last time we checked in with singer Rudy Parris, the Visalia artist with close Bakersfield ties was basking in the afterglow of his appearance on season three of NBC's "The Voice," as a member of Blake Shelton's team. Since then, he's... Daily Deal!

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