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    MATT MUNOZ: David J. as good as goth gets

    By MATT MUNOZ, Contributing columnist
    Wednesday, Sep 17 2014 04:01 PM

    British goth rock pioneer David J. Haskins makes a rare visit to Bakersfield on Friday night, much to the delight of the children of the night.

    But don't expect a traveling cavalcade of caskets, crucifixes and hooded figures from the co-founder of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets. For this intimate outdoor show, Haskins, armed with only his guitar and a mixed bag of songs handpicked from his darkly illustrious career, will be performing a solo acoustic set as part of a series of residential appearances.

    "I love the intimacy and the fact that each venue is unique," said Haskins, 57, during a recent interview. "It is great to work directly with the music fans rather than often cynical promoters. I'm looking forward very much to visiting...

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    They're all dressed up, ready to go

    The most important part of a drag performance isn't the hair, the make-up, the outfit or any one physical thing. The key ingredient to good drag is harder than all that: the ability to move an audience emotionally. That's according to De...


    Food, fun ... and dinosaurs at the Kern County Fair

    If crowds aren't your thing but DeMolay corn dogs are, you'll want to carefully plot your excursion -- or excursions -- to the Kern County Fair. Historically, Monday is pretty light and if you can manage to cool your jets until Day Two,...

  4. Billy Mize.JPG

    Coming to a Palace near you: The Billy Mize film

    The film had its world premiere in Los Angeles, but "Billy Mize and the Bakersfield Sound" finally comes home on Sept. 18, to a venue that doesn't get more Bakersfield Sound-ified: Buck Owens' Crystal Palace. "Now it's finally going to be...

  5. the generators.JPG

    CESAREO GARASA: Rods, rockers to pack the park

    Joe Schaffran, the promoter of the second annual Bakersfield Rock and Rods Show, has a very basic philosophy for the event and what it means to him: "Rock & Rods is a mixture of my love for rock 'n' roll and my love for hot rods and...

  6. Nora Jane Struthers.JPG

    Bluegrass by way of New York City

    Bakersfield has an ace under its fedora. Musicians like to visit. Call it curiosity or pilgrimage. Buck, Merle -- they know the names, they've heard the music. Now they want to see from whence it came. Count Nora Jane Struthers as a...

  7. Starship_ElvinBishop.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Thomas' Starship enterprise lands in Bakersfield

    No fooling around: Legions of young music fans are falling in love with Mickey Thomas, even if they don't know it. Decades after he burned up the charts with the Elvin Bishop-penned "Fooled Around and Fell in Love," the classic rocker is...

  8. The Delirians.JPG

    CESAREO GARASA: Ska hurrah, like the old days

    This Friday at Jerry's Pizza will be a return to the kind of show put on in the early '90s at the influential downtown music venue Bam Bam's: an all-ages concert focusing on traditional and modern reggae and ska. The hepcat main act is...

  9. Bakersfield Master Chorale-8.JPG

    Aspiring choir members invited to open rehearsal

    Bakersfield's highly respected community choir, the Bakersfield Master Chorale, is holding auditions for its expanded 2014-15 season. "We're increasing our number of concerts this year," said Susan Guerard, president. "Instead of three,...

  10. AaronWatson_GibbonsHIRes.jpeg

    ZZ Top's Gibbons just a fan at Buck's place

    What does a member of rock 'n' roll royalty do when his tour bus breaks down in Lebec? If it's Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top, he heads straight for Buck Owens' Crystal Palace to make his pilgrimage to the Bakersfield Sound and the man who...

  11. Maddie and Tae.JPG

    See the feistiest gals in country music at the Palace

    Hand it to the bros of country music for keeping things simple: The girls they sing about all fit the same tanned-and-toned male fantasy -- hot little blonde messes in cutoffs and/or white sun dresses, shakin' that sugar, sweet as Dixie...

  12. Brian Head Welch.JPG

    Welch headlines God-apalooza

    When God talks to Sylvia Smith, the instructions are incredibly specific: * Put together an evening of free entertainment * Get the guy at Stay Focused Ministries to help * Book Brian "Head" Welch as the headliner "It's something God...


    MATT MUNOZ: My sisters Bowled over by Beatles

    The story of my sisters' trip to see the Beatles live at the Hollywood Bowl on Aug. 23, 1964, has become the stuff of legend in my family. I've probably wrecked their memory banks to the point of frustration on more occasions than they... Daily Deal!

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