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    THE DISH: This is crude: Olive oil price rising

    BY PETE TITTL For The Californian
    Saturday, Jan 24 2015 03:18 PM

    Brace yourself for continued price increases for olive oil. Curtis Cord, publisher of Olive Oil Times, said worldwide production has tanked due to a variety of factors, including bad weather and pests such as the olive fruit fly and bacteria that destroyed nearly 1 million trees in Italy and Spain. Worldwide production slipped from 3.2 million tons the previous year to 2.4 million last year. On the wholesale level, prices more than doubled, and this will eventually show up at the retail level.

    New and different Marie Callender's Restaurant & Bakery has brought back the amazing caramel apple cream cheese pie ($13.19) for a limited time, and has a "pie trio" special starting at $9.99 that features a savory pie (chicken pot pie, Shepherd...

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    PETE TITTL: Humble spots can offer great fare

    There are times when it seems like there's a humble Mexican restaurant on every corner, but if you've never even heard of it, why risk visiting the unknown instead of Del Taco or Taco Bell? In a word: authenticity. I've stumbled upon two...

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    THE DISH: Snag free food at these chains

    January is a time for belt-tightening even if it's the figurative cost-savings kind. With that in mind, we've hunted around to find the best deals available for cost-conscious consumers: Wendy's fans who find it hard to pass up a Frosty...


    PETE TITTL: You picked a fine time to feed me, Lucille

    Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que reminds me of Famous Dave's, another barbecue chain with a local feel that opened on Rosedale Highway several years ago and never looked back. This is a big, loud, attention-drawing place that proves chains...

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    Love Citra beer? Enter lottery to win

    Kern River Brewing Co. in Kernville has announced the release of its cult-favorite brew, Citra, Jan. 30 to Feb. 8. In order to win a ticket, you must sign up for the Citra Bottle Lottery at on a desktop...

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    PizzaRev slices into local food scene

    Fitting right into Bakersfield's unofficial motto of "have a good cause and a good time," the Los Angeles-based pizza chain PizzaRev will open its two local restaurants with "Pizzas for a Purpose" fundraising events Thursday and Jan. 22....


    'Diners' shoot causes restaurant rift

    Though he hit seven Bakersfield restaurants on a Food Network binge last week, there's only so much Guy Fieri to go around, a problem that has cost one popular eastside restaurant manager her job. Julie Crawford, manager of Narducci's...

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    PETE TITTL: Where those in the know dine in Taft

    People sometimes ask me where they should eat in Taft. Not surprising, since Taft Highway is jammed every morning with Bakersfield residents commuting to work there. As my mother-in-law (a Taft resident) says, they prefer to live in the...


    Behind the scenes with Guy: 'He ate a lot of food'

    Does Guy Fieri really eat all that food? What's he like? Did he try the pickled tongue? Julie Crawford, owner of Pyrenees Cafe, offers a peek into the three-day "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" shoot at her Old Town Kern Basque restaurant....


    PETE TITTL: What I'd try if I were Guy

    I've been an off-the-hook fan of "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" since it went on the air, going so far as to hit up the farflung places featured by host Guy Fieri, that dynamo of dining and guru of grub whose boisterous love of food has...

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    The Dish: Are Bakersfield's salad days over?

    It is with real pain that I read about the closing of the Garden Spot just before the new year started. After 26 years, three owners and tweaks that included expanding to dinner, the owners gave up, citing increased produce and labor...


    Bakersfield gets a Guy-ful

    There’s no mistaking Guy Fieri: Even in a dark gray button-up, a demure departure from his typical bowling shirt with flames up the side, the shorts, sunglasses, stocky build and bleach-blond spikes are a dead giveaway that perhaps the...

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    What do you do when Guy Fieri's coming? Clean!

    They’re all clean enough to have “A” grades from the Kern County Health Department, but four Bakersfield restaurants that have attracted the notice of Guy Fieri have learned the difference between clean enough and high-definition-TV clean....

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