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    PETE TITTL: No need to catch a flight for a Bit of Germany

    By PETE TITTL Contributing columnist
    Thursday, Jul 24 2014 06:06 PM

    Couldn’t afford a trip to Europe this summer? I’m in that club. But I can always take comfort from the transatlantic escape afforded by Bit of Germany.

    The restaurant is celebrating a big anniversary this year — 35 years, all at the same location, just down the road from East Bakersfield High and right across the street from Kern Medical Center. (In fact, our waitress said the restaurant was practically the hospital’s cafeteria until a fence was erected around the main entrance, cutting easy access to the place; in addition, she said many lunch breaks at the hospital were cut to 30 minutes, a regrettable trend in our country, nothing like the long lunch followed by a nap that most of Europe, especially Italy, seems to follow. Off the...


    Nibbles & Bits: Does Imbibe have a wine deal for you

    Imbibe Wine & Spirits Merchant reports in its regular e-newsletter that the 2010 Silver Oak Alex Cab is being offered on a pre-sale basis through the end of July for $62 per bottle -- "the lowest price we could find in the nation." Imbibe...

  3. Sorella2.JPG

    The Dish with Pete Tittl: Sorella stretches out

    Construction is almost finished on the free-standing building that will be the new home to Sorella Italian Ristorante in the southwest. The new yellow building on McNair Lane adjacent to the old restaurant, which shares a building with...


    On the Town: Have a Krush on elegance?

    The Krush hush or the Krush rush? The energy and pulse of a bar can change with the day of the week, and nowhere is that more true than at Krush Wine Bar, a new restaurant/watering hole in northwest Bakersfield. My first and second visits...

  5. festival_8.JPG

    Philippine Weekend: Go for the adobo

    From cookies at Christmas time, turkey at Thanksgiving, to the cake at your wedding, nearly every celebration in life features a delicious dish to go with it. For the annual Philippine Weekend in Delano, that dish is adobo. The...

  6. IMG_2791.JPG

    Scott’s Salad Quest: A two-fer at Jake’s

    This week I had my salad at Jake’s Tex-Mex Cafe. I must’ve gotten a dozen emails about this one. It was Jake’s Taco Salad ($9.95), and lo, it was good. But here’s the twist: My wife ordered something called the Salad Lite ($9.95), and in...

  7. Pete_Tittl_Dining_Out_tab (1).jpg

    The Dish with Pete Tittl: The grain with the net gain

    A trendy new grain has emerged to challenge quinoa. It’s called Freekah, and it’s actually an ancient grain being brought back to be used in soups, salads, stews or other places where rice and quinoa are usually found. The grain,...


    PETE TITTL: Great burgers, yes — and so much more

    Eureka! is the kind of restaurant that can be quite torturous after too many visits, kind of like 24th Street Cafe. They put new things on the menu. You try them. You love them. You have new favorites on the next visit, and after a half...

  9. DSCN1452.JPG

    The Chew Review: Eat, stay, love at Grand Central Market

    Bakersfield has some great places to eat, but when a twinge of wanderlust combines with hunger, I head south to satiate those cravings. An average day trip may entail visits to as many as three restaurants in all corners of sprawling Los...

  10. Nibbles & Bits: Mammoth craft brew is just peachy

    As the 19th Annual Mammoth Festival of Beers and Bluesapalooza draws near at the end of July, so does the release of this year's new, limited-availability craft beer. Along with the four-day festival, which includes more than 80 craft...

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    Nibbles & Bits: Hungry? Let's go to BC

    Bakersfield College is making an interesting pitch -- thought up by marketing students? -- for dining at the Renegade Room over the summer. The restaurant, run by the culinary department, under the tutelage of chef Suzanne Durst, is...

  12. Price_tab.jpg

    The Chew Review: Taco Bell formula decoded!

    I sat next to a Taco Bell corporate executive on a two-hour-plus flight this week and she shared some interesting nuggets about the company. She also confirmed for me something I've long believed about Taco Bell's menu development strategy...

  13. The Salad.JPG

    SCOTT COX: Tuna - not fried fish - at Mossman's

    Frequent readers know that I've recently started up an outlaw bowling league on Thursdsay nights at Westchester Lanes. And once again, I'd like to invite everyone to come bowl with us. It's fun, it's air conditioned, and you can do it... Daily Deal!

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