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    THE DISH: CraSh course in downtown dining

    BY STEFANI DIAS The Bakersfield Californian
    Friday, Oct 24 2014 02:28 PM

    In the microcosm of downtown, those who work in the area flock to each new business, especially if it's lunchtime and food is being served. A contingent of Californian editors cruised over to CraSh Lounge on opening day Wednesday, ready to render our verdict on the sandwiches, salads and small plates at the bar/casual dining spot (the classic cocktails, alas, will have to wait for an off-the-clock rendezvous).

    Only the second table of customers minutes after CraSh opened at noon, we started the order by being difficult, asking for a custom small plate of meat and cheese (the menu offers them separately). The plate arrived with three meats, two cheeses, olives, pickled jalapenos, pecan pieces, bread and a name suggestion from Californian...

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    PETE TITTL: Too many are leaving this Stone unturned

    I consider Red Stone Pizza & Italian Grill to be the best restaurant in town that absolutely no one seems to know about. While chain stores just a few miles away on Rosedale Highway will cumulatively steal valuable time from patient diners...


    Moo asks customers: Do us a flavor

    Pumpkin spice may be nice for some but Moo Creamery is going beyond the basic in its search for the season's sweetest taste. Cinnamon apples, sweet potatoes, spiced rum and more will contend for No. 1 ice cream in the first-ever fall...


    PETE TITTL: New outlet available when hunger strikes

    It's highly unlikely that the customers at Outlets at Tejon mall at the base of the Grapevine will be driving there for the food. But the evolution of the American mall virtually requires dining choices, and many of them, because in the...

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    CraSh Lounge: Setting the bar for sophistication

    If James Bond had a little brother, he's exactly the kind of guy CraSh Lounge -- with its sophisticated feel and $42-per-pour single malt scotch -- is looking to attract when it opens Wednesday. The cosmopolitan bar/restaurant is yet...

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    It's a great place for tea, bar none

    Something's brewing in southwest Bakersfield, and it has guests lining up for a tasty and refreshing treat. Tea Bar sells drinks made up of more than 40 varieties of tea, the leaves kept in glass containers behind the register. Green,...

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    The Dish: It's not 5 Guys -- just one Guy

    Got an email from Antoine Feghali, owner of Camille's Sidewalk Cafe at The Marketplace. He said a restaurant was due to move in next door to him in the space formerly home to Coldwater Creek, and this is no Chili's we're talking about: He...


    PETE TITTL: Luigi's still the place to be for Saturday lunch

    It's hard to get a table for lunch at Luigi's any day of the week, but the crowd is different on Saturday. More families, college students home on breaks reconnecting with old friends, football on TV. And then there are the Saturday...

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    Parting is sweet sorrow for Frosting Ink

    After a decade as part of the downtown food scene, cupcake and pastry shop Frosting Ink will close its doors Friday. "Bakersfield has been good to me," said Frosting Ink owner Sheila Heninger in an interview Tuesday. "The community has...

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    The Dish: It's not a crepe-shoot at consistently great cafe

    When you think of downtown breakfast spots, it's hard to overlook the 24th Street Cafe. But one low-profile gem we visited on a Sunday morning recently deserves consideration: Cafe Crepes. The small, Parisian-themed restaurant that...

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    PETE TITTL: They live to serve at cheerful Anabo's

    Have you ever gone to a restaurant that had a staff that was so joyful, so cooperative with one another that it elevates your mood and makes you glad you stopped in? That was our experience at Anabo's Cafe, a humble little breakfast and...

  12. Have a slab of fun at Bakersfield Baconfest

    Forget about bringing home the bacon. It's time to go out and enjoy some this weekend at Bakersfield Baconfest, the first swine soiree this fall (Bakersfield Bacon and Craft Beer Festival happens Nov. 8). Tickets are still available for...


    PETE TITTL: There's a lot more to love about La Costa

    Walking into the new La Costa Mariscos, you feel like a proud parent. This is a child who's grown up, struck out on his own and is on the cusp of a bright future. The family-owned restaurant, a staple of downtown for two-plus decades...

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