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    PETE TITTL: New outlet available when hunger strikes

    BY PETE TITTL For The Californian
    Friday, Oct 17 2014 01:46 PM

    It's highly unlikely that the customers at Outlets at Tejon mall at the base of the Grapevine will be driving there for the food. But the evolution of the American mall virtually requires dining choices, and many of them, because in the American mind shopping is firmly associated with eating -- to say nothing of the fact that with 71 stores, you can spend hours trying to decide which socks or slacks to buy and some people get famished in the process. So restaurants are a requirement.

    What's cool to me is how many of the restaurants in the food court area are Bakersfield originals: Tony's Pizza, Dewar's and Juicy Burger. Considering how many customers are likely to be from Los Angeles or the Bay Area, this will expose a lot of folks who...

  2. crash_3_fa.JPG

    CraSh Lounge: Setting the bar for sophistication

    If James Bond had a little brother, he's exactly the kind of guy CraSh Lounge -- with its sophisticated feel and $42-per-pour single malt scotch -- is looking to attract when it opens Wednesday. The cosmopolitan bar/restaurant is yet...

  3. Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 2.41.57 PM.png

    For the love of Buck: Guitarist returns to Palace

    When Dwight Yoakam embarked on what appeared to be a one-man mission to revive the Bakersfield Sound in the '90s, few people knew the task actually took two men. By his side was guitarist and producer Pete Anderson, who loved Buck Owens...

  4. BTUFF Apocalypse.JPG

    Dude, where's my apocalypse? Right here

    If "Mad Max" and "Return of the Living Dead" had a baby, that rowdy, tricked-out off-roader would be the Bakersfield Tuff Apocalypse Halloween Truck Festival. Completely taking over Bakersfield Speedway on Oct. 24 and 25, the festival has...

  5. Meghan Trainor.JPG

    Bakersfield shop to host Trainor -- no treble at all

    Meghan Trainor, who owns the No. 1 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 with "All About That Bass," the diabolically catchy hit you can't dislodge from your head with a sledgehammer, is, as the song goes, bringing booty back -- in this case to...


    Proud to be an Okie (still)

    All due respect to John Steinbeck, but the historic Sunset Labor Camp, built in 1935 to house migrants coming West during the Great Depression, wasn't the miserable slum depicted in the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, according to many who...

  7. car_show_fa.JPG

    Lowriders with a higher calling

    Carnales Unidos bills itself as a car club that does philanthropy on the side, but a half-hour chat with the group's president makes it clear this is a philanthropy club that does cars on the side. "The bottom line is that we look for...


    A tree-mendous opportunity

    While some bemoan the Christmas creep -- when retailers display holiday merchandise months in advance -- White Forest Nursery urges Christmas tree shoppers to think ahead in order to support local organizations. In June, the local...


    Dust Bowl, in words and images

    The Kern Genealogical Society got the first full house in its history this year by seizing on a topic that resonates in the valley: the Dust Bowl. The third and final part of the series, Historical Sunset Camp: Past & Present, wraps up...

  10. Bill-Engvall.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Only thing blue about Engvall is his collar

    We knew he was funny, but even his most devoted fans had to be surprised that Bill Engvall managed to Paso Doble his way to the finals of "Dancing with the Stars" in November. After that achievement, a stint as a television game show host...

  11. tea_5_fa.JPG

    It's a great place for tea, bar none

    Something's brewing in southwest Bakersfield, and it has guests lining up for a tasty and refreshing treat. Tea Bar sells drinks made up of more than 40 varieties of tea, the leaves kept in glass containers behind the register. Green,...


    Great strides for pride at festival

    For those who attend, Bakersfield Pride is more than just something to do on a Saturday afternoon. It's a place where everyone in the LGBTQ community can feel accepted. "They come to be able to be themselves for one day and be with people...

  13. webb.jpeg

    Third Thursday back from hiatus

    Don't mistake the cut in Third Thursday events for a sign of trouble. The Downtown Business Association has scaled back the number of events each year, from four or more to only two, but it's ramping up the fun with concerts. "This year...

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