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    PETE TITTL: Italian place just not what it used to be

    BY PETE TITTL For The Californian
    Thursday, Dec 18 2014 05:59 PM

    Taste memory can be a funny thing. You walk into a restaurant you've visited before, one that inspires fond memories of good experiences, and that night it's not the same.

    Did you change? Did they? Is nostalgia inaccurately coloring what the place was? Maybe a combination of all of that. That's what we talked about after visiting La Pizza Veloz, a small independent pizza and Italian restaurant across from Memorial Stadium near Bakersfield College. We had enjoyed good meals there in the past, but over two visits found that not to be the case any longer. What wasn't merely ordinary was flawed in a way that would not inspire repeat visits.

    One of the first things I noticed was that a giant Tony's Pizza had gone into the north end of the...


    Padre in Wonderland on NYE

    To ring in the new year, the Padre Hotel will bring Wonderland to downtown Bakersfield, inviting guests to "fall down the rabbit hole" like Alice with an evening of deejays, hookahs midnight snacks and surprises. The fanciful fete is the...


    Krush pops corks on first NYE

    Popping bottles is the order of the evening for New Year's Eve, but Krush Wine Bar plans to bump up the bubbly for the big night. "At midnight, there's a giant bottle of champagne I'll be pouring -- a salmanazar, a nine-liter bottle,"...

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    CESAREO GARASA: Comic Medina packs a punch

    As a teenager living in Arizona via the Bronx, comedian Joey Medina trained to be a professional boxer, eventually getting as far as winning a state boxing championship in 1986. Since then, the jabs he specializes in are of the verbal...

  5. IMG_3840.JPG

    Family gives back; will you?

    Though most of us no doubt would be considered human-kindness slackers by contrast, Stephen Ariey feels a little guilty about his commitment to helping the poor: He does it only at Christmas -- but every Christmas and for 13 of his 25...

  6. Be an honorary Contreras on NYE

    It’s easy to spot the folks running the show at the annual Contreras family New Year’s Eve party: They’re the ones not having much fun. “It’s a lot of work,” said Rick Sanchez, president of the nonprofit organization formed by his family...

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    Dolls cast own glow at CALM

    The story sounds like one of those classic animated Christmas specials -- a bunch of once-beloved toys are discarded and then, after hardship and tough times, find a new home and once again are loved by all. Ten Christmas seasons ago,...


    What to do with the kids on NYE? How about ...

    The image of New Year's Eve may be all fancy dresses, champagne and kisses at midnight but the year is changing for those under 21 too, and a few local businesses are putting on special events for kids and their families. If it's true...

  9. Ethel's offers great New Year's deal

    If the thought of spending New Year's Eve in an impossibly loud and crowded club is enough to make you want to forgo the whole ordeal and spend the night at home with ice cream and Ryan Seacrest, consider one other possibility first: the...

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    PETE TITTL: Getting fired up for Firehouse

    Those who say there's nothing fun to do in Bakersfield have just not been to the Firehouse. When the White Lane restaurant/bar/entertainment emporium opened in 2009, we compared it to Dave & Buster's, a food and drink chain that offers...


    A first-rate 'Nutcracker'

    Sometimes it takes an outsider to give weight to what locals already suspect: In this case, that the "Nutcracker" ballet, a partnership of Cindy Trueblood's Civic Dance Center and the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra, is, indeed, an...

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    Kids in need get toys indeed, with run

    On Christmas Eve, Santa travels in style, in a shiny red sleigh pulled by nine flying reindeer. But since St. Nick doesn't loan out his rig, some local elves are hitting the road, instead of the sky, when they come out this weekend to do...

  13. Skateland1.JPG

    Little wheels keep on turnin' at Skateland, thanks to family

    Over the last year or so, the destiny of a southside roller rink has experienced more ups and downs than a 5-year-old learning to skate. But after plans to convert the building into a warehouse fell through, new owners have taken control...

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