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    CAMILLE GAVIN: Winds ready to blow us away

    By CAMILLE GAVIN, For The Californian
    Wednesday, Nov 19 2014 05:15 PM

    Aside from the stirring music, one of the things I enjoy most about the Bakersfield Winds concerts are the moments when Ed Hughes sets aside his clarinet and picks up a microphone to give the audience a few tidbits of background information about each selection or its composer.

    "Ed brings a wonderful depth," said band spokesman Mitch Garcia, in a recent phone conversation. "He started doing it a few years back for some of the pieces but we thought it added so much to the concert that now he does it for every piece."

    For their concert on Monday evening the band has chosen music with an autumn theme with a nod to the holidays that are almost upon us.

    "One is the 'Chorale and Shaker Dance,'" Garcia said. "It's a standard for this time...

  2. petroglyphs 3.JPG

    Do you like classic rock? You'll love petroglyph fest

    When the mayor of Ridgecrest discusses the Native Americans who carved their art into thousands of rocks in the high desert millennia ago, he uses phrases like "dream culture" a lot. And so it's fitting that the idea of a petroglyph...

  3. hero_13_fa.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Behind the lens with Robert Bejil

    After establishing himself with local bands and models as one of the most trusted and creative photographers in town, Robert Bejil is broadening his focus with the release of an indie action western flick, "Retribution of the Wolf,"...

  4. brisu00E9_-_pas_de_berlin.JPG

    Moving visual tale about movement

    A dancer's emergence from an emotional trauma that nearly destroyed her life is told in a remarkable collection of concept photography done by Todd Powers. " 'Pas de Berlin' is a stunning visual narrative following the progress of a young...


    CAMILLE GAVIN: Art Association gets primo location

    The Bakersfield Art Association's Art Center is moving around the corner from where it is now, but it will still be in the downtown Arts District. In fact, the new place, at 1705 19th St., is in an even more prominent location in the...

  6. herb.JPG

    HERB BENHAM: Getting away Scot free with my 'artwork'

    Art in Europe is everywhere -- from public sculptures hugging the banks of the Seine to the bridges of Paris and onto the stunning architecture along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. After one "Oh my God" moment after another, it's easy to get...

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    A chill, pre-holiday First Friday

    November First Friday, filled with art, music, food, comedy and film, offers a mellow starting point to the coming frenzy of the holiday season. But where to start? A guide for what's in store Friday. Visual arts The Bakersfield Art...

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    Museum open for altar-ations

    Death gets a bad rap this time of year: zombies want to eat your flesh, vampires want to bite your neck and ghosts want to scare the daylights out of you. But Dia de los Muertos -- which falls a couple of days after that other...

  9. Gus_Flamingo_cape.JPG

    CAMILLE GAVIN: Magic will put you under spell

    Wrapped in the spirit of Halloween, Mark Price says the magic performance he and two long-time friends will do on Saturday at Stars is "triple tricky." Price, aka Gus Flamingo, calls it The Three Amigos of Magic, which he says will be an...

  10. CSUB giving visual arts a much larger canvas

    Back-to-back openings, both related to the making and viewing of art, will be held at Cal State Bakersfield on Friday. The first is the ribbon-cutting for the Visual Arts building, a $6 million structure located west of the Dore Theatre....

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    CAMILLE GAVIN: Turning 50? Let's put on a show!

    Some folks are reluctant to admit they've reached the half-century mark; Bruce Saathoff is the smiling exception. "I'm turning 50 on the 28th of October and people kept asking me, 'What do you want to do for your 50th?'" said the Stars...

  12. ViaArte07.JPG

    Via Arte artists color for cause

    Liberty High School senior Isabel Luthi started Saturday at the Via Arte Italian Street Painting Festival, took a few hours off to score three goals in a soccer game, then returned to help classmates finish their crisp late-Victorian-era...

  13. via_arte3_sm.JPG

    Chalk it up to family togetherness

    "The family that chalks together, stays together" might not be an actual phrase that people say, but for the Tyack-Lacava clan, it's true. The Via Arte Italian Street Painting Festival, an annual event put on by the Bakersfield Museum of...

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