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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: No babies for my daughter means, gulp, no grandbabies?

    Whether we like it or not, we parents have unconscious expectations for our children. I say unconscious because we do not question these expectations and may not even realize we have them until real life exposes them and turns them upside...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Secondhand living a first-rate idea for 2014

    The environmentalist mantra of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" names some timely goals for our society. The earth is our home, but we aren't always good about taking care of it. Finding ways to reduce our consumption of natural resources, or to...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Pope Francis nudges some Catholics out of their comfort zones

    He paid his own hotel bill in Rome last March, just after he became the pope. He washed the feet of prisoners for Holy Thursday. He wades into crowds to greet the faithful, and embraces children with no trace of awkwardness. He sits for...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Rejoice, even in this stressful time of year

    n another example of a first-world problem, Christmas has apparently become a source of stress. “Are you already overwhelmed by the holidays?” asks my credit union’s website, while offering a low-interest loan that would probably only add...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: After a year, Sandy Hook pain remains

    They've gotten through that horrible year of firsts that the bereaved must endure: first Christmas, first New Year's, first birthday, first Mother's Day, first Father's Day, first last day of school, first summer vacation, first first day...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: (US)PS I love you: It's time to save this institution

    The first Christmas card of the year came in the mail, from my hyper-efficient cousin as usual, and with that my sense of seasonal anticipation has officially begun. Opening a festive envelope that contains a happy photo and best wishes is...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Five stages of dealing with Thanksgiving

    In her groundbreaking book "On Death and Dying," Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross developed the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. These stages helped many people approach the difficult topics of death and...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Sometimes we discover things in loss

    My mother has lost her rings. Against the advice of her six children, she'd developed the habit of wrapping her precious rings in a tissue and hiding the wadded-up bundle in a wooden box in her drawer. There were problems with this...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: You snooze you lose ... precious minutes, that is

    My normal weekday starts at 5 a.m. Thanks to the trial-and-error method, I have ascertained the amount of time I need to shower, get dressed, brew coffee, check my email, make my lunch, eat breakfast, read the paper and drive to work. If I...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Seasons of change for television viewing

    Everything about watching television changed, as I recall, when the Betamax arrived. I came home from college one summer, and my mother showed me her latest acquisition: a Sony Betamax videotape machine that magically recorded a television...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Who knew eating disorders hurt boys, too?

    What I know about raising boys into men would not fill a book. It would hardly cover this page. As the mother of four daughters, I have no experience with the mothering of boys. I did grow up with brothers and male cousins, and I have...

  12. Valerie Schultz

    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Still kicking up - and off - my heels

    My feet are screaming at me. It's a silent scream, but the pain in my toes commands my attention. I did something that, every time I do it, like eating onion rings or giving birth, I swear I will never do again. I wore high heels to a...

  13. Valerie Schultz

    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Coming to grips with my mom's boyfriend

    When my daughters were young, three words struck terror into my heart, especially if they were ever uttered in conjunction with a slumber party invitation. Those words: my mom's boyfriend. I promised myself that if any friend's mom's... Daily Deal!

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