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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Take heart -- soy products are here to stay

    National Soyfoods Month is almost over, so I hope everyone has been eating lots of soy products for the past four weeks of April. But possibly not: I know more people who harbor a suspicious aversion to anything soy than those who partake...

  2. Valerie Schultz

    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Feeling the spirituality of Easter

    Easter dawns differently when you don't have little kids at home to anticipate the joy of hunting for colored eggs and candy. The box of Easter decorations gathers dust in the garage. We no longer have to pack egg salad in our lunchboxes...

  3. Valerie Schultz

    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Passwords keep my accounts safe -- from me

    When I was a kid, "Password" was a TV game show that came on in the afternoons. Competing teams of partners, usually a minor celebrity and a normal person, were allowed only to give each other one-word clues to help them guess the secret...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Lucky are those who get to do what they love

    The first thing to share about Career Day is that it takes place annually at an elementary school in the Los Angeles Unified School District. The second thing is that the school's principal is my cousin. She is such a productive and...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Fasting from all fear falls in line with the Gospel message of Jesus

    The spiritual season of Lent sometimes brings out the creativity in people. In fulfilling our Lenten obligations of prayer, fasting and almsgiving, we try to come up with something new, something more meaningful, something that will change...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Behind every woman is a legacy of abuse

    We women have long struggled to make it in a man's world. The cosmic deck seems to have been stacked against us. Our troubles go back to the biblical Eve, God's prototype for the feminine, who is simultaneously a manipulator and a dupe....

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Our children's brains are counting on us

    When we become parents, we usually want to be the best mother or father that we can be. We may invest in the latest books about parenting. We may ask for advice from experienced parents. We attempt to follow our gut instincts regarding...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: What’s in a name? A lot for married women

    Having come of age during the wave of feminism in the 1970s, it’s amazing that I even considered changing my last name when I got married. With respect to that movement, I suppose it’s amazing that I even got married. But I’m glad I did....

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Educate, don't legislate on panhandling

    A controversial ordinance before the Bakersfield City Council that would criminalize the act of panhandling, or soliciting money from another person, could become law by the end of this month. Panhandlers are annoying. There: we can all...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: When troubled, allow Jesus to lighten your burden

    This is usually how I operate: A dilemma arises, over which I worry and fret and make lists of pros and cons and lose sleep. I debate, I research, I agonize. Then, when I am at my wits' end, I remember to take a breath, and pray. Why is...

  11. Valerie Schultz

    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Tonsils will be gone, so why worry? Well ...

    The human body continually astounds with its miraculous intricacies and the specialized functions of its parts. Consider the tonsils: Once thought to contribute little to the smooth running of the body, they actually are, according to the...

  12. Valerie Schultz

    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Political correctness correct because words matter

    Not so long ago, the American public had few qualms about using racial slurs and unkind epithets in everyday conversation. My grandfather, for example, could walk out of church on Sunday, apply racist labels to the people moving into his...

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    VALERIE SCHULTZ: Women turning up the heat as we get older

    If you've never had a hot flash, let me describe one for you. You are going about your life in the usual way, when something randomly turns up the flame under your central heating system. The temperature in the room or the office or the... Daily Deal!

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