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    STEVE FLORES: Bold and Beautiful more than soap opera

    By Steve Flores
    Sunday, Mar 22 2015 03:00 PM

    My wife, Susie, had an unwavering loyalty to The Bold and the Beautiful soap opera. Most TV experts agree B&B is the world's most popular daytime drama. In case you have somehow missed catching the B&B fever, the storyline focuses on the trials and tribulations of the affluent Forrester family and fashion people of Beverly Hills.

    Monday marks the 28th anniversary of the 1987 premiere of B&B. I have shared with you in past columns how Susie would talk to the television set as though she were speaking to a guest in our living room. As she watched, she would either be mad, happy, crying or laughing at Eric Forrester, Brooke, Liam or her favorite B&B character...Hope.

    It slowly became apparent to me how therapeutic watching B&B was for...

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    STEVE FLORES: Running story is really a family story

    It was 1997 and our Kern County job training agency had a new director, John Mollison, to whom I reported. He came to our community fresh from a 28 ½ year U.S. Air Force career and retired at the rank of colonel. He definitely had a...

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    STEVE FLORES: Join me and my family in the fight against cancer

    " We are all fighting cancer all the time." It's a scary quote. I don't remember where I read it, but it has resonated in a horrendous way to me, my children and my family. I have not spoken of this in my column but I lost Susie, my...

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    STEVE FLORES: A lesson in how to propose

    It was about a week before Christmas. It was a surprise weekday afternoon visit from my adult son Sean, who normally works from sunup to sundown as a construction superintendent for a builder here in Kern County. He was dusty, clothes...

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    STEVE FLORES: Food prepared by those you love tastes best

    As I walked into my home last Saturday afternoon, the aroma took me by surprise. It was sweet to my senses and a bit overwhelming to my emotions. My daughter Nikki and her husband, Carlos, spent the day preparing for our annual...

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    STEVE FLORES: My favorite Christmas songs

    I suspect some of you are like me. Christmas songs, decorations or advertisements anytime before Thanksgiving are annoying, at best, for me. But after Thanksgiving, I am ready for the spirit of Christmas in good deeds, joy and celebration...

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    STEVE FLORES: I still cherish potty training memories

    My grandson Ariyon is now 2. If you ever had children, you know the age of 2 means many things to parents and grandparents. One is potty training. Watching Ariyon's mom, Yvonne, and his dad, my son Sean, start the "potty training process"...

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    STEVE FLORES: The 'happiest place' is with family

    The scene last Saturday reminded me of a late 1950s black-and-white film capturing Walt Disney casually strolling through Disneyland. Never annoyed or not smiling in any pictures I have seen, it appeared as though Mr. Disney almost...

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    STEVE FLORES: Dodger games are more than games

    "I wish you could see my heart," said my daughter Nikki as we took our field seats near first base at the Los Angeles Dodgers versus the Colorado Rockies game last Sunday. My 30-plus-year-old daughter was trying to explain to me how happy...

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    STEVE FLORES: Movie created family tradition

    "Just try and stay out of my way. I'll get you my pretty and your little dog, too!" If you recognize this quote, you probably already know this year is the 75th anniversary of the U.S. premier of MGM's remarkable "Wizard of Oz" movie. I...

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    STEVE FLORES: Dining out meant more than just food

    "Table for 10." That's what my dad, Larry, would say to the hostess whenever we walked into Bakersfield's Far East Cafe restaurant for dinner. It was in the mid 1960s and the ages of me and my seven siblings ranged from infant to teenager....

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    STEVE FLORES: 'Invisible Man' teaches a valuable lesson

    I don't know what set of circumstances brought him to Bakersfield or to his wheelchair. But the "Invisible Man" was certainly homeless, and like many in his situation, in need of hope, help and prayer. Although difficult to do so, you may...

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    STEVE FLORES: Young love in elderly couple inspires

    It was easy to tell how much they were in love. The only thing missing was her white wedding gown, his tuxedo and them walking through the doors of a church vestibule. As the doors opened, you could imagine the waiting throng of people...

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