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    STEVE FLORES: Campout to help patients, families battle cancer

    By Steve Flores
    Sunday, Mar 30 2014 08:00 PM

    Psycological scotoma. These will be the two biggest words I will ever use in my column. Please stay with me. The general medical definition of "scotoma" is a blind spot or dark area in the center of your field of vision surrounded by normal vision.

    An example of a metaphorical or psychological scotoma can be one where you buy a red SUV thinking you have the only one in Kern County. After you buy what you think is a unique car color and model, you begin to see red SUVs on every street corner.

    The red SUVs were always there. You just had no reason to look for or see them until you bought one. That's what some people much smarter than I call a psychological scotoma.

    When the darkness of cancer invaded my family, we first thought we...

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    STEVE FLORES: Self-imposed sacrifice brings family together

    Lent is an important family tradition and has been a great source of family conversation in our home. This year it started the same way it has for many years: "Dad, what are you giving up this year?" My answer has always been the same: "I...

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    STEVE FLORES: The Dakota, Yoko and my sis

    The year was 1984 and my wife, Susie, and I were excited to travel to New York for the first time. She was going to be in training for one full week in Manhattan. She would be focused on her stock brokerage training while I made sure I saw...

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    STEVE FLORES: Message from deceased friend shows up each year

    It's happened for the last 15 years. For the first three years, I thought the coincidence too remarkable to share with my family. I thought they wouldn't believe me. After the fourth year when I found yet another one and I finally shared...

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    STEVE FLORES: Art class turns into life lesson

    It was drawing time in our kindergarten class. The only reason I remember it being kindergarten was because of how much I enjoyed nap time right after milk and crackers. I also remember the long-haired brunette classmate who sat next to...

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    STEVE FLORES: My most memorable Christmas present

    I remember it as though a Norman Rockwell painting had come to life. My dad, mom and I were walking downtown Visalia. A light snow was falling. My mom was in her heavy-fur collared, fashionable jacket wearing a light pink mauve velvet hat...

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    STEVE FLORES: Thanksgiving Day is more than sharing a meal

    There is never just one conversation going on at our family dinners. Thinking back, I can't remember a single quiet dinner affair in our home. "How was work?" "Will the Raiders win Sunday?" "Did you remember it is your Aunt Rachel's...

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    STEVE FLORES: Lessons learned through tortillas

    It was a fatal error committed 40 years ago. They had been married only a few weeks. The bride surprised her new husband and excitingly made dinner, which included fresh home-made tortillas. He sat at the dinner table, surveyed the...

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    STEVE FLORES: Horror story of dead woman refuses to die

    Each culture has its own scary stories that seem to live on through generations. Full moons, Halloween and the upcoming "Day of the Dead Celebrations" seem to increase retelling of those fabled horror stories. With Halloween just 17 days...

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    STEVE FLORES: The evolution of a true blue Dodgers fan

    The first time I remember being a Los Angeles Dodgers fan was on a hot and humid Sunday afternoon in our southeast Bakersfield home. My dad, Larry, brothers Willie, Andy, Ralph and Bobbie and I were spending guy time watching the San...

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    STEVE FLORES: Football season about winning with family and friends

    The start of each football season brings me back to a memorable Sunday morning several years ago in Hollywood. My family spent Saturday in Tinseltown and rather than take the long drive back home to Bakersfield, we decided to splurge a...

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    STEVE FLORES: I'm proud to know these lifelong friends

    It started in 1958 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church's kindergarten class in east Bakersfield. The "Guadalupe Girls" are the self-proclaimed "GGs" who willingly admit their sometimes-rebellious nature tested the limits of the parochial...

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    STEVE FLORES: We will miss you, Mr. Mesa

    We buried Mr. Mesa, my 91-year-old father-in-law, Wednesday.Mr. Mesa lived with my family for the past 17 years. God blessed us with Mr. Mesa after the sudden passing of his wife, Lilly. They had been married 48 years. And although other... Daily Deal!

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