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    STEVE FLORES: Young love in elderly couple inspires

    By Steve Flores
    Sunday, Jul 13 2014 04:00 PM

    It was easy to tell how much they were in love. The only thing missing was her white wedding gown, his tuxedo and them walking through the doors of a church vestibule. As the doors opened, you could imagine the waiting throng of people throwing flowers. You could effortlessly visualize them making their way through the crowd as the bells rang overhead in the cathedral tower.

    I had never met or seen them before this moment but I will never forget them. True happiness and bliss can be a magnet. And you could not help but be drawn to this elderly couple.

    It was Wednesday morning and I had dropped my daughter Brenna off at jury duty and had an extra 30 minutes before my first appointment. So I decided I would give myself a rare treat and...

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    STEVE FLORES: 'Faith' one of worthy causes behind Media Music Jam

    Faith turned 2 years old one week ago today. She is the daughter of Leo and Heidi Villanueva. And like most parents, their once normal life was filled with dreams and hope for their first-born child. Would Faith be their future president...

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    STEVE FLORES: My brothers and our swamp cooler adventures

    Coming home to a cool house after a hot August day picking grapes in the fields was a welcoming thought. It was the early 1960s and I remember record heat seemingly every day. The swamp cooler on our modest southeast Bakersfield home...

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    STEVE FLORES: Family enjoying return to watching baseball on radio

    I am mad at DIRECTV because my daughter Nikki is mad at DIRECTV. I don't understand all the Time Warner Cable, SportsNet LA, DIRECTV licensing mumbo jumbo. All I know is my 36-year-old daughter Nikki can't watch her beloved Los Angeles...

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    STEVE FLORES: Cousins are truly a blessing

    It was the mid-1960s and a hot August summer day in Bakersfield. My dad, Larry, was sitting in his well-worn lawn chair under the shade of the patio cover he, my brothers Willie, Andy, Ralph, Bobbie and I built. And although I am sure the...

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    STEVE FLORES: Campout to help patients, families battle cancer

    Psycological scotoma. These will be the two biggest words I will ever use in my column. Please stay with me. The general medical definition of "scotoma" is a blind spot or dark area in the center of your field of vision surrounded by...

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    STEVE FLORES: Self-imposed sacrifice brings family together

    Lent is an important family tradition and has been a great source of family conversation in our home. This year it started the same way it has for many years: "Dad, what are you giving up this year?" My answer has always been the same: "I...

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    STEVE FLORES: The Dakota, Yoko and my sis

    The year was 1984 and my wife, Susie, and I were excited to travel to New York for the first time. She was going to be in training for one full week in Manhattan. She would be focused on her stock brokerage training while I made sure I saw...

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    STEVE FLORES: Message from deceased friend shows up each year

    It's happened for the last 15 years. For the first three years, I thought the coincidence too remarkable to share with my family. I thought they wouldn't believe me. After the fourth year when I found yet another one and I finally shared...

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    STEVE FLORES: Art class turns into life lesson

    It was drawing time in our kindergarten class. The only reason I remember it being kindergarten was because of how much I enjoyed nap time right after milk and crackers. I also remember the long-haired brunette classmate who sat next to...

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    STEVE FLORES: My most memorable Christmas present

    I remember it as though a Norman Rockwell painting had come to life. My dad, mom and I were walking downtown Visalia. A light snow was falling. My mom was in her heavy-fur collared, fashionable jacket wearing a light pink mauve velvet hat...

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    STEVE FLORES: Thanksgiving Day is more than sharing a meal

    There is never just one conversation going on at our family dinners. Thinking back, I can't remember a single quiet dinner affair in our home. "How was work?" "Will the Raiders win Sunday?" "Did you remember it is your Aunt Rachel's...

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    STEVE FLORES: Lessons learned through tortillas

    It was a fatal error committed 40 years ago. They had been married only a few weeks. The bride surprised her new husband and excitingly made dinner, which included fresh home-made tortillas. He sat at the dinner table, surveyed the... Daily Deal!

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