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    SHERRY DAVIS: Leading dog does not sacrifice love

    By Sherry Davis
    Friday, Oct 31 2014 12:00 PM

    "I felt like a parent who had been summoned to the principal's office because of their child's bad behavior," Bobbi told me as she described the day she was called to come pick up her puppy from daycare.

    Not that Baxter has a mean bone in his body, but it seems the young (10-month-old) Basset Hound had gone on the equivalent of a teenage crime spree while attending daycare at Biscuit Boutique and Doggy Spa. With seemingly endless enthusiasm Baxter had alternately made contact with every dog (male and female), jumped on and mouthed every employee and grabbed and ran off with everything he could reach.

    Biscuit owner Bonnie Tomlinson had no choice but to place Baxter in a private and secure suite (aka padded cell) so he couldn't cause...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Here's an addition to your dog's first-aid kit

    Here's some valuable information for every pet owner, and I assure you a copy will go in my dogs' first-aid kit. In an article for "Dog Fancy Magazine," board-certified veterinary specialist Justine Lee, D.V.M., a diplomat of the American...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Prevent dogs' yard destruction with proper training

    Barking, hole digging, landscape destruction. When dog owners contact me for help with any of these behaviors, it is never a surprise to hear that their dogs are confined for long periods of time to the backyard. While many owners cringe...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: When your dog has a urinary tract infection

    Great! Nora has a urinary tract infection. I guess I shouldn't be surprised; it seems like every female dog I've ever given houseroom to has had one at one time or another. The common symptoms were there; she was drinking a lot of water...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: With groundwork laid, dog ready for formal education

    It's always great when I'm out and about in Bakersfield and run into readers of this column. The love we share for dogs makes it feel like I'm bumping into old friends. Regular readers often remark about how much they enjoyed a particular...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Service dog fraud is becoming epidemic

    If you're a regular reader of this column, you already know my feelings about people who try to pass their dogs off as service dogs so they can take them into places of business, restaurants or on public transportation. Service dogs...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Weigh evidence when you consider jerky treats for dogs

    The safety of jerky treats for dogs has been in doubt since early 2007, when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration began hearing from dog owners and veterinarians about animals becoming ill or dying after eating chicken jerky treats made...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Training tips for dogs' potty time

    Emails with a subject line that reads "Need Help for Potty Retraining" are always head-shakers and usually mean one of two things. Either they are about a dog who was never properly housebroken and the owner has finally decided to train it...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Create boundaries, expectations for dogs

    Training continues with my new dog, Nora. A housebreaking schedule has been established with only a couple of unavoidable mistakes made during the worming process. Nora indicates her need to go out by sitting up and tapping her front paws...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: My new dog needed me to need her

    If a week ago the world's greatest psychic had predicted that I would be getting a new dog, I would have told him that he should seriously consider another line of work. Bringing in a new dog is something I give a lot of thought to, and...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: The most popular dogs -- and what we spend on them

    It's always interesting when the numbers come in for the American Kennel Club's registration statistics listing the most popular purebred dogs for the previous year. While there are never any big surprises, the list is noteworthy in that...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Ensure dogs have plenty of clean water

    The importance of water cannot be taken for granted, especially in these hotter months. Water is essential to maintaining your dog's body functions and preventing dehydration, overheating and heatstroke. I witness too often this...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Prepare your pet before a disaster strikes

    At least twice a year I make it a practice to update my dogs' records file, which includes verifying upcoming vaccination dates, updating microchip contacts and purging any unnecessary or outdated paperwork. Recently as I performed that...

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