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    SHERRY DAVIS: The most popular dogs -- and what we spend on them

    By Sherry Davis
    Friday, Jul 18 2014 01:00 PM

    It's always interesting when the numbers come in for the American Kennel Club's registration statistics listing the most popular purebred dogs for the previous year. While there are never any big surprises, the list is noteworthy in that it often shows certain trends.

    For example, for several years now it has been considered fashionable to own tiny dogs and impossible to pick up a magazine or turn on the TV without seeing one carried in the arms or purse of a celebrity. But in 2013 there was a definite trend for people to acquire larger and more protective breeds, perhaps reflecting owners' concerns about higher crime rates and personal safety.

    Also worth noting is the French Bulldog's accelerated rise in popularity with a staggering...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Ensure dogs have plenty of clean water

    The importance of water cannot be taken for granted, especially in these hotter months. Water is essential to maintaining your dog's body functions and preventing dehydration, overheating and heatstroke. I witness too often this...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Prepare your pet before a disaster strikes

    At least twice a year I make it a practice to update my dogs' records file, which includes verifying upcoming vaccination dates, updating microchip contacts and purging any unnecessary or outdated paperwork. Recently as I performed that...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: When dogs become possessive of food

    Lynette writes that her sweet and affectionate 4-year-old toy poodle has "suddenly" become possessive of food. Incident No. 1. "About a month ago she got into the trash and got hold of a cooked pork bone. When I tried to take it away,...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Do detective work to figure out dog's problem

    Behavior issues don't just appear out of the blue, which means that before you can solve a problem you must know what is causing it. While sometimes that cause is obvious, more often it is a combination of several factors which is why it's...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Sometimes both dog, owner need retraining

    Most owners aren't interested in how a behavior problem started, they just want their dog "fixed." But when it turns out that the owner is a part of the problem's origin and continued re-enforcement, correcting it will be impossible...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Trend for designer dogs comes with new breed names

    "The Strange Profusion of Portmanteau Dog Names." What? The headline stopped me in my tracks, but wait, how was it I didn't know this word portmanteau? A quick perusal of my dictionary revealed that portmanteau is the combining of two or...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Right choice made about putting down attacking dog

    Paws up to Bakersfield Animal Care Center Director Julie Johnson for not backing down. Her statement May 16 that the dog that bit 4-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo in an unprovoked attack earlier in the week will not be turned over to any of...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Let's talk about canine -- and human -- safety

    A letter from JoAnne Klein asks me to once again remind people not to leave their dogs in hot cars. JoAnne says, "A couple of weeks ago during a 90-degree heatwave we were leaving San Joaquin Hospital when we saw a small crowd gathered...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Humans need training along with man's best friend

    I don't think it would be much of a stretch to say that I have a passion for dogs; this weekly love letter attests to that. But training man's best friend requires training man himself, which often proves more difficult than training the...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Love your dog with good care in old age

    The old dog may no longer run as fast, jump as high or walk as far as he used to, His carriage be not held as proud, And instead of a strut he may stutter and falter, But that is of little matter as it is his unwavering devotion to one...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Dogs need correction, not punishment

    Correction. Many dog owners think of it as a word synonymous with punishment. While punishment has no place whatsoever in training dogs, a well-executed correction can be a very valuable tool when it is used as a signal to a dog that it...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Love is only part of plan to rehabilitate dogs

    Over the past few years there seems to have been an overabundance of books and short stories written about dogs, some not so good and perhaps only hoping to strike some "Marley & Me" Hollywood gold, as well as some truly engaging stories... Daily Deal!

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