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    SHERRY DAVIS: Recognize signs of pet poisoning

    By Sherry Davis
    Friday, Apr 11 2014 02:00 PM

    Do you know how to recognize common signs of poisoning? Do you know what common substances are toxic to pets? The answers to those questions could make the difference in your pet's life or death.

    Some common signs of poisoning include, but are not limited to: * Vomiting * Coughing or vomiting blood * Diarrhea

    * Pale gums * Drooling or hyper-salivation * Weakness or lethargy * Lack of appetite * Collapse * Nausea

    According to the ASPCA, the following are the top 10 toxins to pets (cats and dogs): 1. Prescription medications for humans; most dangerous are heart medications, antidepressants and pain medications.

    2. Insecticides, especially for cats that lick themselves all over. 3. Over-the-counter medications: aspirin, fish...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Are commercials, movies giving wrong impression of dogs?

    Like most dog lovers, whenever I see anything on TV that features a dog, it's guaranteed to catch and hold my attention. If that happens to be an old Turner Classic "Lassie" movie, before I know it I'll have dropped whatever I was doing...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Bad dog neighbors challenging for the rest of us

    It's always great to get an email from an owner telling me that they were able to solve a problem they were having from advice they read in this column. I wish I could be as helpful when the owner's problem concerns a bad dog-neighbor....

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Prepare your dog for springtime

    Hopefully last Sunday's high of 85 degrees in the middle of March does not mean that we are going to jump straight from winter into summer, but it is a reminder that spring is here and it's time to get our dogs in shape for warmer...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Dog socialization must continue into adulthood

    While each owner may come to a training class with a specific goal, the majority simply want to teach their puppies basic commands and good manners and see it as an opportunity to expose them to other dogs in a controlled environment....

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Learn not to contribute to scared dogs' problems

    While the owner of a dog who is unsocialized and fearful of people often goes out of his or her way to avoid situations that have previously provoked aggressive behavior, the challenge of maintaining control of the dog becomes even more...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Times change, roles reverse with my dog Frank

    The strange behavior started subtly at first. I thought Frank was just making a few extra trips to the water bowl (which is not out of character for a Newfoundland), but then I started to notice that instead of drinking he was just...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Negative thinking works against dog owners

    If like me you've spent the last two weeks immersed in the games of the Winter Olympics, you may have heard the commentators remarking on how some of the athletes work with specialty coaches to improve particular areas of their performance...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Does your dog really know the command you think he does?

    One of the biggest misconceptions owners have about their dogs is believing that once a dog has performed a behavior several times on command, he or she "knows it." Then the owner believes that if the dog doesn't behave as it's told, it is...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Fear of incontinence not a reason to skip spaying dog

    Before my inbox is pummeled with mail accusing me of trying to scare pet owners out of spaying their female dogs, let's make something perfectly clear. I'm 100 percent in support of efforts to develop a viable spay and neuter program that...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: It's time to address root of this dog's problem

    Think you have dog problems? Two months ago Vickey took in a border collie that didn't work out in its previous home. Her intentions were twofold: to save the dog from going to the shelter and provide the younger of her two dachshunds (11...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: To understand dog's behavior, look at what shaped it

    My friend Carolyn called last week. A true dog lover, like many she has a house full of rescues with sad backstories. She also has a special place in her heart for Great Danes and couldn't resist when she saw one on Craigslist. The...

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    SHERRY DAVIS: Should the dog share your bed?

    One of the most controversial topics for dog owners, yet one seldom addressed in dog training books, is whether dogs should sleep on their owners' beds. Arguments addressing its pros and cons are not limited to those pitting trainer... Daily Deal!

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