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    SCOTT COX: The plastic that pays off? Legos

    By Scott Cox
    Wednesday, Aug 27 2014 04:29 PM

    The good news is I think I have my retirement fund all worked out. The bad news is that my plan assumes that Legos maintain 95 percent to 100 percent of their original value. It also assumes that my grandson, Oliver, leaves them all at my house.

    I don't know when it happened, but I've accumulated about $90 million worth of Legos. I only have Oliver one day a week, so I'm not sure where they all came from.

    We went to Target the other night, and ended up in the Lego section, which is weird because we always head straight to the Hot Wheels. And I don't know if it's because of the movie or peer pressure or some other factor, but the kid is now big into Legos. I'm all for it, generally speaking. They're cool toys -- but I have some...

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    SCOTT COX: Don't needle me about my turntable

    This week I shall try to explain something called an upgrade path, and how I was unwittingly put upon one by a cast of characters that includes Dave Alvin. Now, an upgrade path can be applied to a house, a car or anything else that you...


    SCOTT COX: Got cable? Then you've got Marty

    I saw an ad in the paper that the great Marty Stuart is coming to town. Very cool. You should go. He's a brilliant guitarist and all-around entertainer. But it occurs to me that maybe some of you are as yet unfamiliar with his show on...

  4. IMG_2844.JPG

    SCOTT COX: Love rootsy, authentic music? Give banjo a go

    I come to you this week with excellent news. The banjo is back! Yes, the once-ubiquitous hillbilly instrument is making a huge comeback, and I couldn't be happier about it. A brief history: Back in the early 1800s, African musicians were...

  5. Film Avatar.JPG

    SCOTT COX: 3-D cool at movies, but meh at home

    After grappling with the decision to see the standard or 3-D showing of a movie at the theater, I now find that discussion permeating my home entertainment choices as well. We recently upgraded our TV to a 3-D model, and while I'll opt...

  6. IMG_2791.JPG

    SCOTT COX: New TV a sight for sore eyes

    I just bought a new TV. I don’t say that to brag — in fact it’s quite the opposite; this was a purchase born of sadness. See, I’m old. Like 50 old. And any ophthalmologist worth his salt will tell you that the first thing to go,...

  7. 20120622_zaf_rx3_315.JPG

    SCOTT COX: Jack White gives 'em hell over cell

    It finally happened. A major music artist has spoken out about the noxious practice of cellphone use at concerts, and it's about time. The problem was addressed by no less an authority than Jack White, one of my favorites. He said in a...

  8. Troubadour.jpg

    SCOTT COX: LA's Troubadour still rocks

    For my birthday, I went to a concert in L.A. I'm generally not a big fan of the music scene down there, but two of my all-time favorite artists, Bob Schneider and Hayes Carll, were playing. I'd make the trip to see either of those guys, so...

  9. Drums Along the Mohawk.JPG

    SCOTT COX: Go forth on 4th? We stay in

    Since idiots with massive supplies of illegal fireworks have made it impossible for my family (or any family with pets) to enjoy Independence Day, I took it upon myself to write a guide for shut-ins on the 4th. Actually, I'm just telling...

  10. Katie and Gretchen.JPG

    SCOTT COX: This German shepherd was the cat's meow

    If you're like me, you've had some dogs. We always had at least one growing up, and I've had as many as four at a time. I assume that when we're all old, we'll sit back and think about all the dogs we've had over the years, and that there...

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    SCOTT COX: Time to spare? Let's go bowling

    It's time to go bowling! Tonight we begin our unofficial Californian bowling league, and I couldn't be more excited. After my glorious return to competitive tennis ended abruptly with a knee injury, I figured I needed a way to keep moving...

  12. IMG_2601.JPG

    SCOTT COX: Even if you're in over your head, get a pool

    When I was growing up, I knew exactly one kid who had a pool. And not an above-ground pool, either -- a real, honest-to-goodness built-in swimming pool. The rest of us hoodlum east Bakersfield boys would ride by his house on our bikes,...

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    SCOTT COX: Never too late (or old) to get into this racquet

    I think I was 16 or 17 the first time I picked up a tennis racket, so I never played junior tennis. And I was in my early 30s before it ever occurred to me to play the game competitively at all. Then I took a decade or so off. So imagine...

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