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    SCOTT COX: Rude guests are going to cost us some shows

    By Scott Cox
    Wednesday, Apr 16 2014 03:27 PM

    I am fully aware that as I get older, the list of things that make me all crotchety is getting longer. But I've decided that I'm ready to cut a deal with the world:

    I promise to not care if you take your toddlers to the movies and let them run around during the film. I'll even ignore the distracting glow while you text away during "Captain America." I will even look the other way when you get to the cashier at the grocery store and wait until you get the total before you start rooting around in your purse looking for your preferred method of payment. Talking loudly on your cellphone while in line at the bank? Excused.

    But in exchange for all this understanding, I have but one request -- please, please stop talking during concerts. I...

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    SCOTT COX: At $4, Costco's Caesar a pleaser

    I've been running around town a lot lately, chasing down leads from readers about Bakersfield's best salads. And I've had some good ones. And fancy ones -- salads with all manner of impressive greens, exotic dressings, and even candied...

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    Joe Ely: A legend as big as Texas

    There must be something about all that empty landscape that makes Texas musicians uneasy about being hemmed in. Just take Joe Ely, who's never been one to observe musical boundaries. He's as comfortable sitting on a back porch playing...

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    SCOTT COX: Take HBO wherever you go

    Being an elderly person, I still own DVDs. Stacks and stacks of them, from old concert videos to Blu-ray movies. But I'm well aware that they're already obsolete, and the latest proof came in the form of an app called HBO GO. I don't care...

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    SCOTT COX: Tournament a net gain for Bakersfield

    If I'm not working or sleeping, I'm hanging out at the Bakersfield Racquet Club for the Three-Way Chevrolet Cadillac Bakersfield Open, which runs through Sunday. Though I'm trying to be of use stringing rackets, my time mostly has been...

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    SCOTT COX: New DVD set is a bare necessity

    The wife and I were at Disneyland recently, and we saw something shockingly rare: an advertisement for a Disney product. The poster said that "The Jungle Book" was coming out on Blu-Ray. Still my all-time favorite Disney flick. Love the...


    SCOTT COX: Tennis tourney a net gain for Bako

    For those of you who hadn't heard, I'm making my triumphant return to tennis after a few years off. I tore my knee up in a motorcycle race a few years ago, and the doc said no tennis for a year. That year turned into three. But just...

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    SCOTT COX: Singing the praises of symphony's opera

    I went to an opera. There, I said it. The Bakersfield Symphony put on a rousing performance of Mozart's "Don Giovanni" at Rabobank Theater the other night. I went mostly to hear the symphony play because I've grown to love listening to...

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    SCOTT COX: This Caesar is a crowd pleaser

    In my search for memorable salads, I think I may have had the best one yet. And not just in Bakersfield, but anywhere -- ever. I get a lot of emails from people with suggestions. A very nice lady told me to go to Camino Real and try the...

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    SCOTT COX: A holiday for lovers -- of material goods

    Friday is Valentine's Day, which isn't even a real holiday. It's sort of a mashup of various ancient urban legends that may or may not involve one of three (at least) martyred saints. But real holiday or not, it's a high-stakes game, and...

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    SCOTT COX: Salad is one E-ticket ride for the taste buds

    You'll never guess where I found this week's salad -- Disneyland! If I had any sense at all, I'd pack my own food into the Magic Kingdom, but I never do, which leaves me at the mercy of the radically overpriced food vendors in the park....

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    SCOTT COX: Pardon me for being obnoxious, but ...

    Last week I wrote a Pulitzer-worthy article about Super Bowl parties, ending it with a quick "go Seahawks." And now that they're world champions, I wanted to give folks some idea of what it's like to root for a team for three decades...

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    SCOTT COX: Guest list for my Super Bowl party? Me

    I guess the best way to watch the Super Bowl would be in person, but that would be expensive. And cold. So short of a ticket arriving special delivery on my doorstep from some rich anonymous benefactor (cool, but creepy), I will watch it... Daily Deal!

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