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    SOUND OFF: Bad news often turns out to be a good thing

    John Harte, a photographer and community college journalism instructor who worked at The Californian for three decades, has been poring through his old film negatives for the past several weeks. As might be expected, he has come across...

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    ROBERT PRICE: For 200, Pie Run justifies feast to follow

    My first indication that I was not the only person insane enough to ruin the peaceful calm of a pre-dawn Thanksgiving morning was the sight I beheld as I crested the hill at Mount Vernon Avenue and Panorama Drive. There, below, like a...

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    SOUND OFF: Is Alon moving ahead with refinery plans, or not?

    Reader: The Nov. 9 article "Alon backs off plan to reopen refinery" certainly came as a surprise to many people, not the least of whom were myself and my colleagues in Bakersfield. Frankly, we are disappointed that facts from our recent...


    SOUND OFF: It's Obama's fault we looked at Latino voting trends

    Reader: The ancient Greek storyteller Aesop is said to have coined the phrase "United We Stand, Divided We Fall." Our friend Aesop is probably thrashing around in his proverbial grave seeing how deeply we're mired in the "Divide." This...

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    SOUND OFF: How stylish of us to support anti-oil tree huggers

    Reader: An article appeared in Thursday's Californian stating that an environmental group calling themselves Earthjustice out of San Francisco successfully shut down crude oil shipments to Sacramento ("Sacramento crude oil transfers halted...

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    SOUND OFF: Try to criticize Democrats and Republicans equally

    Reader: With some trepidation I'm writing you. My observation has been if a writer is complimentary of The Californian then the writer is enlightened. If critical, a mouth breather. This is regarding your reply to Judd Stacy in today's (...

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    SOUND OFF: Why didn't you cover Panetta book's criticism of Obama?

    Reader: If you're a real newspaper you will print this. I received my subscription renewal for the newspaper. I sent it in today with (the note), "You have become too liberal for my taste. Enjoy your slowwww death!" From this newspaper...

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    SOUND OFF: U.S. taxpayers almost surely paid for Biden's visit

    Reader: After viewing Vice President Joe Biden's entourage and reading your comments this morning ("It was a straight drive-by endorsement ..." from your Oct. 8 column, "Some love for Renteria, and just when she needs it"), I got to...

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    ROBERT PRICE: Some VP love for Renteria, and just when she needs it

    Right or wrong, fair or not, when Joe Biden comes to town, one pays attention, if only because there's always a chance he might turn into ... Joe Biden. The vice president has a well deserved reputation for, shall we say, candor. In a...

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    SOUND OFF: Why haven't we reported details of Taft hazing?

    Reader: Sixty-two years ago while pledging a college fraternity, I was dumped (along with my fellow pledges) about 20 miles in the middle of nowhere and we had to make our way home (no cell phones in those days). This was called "hazing."...

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    SOUND OFF: Should we be identifying street gangs by name?

    Reader: Robert, just a suggestion: Don't mention the names of street gangs in articles where gang members are involved in crimes or court cases or sentencing. By mentioning the names of the gangs in the paper they are provided street...

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    SOUND OFF: Was it wrong to post photos of crash victim's pain?

    Reader: Why not respect the (injured man's) privacy? Bad decision to post these photos. And since you did decide to post them, where is the news story? Instead, we get ... oooohhh look at these! We were there! Please step up to a better...

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    SOUND OFF: 'Bachelorette party gone wrong' was pure click-bait

    Reader: Really, did you have to use that click-bait title on the homepage, Californian? "Bachelorette Party Gone Wrong" sounds like there was bad behavior, not the rather tame poor timing of happening to vacation where there's a hurricane....

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