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    SOUND OFF: Break out the old Thesaurus: McDill is in town

    If you’re looking for a columnist who’s better looking than the one pictured here, such as Ric Llewellyn or Heather Ijames, you’re looking on the wrong day. Our band of merry, rotating columnists has moved from Saturday to Thursday. Why?...

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    ROBERT PRICE: Hey, can you spare a $20 for my Scout?

    My Girl Scouts cookie order is due to arrive in about a week. I don't need any Girl Scouts cookies, believe me, so I'll do what I've done the last couple of years and give most of them away. Ten years ago I would have hunkered down and...

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    SOUND OFF: Did story of boy's fatality include unwarranted detail?

    Every pedestrian fatality is a tragic one, no matter who the victim or what the circumstances, but the death of Gregorio Edward Leyva last week was especially heart-wrenching. Gregorio was 4. He was hit by an SUV while crossing the street...

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    SOUND OFF: Did we err by not covering SJSU hate-crime story ourselves?

    The parents of the Bakersfield teen who has been charged with misdemeanor hate crimes stemming from a series of incidents in a dorm suite at San Jose State University are understandably upset -- and not just about the charges. The...

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    ROBERT PRICE: 6 Californias? Nah, we're better as one

    Irony abounds here in the poorest region of the country's richest state, a place dominated politically by the voters least likely to be grateful for any federal intervention that might come about as a result of that poverty. Kern County...

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    ROBERT PRICE: How to tell apart whackos from tools

    At long last, the immigration reform debate is heating up in the House of Representatives. The legislation, if it comes, will directly affect two groups presently living in the United States: illegal immigrants and undocumented...

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    SOUND OFF: Who was really recognized with that standing ovation?

    There wasn't a dry eye in the U.S. Capitol building, and perhaps anywhere in America among those who watched the final minutes of Tuesday's State of the Union address, when President Obama introduced and spoke briefly about Sgt. 1st Class...

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    ROBERT PRICE: Squishiness abounds in reform debate

    Bakersfield’s Fox affiliate, KBFX, went with a story last week announcing that Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the Republicans’ No. 3 man in Congress, had budged a bit on immigration reform. “Republican leaders, including House Majority Whip Kevin...

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    SOUND OFF: Check out the stats: You picked the wrong offensive star

    Welcome to my first Sound Off column as executive editor. Regular readers of this weekly feature, in which the newsroom manager explains, brags about, apologizes for and defends editorial decisions and direction, will know that I've been...

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    ROBERT PRICE: Did this city export racism to SJSU?

    I don't know Logan Beaschler, the Bakersfield kid at the center of the dormitory harassment case that has roiled San Jose State University since last September. I don't know what might have slithered into his brain, or how, or at what...

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    ROBERT PRICE: What we lost and what we gained in 2013

    It almost seems like 2013 was the setup year for a now-the-other-shoe-drops year. So many scandals, so many squabbles, so many social and political dramas -- and so little of it resolved by year's end. Twenty-thirteen was the year we lost...

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    ROBERT PRICE: Our global currency is now paranoia

    Many Americans consider the federal government’s domestic security challenges daunting enough to justify the acquisition of confidential customer data from U.S. telecoms. Other Americans consider those once-secret arrangements outrageous...

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    ROBERT PRICE: Uninsured folks still look a lot like her

    My mailbox is starting to fill up with Christmas cards again -- mass-produced letters from family members I forgot I had and photos of familiar people posing with children that can't possibly be who I think they are. But my favorite card,... Daily Deal!

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