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    SOUND OFF: Story of Oregon gov's bisexuality mere titillation

    By Robert Price
    Friday, Feb 20 2015 04:58 PM

    Reader: I am very disappointed The Californian chose to print the most titillating version of the change in leadership occurring in Oregon ("New Oregon governor is bisexual but relevance is uncertain," Feb. 15). Almost to a sentence, the article echoes Fox News versions that serious readers reject as a news source better identified for political bias and inflammatory reporting.

    The events in Oregon are newsworthy for what there are. The unprecedented fall of very popular four-term Gov. John Kitzhaber. Pressured to resign owning to his fiancee, Cylvia Hayes, who lives with Mr. Kitzhaber in the Oregon Governor's Mansion and who is suspected to have used the governor's associations to funnel contracts to her company. The whole episode is...

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    SOUND OFF: Is 'McFarland, USA' sheer immigration propaganda?

    Reader: As a past resident of McFarland who attended Browning Road School, Kern Avenue Elementary School and McFarland High School back when Mr. Jim White first came to McFarland in the 1960s, I feel that the new movie "McFarland, USA" is...

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    MOST THURSDAYS: Musings from a father, taxpayer, idealist & lover of juvenile humor

    MAKING STUFF UP: The Brian Williams story is baffling in so many ways. Accomplished journalist, at the top of his game, perhaps the popular newsman in America, conflates his experience aboard a military helicopter in war-riven Iraq with...

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    SOUND OFF: KHSD should've allowed reporter in classrooms

    Reader: As the Kern County Superintendent of Schools I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your education reporter Lauren Foreman for the excellent and insightful series on Common Core ("Burrowing into Common Core," Jan....

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    ROBERT PRICE: Musings of a father, idealist, taxpayer and lover of juvenile humor

    REMEMBER HER, ANYONE?: Tom Lukko emailed from Gilroy last week with a rather dark research question. While doing some genealogy work on his wife's family, he came across an article I wrote in February 2006 on the subject of matricide....

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    SOUND OFF: Why did we cut (D) from story on accused Dem?

    Reader: Your indignation that someone might find you biased in your reporting is evidenced in your sarcastic response to Jill Grant's ... (complaint that you deleted the pertinent party affiliation -- Democrat --from the Jan. 23 article "N...

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    SOUND OFF: Bravo for republishing that Charlie Hebdo cover

    Reader: Sound Off continues to brighten Saturday mornings. Thank you. It is so refreshing to read fact-based, well-written responses to misinformed, irate readers. It most likely does nothing to influence their thinking, but it is...

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    SOUND OFF: Do welfare recipients vote to preserve benefits?

    Reader: My father-in-law said it best. Welfare, food stamps and Section 8 housing are intentionally created programs promoted by Democrats who want to make people dependent on government for future votes. Working should never be an...

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    SOUND OFF: Good news to report: Our top 10 uplifting stories

    Reader: Why not a summary of the 10 most upbeat local stories in 2014? (After all, The Californian published several year-end stories in that vein, including capsulations of local prominent deaths as well as most noteworthy government,...

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    SOUND OFF: Criticism of county animal shelter was unfair

    Reader: I was concerned over an article in The Californian ("Is county shelter really worth an extra $2 million?" by Lois Henry, Dec. 21) that criticized funding of the county shelter efforts for improving previous deplorable conditions...

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    SOUND OFF: Annual first-baby story always a sign of the times

    Reader: Why do I suspect that the names of the first 50 or so newborns ("Welcome 2015's first local baby," Jan. 2) reads like the Mexico City phone book? -- Gary Johns, from online story commenting Reader: Annually, I find that the first...

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    SOUND OFF: Stick to just being a newspaper, not a TV station

    For the first time ever, TBC Media live-streamed wall-to-wall coverage of the Dec. 4 Bakersfield Christmas Parade. Louis Amestoy made like Ryan Seacrest and, with Olivia Garcia valiantly attempting to soften his unrefined edges, called the...

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    SOUND OFF: What's being done to inspire responsible fatherhood?

    Price: My spam filter catches most of the junk that spews forth from the bowels of the World Wide Web, but occasionally something of dubious merit squeezes into my inbox. That Nigerian government official is still trying find an American...

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