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  1. SOUND OFF: Enough lies! Sic BLM on border and leave rancher alone

    By Robert Price
    Saturday, Apr 19 2014 02:57 PM

    Reader: I'm calling about your article in today's (April 15) paper in the Opinion section about the Nevada showdown by Debra Saunders ("Nevada showdown: All hat, no cattle"). I want to say it's a shame that you are printing lies and distortion on your Opinion page. Because this person (Saunders) did not go to Nevada and find out what went on. She didn't see the jackbooted thugs going against American citizens. The Bureau of Land Management should be down on our border protecting us from the invasion that is coming across our border.

    You got an article in the paper about these drug people who are running drugs in California and they have been doing an investigation for a year and are finally arresting these people, but they didn't stop...

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    SOUND OFF: Even Tulsa shares our eco-wacko tendencies

    Reader: Wow-ee! What a load of eco-wacko baloney on the front page of the Sunday (April 6) paper -- "Study: Spikes in toxicity rarely recorded." The Californian, in sympathy with ultra-left activists, hits us with a scare-tactic assault on...

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    SOUND OFF: Yep, we would have put ACA's failure on page 1

    Reader: I'm real concerned that you buried the Affordable Care Act on page 23 ("More than 7 million enroll under Affordable Care Act," April 2) and you have the front page for GM ("GM: We've changed") and I was wondering which one had more...

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    Guthrie on Guthrie at Fox

    Woody Guthrie, the renowned Dust Bowl troubadour, was so inspired by John Ford's classic 1940 film, "The Grapes of Wrath," he immediately found a copy of the book upon which it was based, took it home and devoured it, front to back. When...

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    ROBERT PRICE: Imperfection of 'Cesar Chavez' would've suited the man himself

    The list of landmarks named for labor leader Cesar Chavez is a long one. In California alone at least 22 schools, six libraries, seven streets and 10 parks are named for the man. That's three times as many civic tributes in this state as...

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    SOUND OFF: About that black cat pictured at the crime scene

    Reader: Terrible shooting death, page three ("Man dies in shooting with sheriff's deputies in Oildale," March 28), and a photo of a black cat crossing the path. Hmm. That aside -- by the way, Casey Christie photos are a wonderful asset to...

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    ROBERT PRICE: We're living in the golden age of cool

    A New York Times reporter came to town last month and invited me to coffee. She was writing about our quaint little corner of California and wanted my read on our collective cultural makeup. I told her the same thing I told a writer from...

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    SOUND OFF: Why not publish names of welfare recipients, too?

    Reader: I read with great interest your response to a reader (in the March 15 Sound Off column) questioning whether public official salaries should be printed in the paper. Your response was that since it was taxpayer money that funded...

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    ROBERT PRICE: A lion in winter, but he still has one hell of a roar

    The young guitar player kept looking over his shoulder toward the stage door. The band had cycled through its softly urgent instrumental introduction three or four times, the stage lights low, the crowd quiet and anxious. The guitar...

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    SOUND OFF: Oops! My arrogant liberal bias is showing again

    I wish we newspaper-types had the time to manipulate the news the way some readers apparently think we do. I can't even carve out an hour for lunch most days, let alone plot ways to subject readers to my petty grudges and biases. But as...

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    ROBERT PRICE: If you mean it, put your name on it

    The Californian’s Opinion section received two letters this past week that stood out from the batch of usual suspects. One was signed “anonymous.” The other was signed “Anne Ohnemus.” We threw out the one from “anonymous” without a thought...

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    SOUND OFF: Point out the inaccurate reporting, Monsignor

    When our John Cox attended a March 1 community forum hosted by the Bakersfield chapter of the NAACP and heard the local branch's president essentially take credit for having convinced the Diocese of Fresno to remove Kathleen Bears as...

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    ROBERT PRICE: A survey of cities we can't help but own

    I blame David Letterman. He's the guy who turned everything into a top-10 list. Yes, Dick Clark started counting down the top-10 rock 'n' roll records of the coming week on TV every Saturday back in the late 1950s, but it was Letterman who... Daily Deal!

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