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    SOUND OFF: Digital push doesn't mean we dismiss paper fans

    By Robert Price
    Friday, Jul 25 2014 04:46 PM

    Reader: Today, after reading "Sound Off" in the paper edition, I decided to try the e-edition. Have any of you tried to read a screen on a tablet measuring 4-1/4 by 6-3/4 inches? Didn't think so.

    Anyway, I tried my best to read just one headline and that was impossible. No matter how hard I tried to find the crossword puzzle in the classified section, I couldn't. It became a puzzle in itself.

    To read the e-edition on my PC would mean I no longer would have any contact with the outside world as I have dial-up. I wonder how many subscribers would be in the same boat? Hope the paper edition will be kept alive for many years to come.

    -- riffobkrsfld Price: Let me take your last point first. The paper edition of The Californian will be...

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    ROBERT PRICE: 6 Californias? Nah, we're better as one

    Editor's note: Steven Colbert referenced this Robert Price column from February 2014 on the July 23, 2014, edition of "The Colbert Report." Irony abounds here in the poorest region of the country's richest state, a place dominated...

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    ROBERT PRICE: My visit to a Denver marijuana store

    Our first clue that we were in the vicinity of a marijuana shop was the sight of an addled but enthusiastic man dancing along the sidewalk. “Welc’m to Caw-luh-RAAAAH-doh!” he shouted in our general direction, giggling so tweakfully that...

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    SOUND OFF: Did publisher have an ulterior motive for writing?

    Reader: What a self-serving article. This (July 13 column, “Same community dedication, less paper,” by Publisher Ginger Moorhouse) isn't about promoting your digital offerings, but (is) rather an attempt to justify the ever-shrinking...

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    SOUND OFF: Why all the focus on dangers of oil tanker trains?

    Reader: Reporters for The Californian have written three front page articles (including "Oil train activity raises safety fears," on May 18) warning us that state agencies fear impeding doom bringing more crude oil into the state through...

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    SOUND OFF: When did 'Man Bites Dog' turn into 'Man bites dog'?

    This feedback forum is designed to give readers a way to voice criticisms and compliments or ask questions about The Californian's news coverage. Executive Editor Robert Price answers your questions here each Saturday. Reader: The front...

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    SOUND OFF: Why does soccer trump an immigration crisis?

    Reader: You have finally done it. Please tell me why Mexico losing a soccer game ("2014 World Cup: An ouster most foul") is front page news and Obama ... spending another $2 billion to fix a border problem (received less play in the...

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    SOUND OFF: Why can't we get more analysis of the news?

    Reader: I would appreciate more commentary or analysis on significant stories both national and local. For example, the recent reduced-charges verdict in the manslaughter case involving a motorcyclist struck down by a speeding motorist...

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    SOUND OFF: Quit relying on those extreme liberal institutions

    Reader: On May 31, you printed an article that I had written on May 14 in the Sound Off section. I had intended those comments to be published in the Letters section, which is where they were submitted. However, you elected to print it...

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    SOUND OFF: Why is McCarthy featured in ads for our webcast?

    Reader: Does Congressman Kevin McCarthy, or his campaign, pay for the "First Look with Scott Cox" advertisements in The Californian? — Elizabeth Schanzenbach Price: As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, the answer is no, but your question...

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    SOUND OFF: Health page shouldn't support unhealthy habits

    Reader: The Californian's daily page labeled "Health" should be changed to "Studies to Support Unhealthy Habits." Once in a while there is a report on a study that might encourage a healthier lifestyle, but most of the time there is...

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    SOUND OFF: How dare a state agency tattle on a private citizen

    Reader: Since when does a state agency CALL THE NEWSPAPER and give private information about a person's taxes to the paper? ("State: GOP firm owes more than $46,000," May 29) And I do not want to hear that it was to correct an error....

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    ROBERT PRICE: A bad day becomes remarkably unifying

    And now comes the blowback. From social media: How dare that Bakersfield family with the now-famous cat attempt to exploit a dog bite? From online story commenting: What gall to try to monetize 10 fresh stitches in a child's leg. And now... Daily Deal!

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