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    SOUND OFF: Why did we ignore most religious day of the year?

    By Robert Price
    Friday, Apr 24 2015 12:34 PM

    Reader: This letter is addressed to the silent Christians and a newspaper that completely ignored the most religious day of the year. Not one word about Easter on the front page about the observance of the greatest story ever told. The news media seem to be only concerned about the "squeaky" voice of the non-believers and atheists and those adhering to religions that advocate kill if you don't believe. If there was another paper in town I would cancel my 50-year subscription. Editors -- hang your heads in shame and apologize to we true believing Christians.

    -- Phyllis Adams   Price: Wow, that's harsh, Phyllis. We covered Easter services in much the same way we always do. Our Easter Sunday reporter, Lauren Foreman, produced an...

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    SOUND OFF: Why write about BPD's internal personnel issues?

    Reader: The April 11 edition of The Californian carried a front page story about the Bakersfield Police Department ("BPD investigates officer reported to have manipulated victim's body"). The story concerned an officer who allegedly...

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    ROBERT PRICE: We're not laughing at this alleged 'tickle' by BPD officer

    I don't know if it's strictly illegal for a police officer to tickle the feet of a dead man lying on a slab, waiting to be tended to by the coroner. One's core sense of humanity emphatically declares yes, it surely must be, but the laws of...

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    SOUND OFF: Why don't we pay attention to city's homeless problem?

    Reader: I'd like to have a frank conversation about homelessness in Kern County. We have a problem -- and today, it begins with how the city and county have chosen to manage the issue of homelessness and completely disregard the countless...

  5. SOUND OFF: Was it necessary to say police 'killed' a suspect?

    Reader: At this time in history when criminals are walking up to policemen and shooting them in the face, I think the media would better serve law enforcement and the public with more thoughtful news coverage. The men and women of the...

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    SOUND OFF: Why not speculate about future of decrepit mall?

    Reader: This (March 24 article, "Concerns grow over the future of empty building") is the single most useless story I've read in years. Not only does it not say, or even speculate, what use might be made of the (Golden State Mall)...

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    ROBERT PRICE: 10 things you need to know today

    1 When there's an increase in the price of West Texas Intermediate, the benchmark crude that reflects the ever-changing health of the U.S. oil industry, Kern County's high school dropout rate tends to tick upward. Why? Because, as Richard...

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    SOUND OFF: Why do media inject race into news stories?

    Reader: In response to the letter from a reader who was upset about reporters including ethnicity in crime reports ("Why are ethnic identities relevant in news stories?," March 14), I get tired of reporters or news anchors injecting their...

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    SOUND OFF: Why are ethnic identities relevant in news stories?

    Reader: I love the little media trick The Californian and its reporters play to keep the "real American" population of Bakersfield in fear of some of our ethnicities: (From today's Breaking News digest, posted online Friday) "Sheriff's...

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    SOUND OFF: Why haven't we covered accused doctor's heroics?

    Reader: Once again The Californian runs a one-sided story ("Bakersfield doctor accused of negligence," Feb. 20), in this case saying Dr. Robin Matuk did not return a telephone call to his office. I know I'm not as well educated as the...

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    SOUND OFF: Story of Oregon gov's bisexuality mere titillation

    Reader: I am very disappointed The Californian chose to print the most titillating version of the change in leadership occurring in Oregon ("New Oregon governor is bisexual but relevance is uncertain," Feb. 15). Almost to a sentence, the...

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    SOUND OFF: Is 'McFarland, USA' sheer immigration propaganda?

    Reader: As a past resident of McFarland who attended Browning Road School, Kern Avenue Elementary School and McFarland High School back when Mr. Jim White first came to McFarland in the 1960s, I feel that the new movie "McFarland, USA" is...

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    MOST THURSDAYS: Musings from a father, taxpayer, idealist & lover of juvenile humor

    MAKING STUFF UP: The Brian Williams story is baffling in so many ways. Accomplished journalist, at the top of his game, perhaps the popular newsman in America, conflates his experience aboard a military helicopter in war-riven Iraq with...

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