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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Grandfather's Discussion Club imparts lessons in 'manly' behavior

    By Ric Llewellyn
    Wednesday, Apr 09 2014 02:00 PM

    I only remember my grandfather as a grandfather: an older man with gray hair and a gray mustache. He passed away when I was 18.

    Now I am old enough to be a grandfather myself and I recently got the chance to meet him as an 18 year old. Not in real life, but thanks to the vast resources of the Internet.

    He was active in the Choral Society in high school and was involved in the production of the operetta "The Little Tycoon." He "lettered" in lightweight football, was an associate editor on the yearbook staff and was a member of the senior class song committee. I never knew.

    He was also involved in the Hyde Park High School Discussion Club. This boys-only club met weekly for dinner and conversation in what we might call a team-building...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Law-abiding citizens are unarmed and vulnerable

    California is on the verge of a dramatic change in gun rights. On Feb. 13 the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit made an extraordinary ruling on a citizen's right to carry a gun. A three-judge panel ruled that citizens...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Meaningful goals take time, perseverance to achieve

    Last August I told you that I was going to run in the California International Marathon (CIM) as a fundraiser for a friend who suffered a spinal cord injury. Hopefully we can all benefit from the allegory of the marathon. I had entered...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Well-meaning politicians miss mark on 'income inequality'

    In the State of the Union address, President Obama talked about some of his plans to reduce "income inequality" in America. As the last words passed his lips the pundits came out to support and oppose the idea that the government could...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Have Proposition 30 opportunities been overlooked?

    It has been quiet in Kern County. Thank goodness Gov. Jerry Brown came to town. Two things impressed me from his news conference last Tuesday. First, I got the impression that the people who should know all about the impact of Proposition...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: We all must prepare for short- and long-term disasters

    Are you ready to take care of yourself and your family in a disaster scenario? Just think about it. Here in Kern County, we are at risk for earthquakes, a dam break and petroleum processing accidents. Even the impacts of your...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Ask hard questions about dependence on food stamps

    Food stamps -- or SNAP benefits -- have been in the news a lot recently. The reason is that benefits have been reduced. Most stories cover the statistics of poverty and point out that tens of thousands of people in Kern County receive...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Single-issue stereotypes delaying solutions

    If you were to go read the outlines of the 2012 Republican and Democratic platforms, you might not notice much difference. They share a lot of bullet points. More jobs. Lower deficit. Quality of life. Stronger military. In theory, the...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: New laws take us closer to firearms ban

    I'm unsettled with regard to the recent spate of so-called gun control laws that were signed into law by Governor Brown. One person's idea of "the common good" is just an intrusion for another person. And various solutions affecting...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Shutdown should spark dialogue about what government should be

    I read a letter from Barack Obama the other day. No, it wasn't to me. It was addressed to federal workers who are facing furloughs due to "the lapse in appropriated funds." You've heard about the "government shutdown," haven't you? I...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: We already have comprehensive immigration rules in place

    Immigration reform? Let's hold off on the question of what to do about the millions of people living here who entered the country illegally. First, what's wrong with the system we have now? It certainly is a grueling journey searching...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: School districts should provide supplies to students

    Every day for the past few weeks I've been driving past a local drug store where a pitch is being made to "donate school supplies here." I am all for local, non-government solutions but the idea that we need a community drive for basic...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Families stay strong after spinal cord injuries

    When my wife and I were raising our family in Los Osos, we became very close friends with Paul and Linda Busic and their five kids. They were a very important influence on us as a couple and their kids were friends with and good examples...

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