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    By Ric Llewellyn
    Friday, Jan 16 2015 09:25 PM

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: What has Obama done for Kern County? Not much

    Did you see the July 2 Quinnipiac poll that rated President Obama the worst president since World War II? Many people disagree. They still love him. He is "eloquent, thoughtful, balanced, articulate, cogent, practical, grammatical and...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Freedom is what the Fourth of July is really about

    Pardon my sarcasm, but perhaps this year we should do some reflecting on what really happened back in 1776 and see what we can do to restore the unprecedented ideals that stirred those people to declare their independence from the British...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Learn from each time you capsize

    I recently made a foray into adventure racing. It was another bittersweet metaphor for life. There are hundreds of thousands of people in Kern County. Everyone is trying to make the best of life. Similarly there were a couple hundred...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Corporations shouldn't exploit special consideration

    Social responsibility has become a significant component in corporate branding. Sounds like a good idea. Don't pollute. Don't waste resources. Treat your employees with dignity. We could make a pretty long list. One area that is quite...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Building parties is ruining politics

    Politicians! Always asking, "What will people think?" Actually, they are always asking, "What will the majority of people think?" The Californian ran a front-page story Sunday about the pressure inside the Republican Party to drop its...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Grandfather's Discussion Club imparts lessons in 'manly' behavior

    I only remember my grandfather as a grandfather: an older man with gray hair and a gray mustache. He passed away when I was 18. Now I am old enough to be a grandfather myself and I recently got the chance to meet him as an 18 year old....

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Law-abiding citizens are unarmed and vulnerable

    California is on the verge of a dramatic change in gun rights. On Feb. 13 the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit made an extraordinary ruling on a citizen's right to carry a gun. A three-judge panel ruled that citizens...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Meaningful goals take time, perseverance to achieve

    Last August I told you that I was going to run in the California International Marathon (CIM) as a fundraiser for a friend who suffered a spinal cord injury. Hopefully we can all benefit from the allegory of the marathon. I had entered...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Well-meaning politicians miss mark on 'income inequality'

    In the State of the Union address, President Obama talked about some of his plans to reduce "income inequality" in America. As the last words passed his lips the pundits came out to support and oppose the idea that the government could...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Have Proposition 30 opportunities been overlooked?

    It has been quiet in Kern County. Thank goodness Gov. Jerry Brown came to town. Two things impressed me from his news conference last Tuesday. First, I got the impression that the people who should know all about the impact of Proposition...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: We all must prepare for short- and long-term disasters

    Are you ready to take care of yourself and your family in a disaster scenario? Just think about it. Here in Kern County, we are at risk for earthquakes, a dam break and petroleum processing accidents. Even the impacts of your...

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    RIC LLEWELLYN: Ask hard questions about dependence on food stamps

    Food stamps -- or SNAP benefits -- have been in the news a lot recently. The reason is that benefits have been reduced. Most stories cover the statistics of poverty and point out that tens of thousands of people in Kern County receive...

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