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    PETE TITTL: Lines at Lino's? Not yet, but just wait

    By Pete Tittl
    Friday, Feb 20 2015 10:00 AM

    The American dream is alive and well in Pumpkin Center. A father and son who toiled in the kitchen at Cafe Med for nearly two decades have opened their own place in a humble storefront on Taft Highway in Pumpkin Center, across from a cat hospital (I didn't even know such things existed) and a small market. You're excused if you overlooked Lino's Mexican Cuisine because it's kind of hard to find, especially on the dark, foggy night we first visited. The black sign with the name was illuminated by a floodlight but was still hard to see.

    The place opened late last year and we'd been tipped off to it by reader Arthur Ramirez Figueroa, who said the former Los Arcos restaurant was taken over and revamped by Lino Gonzalez, quite active in Cafe...


    PETE TITTL: Change is a good thing, at least so far, at Prime Cut

    A transformation is underway at Prime Cut, which got new owners last fall when Merv and Michelle Crist sold the northwest Bakersfield meat-and-eats emporium. If you visit on the weekends, you can get smoked prime rib off the specials...

  3. Pyrenees10.JPG

    PETE TITTL: Get to Pyrenees before Fieri lets the secret out

    Change is not an easy thing in the restaurant business, but we like what we've seen so far from the new owners of Pyrenees Cafe. The interior alone is impressive, considering such old institutions can sometimes seem worn and past their...

  4. Far East waffle.JPG

    The Dish: Texas 28 waffle not awful, but ...

    We had a chance to visit Texas 28, which closed for a time late last year to renovate the kitchen and revamp the menu. We were pleased to see some of our favorites were retained in the overhaul, such as the chicken-fried steak strips...

  5. Woolgrowers02.JPG

    PETE TITTL: Wool Growers still at the top of its game

    The impromptu idea was to go to Wool Growers without reservations on a weekday evening. It was the night before New Year's Eve. Surely no one would be out. Things would be calm. We'd stroll right in, get seated and commence the feast....

  6. Pete_Tittl_Dining_Out_tab (1).jpg

    THE DISH: This is crude: Olive oil price rising

    Brace yourself for continued price increases for olive oil. Curtis Cord, publisher of Olive Oil Times, said worldwide production has tanked due to a variety of factors, including bad weather and pests such as the olive fruit fly and...

  7. Taco_Fresco1.JPG

    PETE TITTL: Humble spots can offer great fare

    There are times when it seems like there's a humble Mexican restaurant on every corner, but if you've never even heard of it, why risk visiting the unknown instead of Del Taco or Taco Bell? In a word: authenticity. I've stumbled upon two...


    PETE TITTL: You picked a fine time to feed me, Lucille

    Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que reminds me of Famous Dave's, another barbecue chain with a local feel that opened on Rosedale Highway several years ago and never looked back. This is a big, loud, attention-drawing place that proves chains...

  9. hacienda_1_fa.JPG

    PETE TITTL: Where those in the know dine in Taft

    People sometimes ask me where they should eat in Taft. Not surprising, since Taft Highway is jammed every morning with Bakersfield residents commuting to work there. As my mother-in-law (a Taft resident) says, they prefer to live in the...


    PETE TITTL: Thai to die for at downtown spot

    There are times when people living in Bakersfield take for granted the variety of cuisines we have in our restaurants. Granted, it's not L.A., San Francisco or New York but you could move away and be distressed about the food choices you...

  11. Pete_Tittl_Dining_Out_tab (1).jpg

    The Dish: Mountain Mike's opens in southwest

    Mountain Mike's Pizza is celebrating a grand opening at its new restaurant at 5700 Stine Road (phone 834-2022), between Pacheco Road and Harris Road ... Chick-fil-A is rolling out a mobile payment system similar to Chipotle, and hopes to...


    PETE TITTL: Putting the special in specialities

    After gaining a loyal following at its flagship restaurant on East 18th Street near Union Avenue, Los Tacos De Huicho has expanded the reach of its inexpensive, authentic street tacos, tortas, nachos and more by taking over the Rosedale...

  13. Pete_Tittl_Dining_Out_tab (1).jpg

    The Dish: A smashing deal at Coco's and all natural at Carl's Jr.

    Coco's Bakery Restaurant is offering a steak and pie combo with a 14-ounce rib eye and pie for $19.99, or sirloin with either shrimp scampi or lobster for $15.99. Children eat free every day with the purchase of an adult meal ... Carl's...

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