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    Salty's new location is the grill deal

    By Pete Tittl
    Thursday, Nov 20 2014 10:51 AM

    Salty's BBQ has made such a good impression since it opened last year on Rosedale Highway that it was probably inevitable that a second location would pop up. It has, and the copy may be better than the original.

    The major down side to the flagship restaurant in northwest Bakersfield is mostly due to size. Located in a converted coffee kiosk, the original Salty's has limited parking and offers outdoor seating only, at mostly unshaded tables. Consequently many (like me) stand in line and get an order to go to take home on those days when cooking after work seems like an impossible chore, especially when you've got a craving for slow-cooked barbecue and you can't go back in time to throw a slab on the grill and hope for the best (like...

  2. sorella_5_fa.JPG

    PETE TITTL: Sorella has a new home, and some growing pains

    Buying that first house and going from being a renter to an owner is the American dream. Oh, what a thrill -- until the first plumbing bill arrives and you realize, "Wait, I'm on the hook for this now?" I highly doubt such issues will...

  3. Pete_Tittl_Dining_Out_tab (1).jpg

    PETE TITTL: Ethel's may be hard to find, but it's worth the trip

    Everybody thinks of restaurants like 24th Street Cafe, Luigi's and KC Steakhouse as local institutions. One mainstay that's easy to overlook is Ethel's Old Corral Cafe up in the northeast. Unless you're on a horse, it can be hard to get...


    PETE TITTL: Prime Cut gets to the meat of the matter

    It's all about the meat. I don't know why any vegetarian would go to Prime Cut. The real stars of the menu at this restaurant, which we last reviewed seven years ago when it moved to its current location, are centered around beef and pork,...

  5. Red_Stone5.JPG

    PETE TITTL: Too many are leaving this Stone unturned

    I consider Red Stone Pizza & Italian Grill to be the best restaurant in town that absolutely no one seems to know about. While chain stores just a few miles away on Rosedale Highway will cumulatively steal valuable time from patient diners...


    PETE TITTL: Luigi's still the place to be for Saturday lunch

    It's hard to get a table for lunch at Luigi's any day of the week, but the crowd is different on Saturday. More families, college students home on breaks reconnecting with old friends, football on TV. And then there are the Saturday...

  7. crepe_4_fa.JPG

    The Dish: It's not a crepe-shoot at consistently great cafe

    When you think of downtown breakfast spots, it's hard to overlook the 24th Street Cafe. But one low-profile gem we visited on a Sunday morning recently deserves consideration: Cafe Crepes. The small, Parisian-themed restaurant that...

  8. anabos12.JPG

    PETE TITTL: They live to serve at cheerful Anabo's

    Have you ever gone to a restaurant that had a staff that was so joyful, so cooperative with one another that it elevates your mood and makes you glad you stopped in? That was our experience at Anabo's Cafe, a humble little breakfast and...


    PETE TITTL: There's a lot more to love about La Costa

    Walking into the new La Costa Mariscos, you feel like a proud parent. This is a child who's grown up, struck out on his own and is on the cusp of a bright future. The family-owned restaurant, a staple of downtown for two-plus decades...

  10. 20100802_zaf_o44_020.jpg.JPG

    The Dish with Pete Tittl: Elusive ribs worth seeking out

    Reader Jon Crawford dropped us an email to recommend barbecue from the Rising Star Baptist Church on Wilson Road, across the street from Kmart. "It's semi-regular (impossible to predict) Saturday barbecue -- I drive by each Saturday to...

  11. mark_6_fa.JPG

    DINING OUT: The Mark continues to excel at fine dining

    A couple of friends told me they thought food was slipping to the ordinary at The Mark. Considering the extraordinary standard the restaurant set upon its debut back in 2012, I thought a return was in order. I was going to get to the...

  12. Pete_Tittl_Dining_Out_tab (1).jpg

    The Dish with Pete Tittl: Popular NW barbecue place expands in SW

    Salty's BBQ & Catering has expanded to a second location on White Lane in what had been the Grill Hut. Seth Martinez, a trainer for the Rosedale highway location, said the menu is similar with family-style barbecue meals "but more...


    PETE TITTL: Krush uncorks nice experience

    I went to Krush Wine Bar expecting it to be the Imbibe of Rosedale: couches, beer and wine, live music, laid-back operation. Where do I begin to list the incorrect assumptions and the toll they took on me? First off, before stopping by I...

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