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    The Dish: A smashing deal at Coco's and all natural at Carl's Jr.

    By Pete Tittl
    Thursday, Dec 18 2014 06:22 PM

    Coco's Bakery Restaurant is offering a steak and pie combo with a 14-ounce rib eye and pie for $19.99, or sirloin with either shrimp scampi or lobster for $15.99. Children eat free every day with the purchase of an adult meal ...

    Carl's Jr. is offering as a permanent item the All-Natural Burger, made with ground beef that is grass-fed, free-range beef not treated with antibiotics and hormones, topped with natural cheddar cheese, vine-ripened tomatoes and other condiments on a fresh-baked bun ...

    Sizzler has two new items available through Jan. 4, steak and shrimp in bang bang sauce and steak with cilantro lime shrimp ...

    Outback Steakhouse has announced plans to open its restaurants for lunch nationwide next year. They will...

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    The Dish: 2 new beers in bottles at Kern River Brewing

    Kern River Brewing Company will be offering two new beers in bottles soon now that the labels have been approved: Gravity Check Session IPA and Shuttle Bunny Double White IPA. The Kernville-based craft brewery/restaurant is also expanding...

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    PETE TITTL: Getting fired up for Firehouse

    Those who say there's nothing fun to do in Bakersfield have just not been to the Firehouse. When the White Lane restaurant/bar/entertainment emporium opened in 2009, we compared it to Dave & Buster's, a food and drink chain that offers...

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    The Dish: Arby's on a roll with image change

    Arby's, founded in Ohio in 1964, has always wanted to be different from other fast-food places, serving roast beef instead of hamburgers and potato chips (later potato cakes) instead of French fries. In recent years the chain has promoted...


    PETE TITTL: Mexican food for not a lot of pesos

    It's Christmas shopping season, which means most people are short of both time and money. In that spirit, I have found two low-profile new Mexican restaurants that offer exceptional value with what could be considered almost a fast-food...

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    PETE TITTL: Bakersfield gets a barbecue infusion

    Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que at the entrance of Valley Plaza will open Dec. 11. The restaurant, which seats more than 200 people, will feature blues-inspired art in a Southern roadhouse ambience. "Blues and barbeque are a natural fit...

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    PETE TITTL: CraSh does just a few things -- but very well

    Back in 1980 when I started writing about restaurants for The Californian, there was an unwritten rule in the industry: No one owns and operates more than one restaurant at a time. It was probably written by the French, the one country...

  8. PETE TITTL: Reader says eat here ...

    James Irwin sent us an email about a great experience he had at Panda Palace, 118 Oak St. "Celebrating a recent birthday (88), I wanted something to remember. Boy, did I get it. I found I was overwhelmed by the menu and manager John noted...

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    PETE TITTL: Pizza Hut cuts calories, Red Robin's boozy shake

    Pizza Hut has overhauled its menu to include reduced-calorie pizza, more premium ingredients like sliced banana peppers, spinach, Peruvian cherry peppers and meatballs and new customization options. New sauces include premium crushed...


    PETE TITTL: Prime Cut has new owners

    One of Bakersfield's most prominent casual restaurants, The Prime Cut Meats & Eats, was sold this month. Merv and Michelle Crist, who built the restaurant from a humble meat market at the corner of Gosford Road and Stockdale Highway to a...

  11. PETE TITTL: Hottest brew in craft beer here now

    Got a call from Jason Hentges of Pipeline Craft Beverage Company , a local distributor built by the CSUB graduate that offers craft beers brought in from cities like San Francisco and San Diego. He wanted to tell me about an amazing new IPA...

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    PETE TITTL: Salty's new location is the grill deal

    Salty's BBQ has made such a good impression since it opened last year on Rosedale Highway that it was probably inevitable that a second location would pop up. It has, and the copy may be better than the original. The major down side to...

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    PETE TITTL: Sorella has a new home, and some growing pains

    Buying that first house and going from being a renter to an owner is the American dream. Oh, what a thrill -- until the first plumbing bill arrives and you realize, "Wait, I'm on the hook for this now?" I highly doubt such issues will...

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