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    The Dish with Pete Tittl: Popular NW barbecue place expands in SW

    By Pete Tittl
    Saturday, Sep 13 2014 11:22 PM

    Salty's BBQ & Catering has expanded to a second location on White Lane in what had been the Grill Hut. Seth Martinez, a trainer for the Rosedale highway location, said the menu is similar with family-style barbecue meals "but more seating. Other than that, the same food and environment." At this point, they are not planning to offer beer and wine, which the Grill Hut did.

    One interesting twist: Both restaurants started in converted coffee kiosks -- the Grill Hut on Ming Avenue, Salty's on Rosedale, just east of Calloway. The northwest location still has picnic tables and not a lot of parking, considering the business it does. Before the Grill Hut's run, the old Amtrak rail car that's on White Lane had been a burger restaurant for years...


    PETE TITTL: Krush uncorks nice experience

    I went to Krush Wine Bar expecting it to be the Imbibe of Rosedale: couches, beer and wine, live music, laid-back operation. Where do I begin to list the incorrect assumptions and the toll they took on me? First off, before stopping by I...

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    PETE TITTL: Tasting Frugatti's hidden gems

    We took our neighbors Lawrence and Penny to Frugatti's, and Lawrence gave me his philosophy on ordering food in restaurants: Ask the waiter or waitress what they'd recommend. "Sometimes they'll recommend food and I ask them if they've...

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    PETE TITTL: Latest identity looks great on downtown cafe

    Mill Creek Deli, which a few years ago conquered and took over the iconic Silver Fox bar, has had a difficult time making up its mind what it wants to be. First it was a lunchtime-only sandwich shop and just as it was catching on, the...

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    The Dish: Kale meets kiwi in latest blends

    One of the most significant trends this summer was smoothies created by blending fruits and vegetables together, according to an article in Nation's Restaurant News. Examples include Tropical Smoothie Cafe's totally green smoothie, made...

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    PETE TITTL: Remodeling doesn't apply to the menu

    Ming's Cafe went through what looks to be an expensive renovation recently, but it stayed old school in all other ways, particularly on the menu. This is the sort of Chinese restaurant that has a section of "American" foods because there...

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    The Dish with Pete Tittl: La Costa readies for Icehouse move

    La Costa Mariscos closed its downtown location Friday in preparation for its move to the new Icehouse location this week. When the new location was announced earlier this year, the owners had considered keeping both restaurants open, but...

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    PETE TITTL: Red Brick touts fresh pizzas, fast

    Sometimes it helps to be ahead of a trend. As Boss Pizza downtown serves quick pizzas and a national chain, Pizza Rev, prepares to open in the southwest, Red Brick Pizza has been popping them out for seven years and is still going strong....

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    The Dish with Pete Tittl: What kind of wine drinker are you?

    The United States has now taken over as the largest wine market in the world, but research by Constellation Brands, a wine and beer producer and marketer, has found there are six different types of wine drinkers in the U.S. Price-driven...

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    PETE TITTL: Cafe's brunch worth getting up early for

    It's a great thing to see that after an impressive debut earlier this year, Wall Street Cafe is not sitting back and coasting. Just one look at the lunch and dinner menu currently being offered finds it riddled with red "New" labels --...

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    PETE TITTL: Downtown flavors are as big as Texas

    The development of Texas 28 must feel like a homecoming for Shawna Haddad-Byers. The 18th Street restaurant/bar occupies the same building that was home to Fishlips, a legendary downtown live music spot operated by Haddad-Byers that closed...

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    PETE TITTL: No need to catch a flight for a Bit of Germany

    Couldn’t afford a trip to Europe this summer? I’m in that club. But I can always take comfort from the transatlantic escape afforded by Bit of Germany. The restaurant is celebrating a big anniversary this year — 35 years, all at the same...

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    The Dish with Pete Tittl: Sorella stretches out

    Construction is almost finished on the free-standing building that will be the new home to Sorella Italian Ristorante in the southwest. The new yellow building on McNair Lane adjacent to the old restaurant, which shares a building with... Daily Deal!

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