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    OLIVIA GARCIA: High school seniors dream, develop community projects

    By Olivia Garcia
    Monday, Apr 14 2014 07:39 AM

    If you ever wondered about the caliber or future of our Bakersfield youth, then you need to sit in on a Dream Builders Awards Night, which honors high school seniors involved in a local leadership program.

    The program is run by the Jim Burke Education Foundation and as part of project, 32 local high school students are selected and divided into four groups, and challenged to develop and implement an idea that can make this community a better place. The team represents seniors from different high schools but they form one unit before diving into their community service project. The youth also get the support of local businesses that help cover the costs of implementing their ideas.

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    OLIVIA GARCIA: Loss of beloved pet allows time for reflection

    Last week I experienced one of the most difficult days of my adult life. I said goodbye to one of the first members of our family, our strong but loving German shepherd, Kita. She was 14 years old. Kita led a fruitful life but her health...

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    OLIVIA GARCIA: BC student newspaper to hold reunion May 10

    Every now and then, when I visit Danny Edwards, a journalism professor at Bakersfield College, inside The Renegade Rip campus office, I can't help but remember. More than 20 years ago, I walked into that very same location of The Rip, as...

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    OLIVIA GARCIA: Military ball to raise money for local wounded veterans

    Family, friends and supporters of those in the armed services and veterans are encouraged to attend the fourth annual Military Ball, a full-dress uniform and black-tie affair, sponsored by the nonpartisan, nonprofit Military Order of the...

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    OLIVIA GARCIA: Realtor among honorees for Hispanic chamber award

    Blodgie Rodriguez may have her hands in many community activities, but she is one who seeks little spotlight. The Bakersfield Realtor is often behind the scenes helping put events together and fundraise for worthy local causes. And even...

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    OLIVIA GARCIA: Charities hope new year brings new support

    Many people look to the New Year with new goals and hopes. Local charities are feeling much the same. Several charities in town, which rely on local support to exist, are hoping that the goodwill of area businesses and residents continues...

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    OLIVIA GARCIA: Job seekers, be wary of identity theft

    The beauty of searching for a job in the high-tech world we live in is that we can easily upload our resume to various job websites, in addition to company sites. However, there is danger lurking. Scammers have zeroed in on online job...

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    OLIVIA GARCIA: Residents, Red Cross aid typhoon victims

    It's been a little more than a week since the horrendous Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) ripped through Philippines, affecting 13 million men, women and children. And although the incident is more than an arm's reach from Bakersfield, that hasn't...

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    OLIVIA GARCIA: 'Dream Beyond the Stars' for charity

    A foundation that supports low-income families and seniors gain independence is gearing up for its second annual "Dreaming Beyond the Stars" fundraiser, 7 p.m. Friday at the Padre Hotel. The charity will help raise needed dollars so that...

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    OLIVIA GARCIA: Grapes of Wrath 'Journey' project arrives in Bakersfield

    Several years ago, I was assigned to interview Dust Bowlers who recounted their family experiences of journeying West into California and making do in labor camps before later settling into communities, such as Lamont and Arvin....

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    OLIVIA GARCIA: Mobile app allows parents to keep track of teens' academic progress

    Parents of teenagers, I feel for you. I know how much of a rollercoaster ride it can be to handle your teen's school, club and athletic activities, not to mention keeping tabs on their social lives. It's exhausting. However, staying up...

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    OLIVIA GARCIA: Walk benefits suicide prevention

    The recent suicides of celebrities Lee Thompson Young, 29, who played in the 2004 film, "Friday Night Lights," and Glee star Cory Monteith, 31, has moved the topic of suicide into the spotlight and mainstream discussion. However, those...

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    OLIVIA GARCIA: Remembering Coach Greenway

    I was vacationing with my family in San Diego recently when I heard the news that Joslyn Greenway, a longtime teacher and track and field coach at Chavez Elementary School in northeast Bakersfield, had just passed away unexpectedly of a...

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