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    MATT MUNOZ: Bakersfield gets sounding board

    By Matt Munoz
    Wednesday, Apr 15 2015 05:34 PM

    After more than a decade helping artists capture their personal best recordings, Aum Studio owner Brian Boozer now has his mind set on sharing his musical den of Zen with the community.

    During a recent interview, Boozer was seated at his desk inside the intimate multipurpose recording facility in the middle of downtown. A musician himself, he was relaxed and content after completing his latest recording session with clients who had since vacated the premises for the day.

    "I'm really blown away. Since the word started getting out earlier this year, the phones have been ringing and the schedule is filling up, more so than I've seen from my other studio experience in the past," said Boozer, 31, of the response he's received since resuming...

  2. Bearcoon2015.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Bearcoon ready to busk out

    The last time we checked in with Long Beach acoustic singer songwriter duo Bearcoon, members Solange Igoa and Andrea Walker had just completed a year of audience cultivation and fine-tuning. That was 2013. Now with an expanded musical...

  3. BakaBoyz.jpg

    MATT MUNOZ: The Baka Boyz are back in town

    Renowned deejay duo The Baka Boyz are planning a homecoming jam with all the makings of a classic house party once the beat drops downstairs at Sandrini's on Friday. Brothers Eric and Nick Vidal are as busy as ever. Heard weekly on more...

  4. FrankTrimble(2).JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Trimble brings style to stage

    Frank Trimble approaches his audience like a soulful architect. The popular Bakersfield vocalist and entertainer understands that adapting to the room, no matter how big or small the crowd, is as important as the notes emanating from his...

  5. BandaTierraBrava1.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Latin groove permeates city

    Last week's soldout, hip-shaking spectacle with Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull at Rabobank Arena proves that Bakersfield music fans love to get their Latin groove on. The good news is that you don't have to wait for the platinum-selling...

  6. ShenYun1.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Dancers bring China to Kern

    East meets west as traditional Chinese culture, dance and music makes its way to Kern County, when acclaimed performance troupe Shen Yun appears at Rabobank Theater on Feb. 26 and 27. Leeshai Lemish, Shen Yun's master of ceremonies, said...

  7. KamaRuby2.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Ruby remains a Bakersfield gem

    Honed by years of performing, Kama Ruby's talent for charming audiences has served the popular Bakersfield chanteuse well. The singer, whose voice sets the mood for an evening of elegance and romance, will showcase her latest CD release,...

  8. MichaelCleveland.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Go and banjo at bluegrass festival

    There will be no strings left unstrung when the Great 48 bluegrass jam picks its way back to the DoubleTree Hotel this weekend. Now in its sixth year, the popular four-day festival will stick to its tradition of non-stop music and jamming...

  9. lowdwn.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: My pick for Bakersfield band of the year is ...

    It wasn't a groundbreaking year for the new and different in the local music scene. In fact, many of last year's noteworthy movers and shakers threw in the towel or disappeared without a word. And who can blame them? The entertainment...

  10. MoonshineBandits.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Duo twangin' and slangin'

    No one could have predicted that two polar opposites of the musical spectrum, country and rap, would one day align themselves as a force, or farce, to be reckoned with. But according to Dusty "Tex" Dahlgren, half of best-selling country...

  11. BrianRegan.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Stand-up veteran gets laughs while keeping it clean

    Brian Regan's ability to fill theaters to capacity without dropping a single expletive is an anomaly these days, given what many people consider to be funny. And Regan, 57, wants to assure fans he doesn't plan to stray into blue material...

  12. hero_13_fa.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Behind the lens with Robert Bejil

    After establishing himself with local bands and models as one of the most trusted and creative photographers in town, Robert Bejil is broadening his focus with the release of an indie action western flick, "Retribution of the Wolf,"...

  13. lowdwn.JPG

    MATT MUNOZ: Taft concert is the Nest big thing

    When Truxton Mile came up with the idea of honoring its hometown of Taft with a concert, "we just figured we would ask the city to close the street, buy some kegs, charge a cover and call it a night," said vocalist Ryan Coulter. But it...

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