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    LOIS HENRY: Hockey incident the latest volatile turn for Tandy

    You have to feel a little sorry for Bakersfield Police Chief Greg Williamson. Wish as he might, he just cannot escape the foibles of his boss, City Manager Alan Tandy. Four years ago, Williamson ducked having to arrest Tandy for suspicion...

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    LOIS HENRY: Oxy is holding its cards close on secretive oil play

    I think Oxy is on to something. Something big. I don't know whether it's new finds or a technological breakthrough, or a combination. But Occidental Petroleum Corp. has been dropping wells and pulling up substantial oil -- Monterey shale...

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    LOIS HENRY: You thought war was bad? Try obtaining VA care

    The news is appalling, of course, that more than 40 veterans died while awaiting care from the Phoenix Veterans Administration Hospital. And you have to hand it to the VA doctor who ended his career early in order to get the information...

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    LOIS HENRY: Here's how to heal killers long before they can act

    While the post-mass-killing tragedy debate loudly rages, yet again, about gun control, sexism and how law enforcement deals with the mentally ill, I'd like to draw your attention to a quiet little program here in Kern County. It's been...

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    LOIS HENRY: Tejon Ranch now officially qualifies as water baron

    Told you so. Back in November when we learned that Tejon Ranch had purchased a chunk of what I call “the Nickel water” for its proposed Grapevine village, I said with all the water the ranch had been buying in recent years, it was...

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    LOIS HENRY: Six volatile oil trains a day and nobody cares?

    I’ve been in the news biz a long time, but I'm still fuzzy on why some stories that I think are amazing, outrageous even, seem to fizzle with the public. For example, the great piece by John Cox in the May 18 paper on the anticipated...

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    LOIS HENRY: It’s time for water conservation measures

    It’s way past time for the City of Bakersfield to call for some kind of mandatory water conservation measures. Even a small effort would be better than the city's current head-in-the-sand stance. Especially considering the council is...

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    LOIS HENRY: Apocryphal Nazi wallet an 'heirloom' worth burying

    You never know what might pop up in the mail. Especially on a Friday. At the tail end of a full moon. Remember the story about the person who claimed to be selling a wallet made of human skin supposedly from a victim of the Holocaust?...

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    LOIS HENRY: Let's at least keep climate change debate honest

    This is probably not worth the amount of work and annoyance it has caused me. But, well, that's kinda my schtick. I read a Fresno Bee article about a journalism symposium in early April at my alma mater, Fresno State, and nearly went...

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    LOIS HENRY: Another aquifer? Just what we need ... oh, wait

    The state will likely pass some kind of groundwater regulation this year. How could it not? As surface supplies have dried up, water users are sucking down the state's aquifers faster than a kindergartner on a banana milkshake. In Kern...

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    LOIS HENRY: Poetic perhaps, but end was not exactly justice

    Three Wasco State Prison inmates were recently convicted in the brutal 2009 death of a fellow inmate named Jerry Crook. Ryan Cupelli and Gilbert Newsome were both convicted of second-degree murder April 5. Cupelli, who already had one...

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    LOIS HENRY: Chevron pumps vital secondary commodity: water

    In Kern County oil and water do mix, in a way. I'm talking about a program in which "produced" water from a long-time oil field is cleaned up and shipped to the Cawelo Water District where it's used to grow almonds and pistachios. It's a...

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    LOIS HENRY: Epic drought calls for epic solution: backward flow

    Water does funny things in California. When there's a drought as bad as the one we're in now, it does things you wouldn't think were possible. Like flow backwards. As in south to north. I'm talking about water in the California Aqueduct,...

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