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  1. jerry crook.JPG

    LOIS HENRY: Remorse? Well, that was very silly of me to expect

    Sometimes the road to justice can be long, painful and, frankly, a little strange. As of Friday afternoon, justice was finally served for David Jacobson, who the rest of the world knew as Jerry Crook. His murderers have all been...

  2. HayingBuenaVista.JPG

    LOIS HENRY: Lost to history: H.H. and undercover Land Co. saga

    Let's see, last I left you, "Operative H.H." had made inroads into Bakersfield society and was preparing to head out into the countryside to look for the nefarious hay-burning gang. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, no worries....

  3. Lois_tab copy.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: Explosive case of 'distinction without a difference'

    It's hard to overstate how stupid California can be sometimes. In this instance, I'm talking about how state hazardous waste laws have led to an increase in illegal fireworks. I'll explain that in a sec. But the reason it came to mind is...

  4. Lois_tab copy.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: Back when water barons hired undercover agents

    Indulge me while I share a fascinating fragment of Kern County history. And, wouldn't ya know, it has to do with water, sort of. As anyone who's read my columns knows, I love any and all info related to the Kern River. So, when Kern...

  5. bus_tab.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: GET may have trouble justifying proposed facilities

    Looks like high speed rail may have saved taxpayers a boatload of money. (Note: For those who don't know the definition of "ironic," this would be it.) You're probably wondering how the $68 billion project -- some say boondoggle -- is a...

  6. Lois_tab copy.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: Got a political agenda? At least be honest about it

    Sometimes I don't know what to make of my media brethren. They approach the oil industry with a great deal of skepticism and scrutiny. That's exactly as it should be. Meanwhile, however, environmental groups are given a pass. Even when...

  7. Lois_tab copy.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: Another study points to Judicial Council wrongs

    The Legislature needs to get off its duff and take back spending authority from the Judicial Council. Those guys might be really smart about legal stuff but, frankly, they don’t know the pointy end of a pencil when it comes to keeping...

  8. Lois_tab copy.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: It's good to be a water lawyer, especially now

    I thought it'd be interesting to study up on groundwater rights. Yes, I know how weird that sounds. But I had a reason. The groundwater legislation passed last year says repeatedly that nothing in the law would change existing...

  9. Lois_tab copy.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: Fallowing used to be a dirty word, but not anymore

    A few years ago, no one in the ag or water worlds would dare utter the "f" word, even amongst themselves. Yesterday, I heard it used openly. On the radio, no less. I'm talking about "fallowing," or purposely retiring productive farmland....

  10. Lois_tab copy.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: I actually have something nice to say about Facebook

    The first Facebook post went up on Friday Sept. 13, 2013, but I didn't see it right away. Someone called me about it, and when I checked Facebook the following Monday, sure enough, it was true: Steve Swenson had pancreatic cancer. From...

  11. LoisColumnReading1.JPG

    LOIS HENRY: Creating a new generation of scholars starts here

    Pondering your New Year's resolutions? Here's one: Improve the community. How, you ask? Help a child learn to read better. I promise, this is a resolution you can stick with, it works, and you will love it. Yes, I'm beating the drum,...

  12. Aldritt3.JPG

    LOIS HENRY: She's a Christmas gift to our entire community

    I'm not taking a swing at anyone today. Hey, it's Christmas Eve. Even I have a heart ... sometimes. Instead, I wanted to update you on one of my newest favorite charities, Em's Treat 'Em Sweet. Mostly, it's my newest favorite because of...

  13. Lois_tab copy.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: Is county shelter really worth an extra $2 million?

    Only in government would your workload be cut by half but not your budget or number of employees. Specifically, I'm talking about the shelter operations of the Kern County Animal Services Department. I got to looking at -- and puzzling...

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