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    LOIS HENRY: KHSD must commit to protect disabled kids; bomb party antics another nail in fireworks' coffin

    I have some updates on my recent rants. Kern High School District and the autistic girl KHSD is doubling down on its position that a severely mentally disabled girl wasn't harmed when she was possibly sexually assaulted in a bathroom at...

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    LOIS HENRY: A fireworks disaster you may not have heard about

    So, a guy hosted a big 4th of July party out on Stockdale Highway where he shot off countless illegal fireworks and ended with a "grand finale" that involved accidentally blowing up himself and three friends. Jim Trino was the party host...

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    LOIS HENRY: How many ways can you botch an assault response?

    There's so much wrong with how a possible sexual assault at a local high school was handled, it's hard to know where to start. In October 2009, an Independence High School teacher's aide found two autistic teens in a school bathroom naked...

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    LOIS HENRY: County planners not thrilled with groundwater bills

    Don't look now, but someone isn't exactly on board with the state's groundwater regulation plans. And that someone is -- ta-DA! Kern County. The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to oppose two groundwater regulation bills...


    LOIS HENRY: Even upriver, water is as valuable as wet gold

    I’m convinced that water has become the most seductive element on earth. Its lure is stronger than oil or even gold, especially in California these days. Water’s siren song appears to have drawn the Rosedale Rio-Bravo Water Storage...


    LOIS HENRY: Consider this resident’s unsafe, insane Fourth

    Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July popping off all those super-fun fireworks. So sad it’s over so soon, huh? Well, not for Beth Kurtz it’s not. Not by a long shot. Some nameless, faceless moron’s inane need to see something go...

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    LOIS HENRY: On water issues, 1 vote each isn’t always fairest

    There’s so much going on with groundwater, it’s a whirlwind! OK, a whirlwind you can’t see and probably haven’t heard of, but a whirlwind nonetheless. It’s no secret that Californians have been abusing our aquifers for more than a...

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    LOIS HENRY: Yes, the U.S. Constitution applies to Kern County

    I apologize. I wanted to write a column about the people who were cited for illegal fireworks over the July 4th holiday. I failed. Though, in my defense, I had help. I only received the names of those cited by the Bakersfield Fire...

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    LOIS HENRY: Will Reynosa ever truly regret crash? Let's hope so

    Here's a switch: Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood had to counsel me on limiting law enforcement's power. Yeah, the irony wasn't lost on him either. I had asked if the Sheriff's office has discretion over whether certain inmates do...

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    LOIS HENRY: Add one to body count of a fatally flawed system

    I wish David Jacobson were alive to read “The Firehouse Journals.” I'm sure he would have gotten a huge charge out of it. Even, or maybe especially, the chapter that detailed how Jacobson’s body was handled by Wasco State Prison guards...

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    LOIS HENRY: Lower the boom on this idiotic practice

    Fireworks = bad. They are dirty, costly and pose needless danger to our community. They need to be banned. Yes, I'm doing it again, agitating for our alleged leaders to pull their collective heads out of the sand and realize fireworks...

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    LOIS HENRY: What's worse? Greed or flouting of disclosure law?

    I honestly don't know what I'm more appalled by. The mind-blowingly naked greed of two employees of the North of the River Municipal Water District or attempts by NOR's attorney to keep it under wraps. To a certain extent, I guess, it's...

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    LOIS HENRY: 'Shell game' with parkway well water?

    Seems a little controversy has cropped up around the so-called "parkway wells" again. The city has been watching for several months as those wells have pumped thousands of acre feet of groundwater into the Cross Valley Canal where it has...

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