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    LOIS HENRY: Carrot or stick for groundwater management?

    By Lois Henry
    Tuesday, Nov 18 2014 06:33 PM

    California's groundwater hit the big time Sunday night, starring as the lead item in the "60 Minutes" television news program.

    Upshot of the piece: Cali's been in a prolonged drought and our groundwater is being tapped like never before. Super cool time-lapsed satellite imagery from NASA showed the Central Valley as lush green in 2003, then turning deep red (indicating groundwater depletion) up to 2009, our last drought.

    All due respect to "60 Minutes," but tell us something we don't know. Groundwater depletion in the Central Valley has been well documented for years. It was one of the main reasons the State Water Project was built in the late 1960s.

    Solutions have been tough. Not just because the players -- ag water districts,...

  2. Lois_tab copy.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: Looky here! An 'unlimited' supply of new water

    Emergency drought funding announced last spring by Gov. Jerry Brown may soon be making its way into local hands. Four Kern County agencies landed a combined $12 million, according to the State Department of Water Resources. They four have...

  3. Lois_tab copy.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: Finally, progress on fireworks restrictions

    Those who love their stupidly dangerous illegal fireworks best pay attention. Come March, Kern County will likely impose much higher fines on those who repeatedly break the law. It will crack down on hosts where party guests light off...

  4. Lois_tab copy.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: Fireworks set to go off at county meeting (sort of)

    If you're like me and feel fireworks have become a menace in this county, you'll want to listen in on the Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday morning. Kern County Fire Chief Brian Marshall will be giving a report on illegal fireworks,...

  5. Lois_tab copy.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: Judge justified in closing Oliver jury selection

    Portions of two high-profile criminal trials were closed to public view recently. That's a big deal. Our open judicial system is, after all, one of the primary things that sets us apart from truly crummy countries. (Well, that and...

  6. LoisColXayvierSwenson 2.JPG

    LOIS HENRY: How mustangs and PTSD vets can 'gentle' each other

    I admit it's hard to understand how this works -- wild horses easing PTSD for combat veterans simply by their proximity. But for veterans who've lost hope and been lucky enough to stumble on equine therapy, it has worked. Just ask them....

  7. Granada4.JPG

    LOIS HENRY: Theater may soon be able to flush again

    Earlier this year, Lucy Spohn was going about life as best she could following the tragic suicide of her husband, Jim Spohn. The historic Granada Theater on Kentucky Street, which they owned, was going through probate. She was working...


    LOIS HENRY: Healing veterans with a wet nose and a tail wag

    One of the cruelest legacies of war is that the very thing soldiers crave most -- home -- is something they can often never truly regain. I've heard veterans explain their feeling as war seeming more "normal" than home. How do you go to...

  9. BakersfieldFlier.JPG

    LOIS HENRY: A comparison to Bakersfield? Ah, the kiss of death

    Whoa, whoa, WHOA! I've gotta call time out when a political campaign in a totally different county tosses Bakersfield under the bus. Yeah, that's right, a candidate running for San Luis Obispo County supervisor has put out mailers urging...

  10. Lois_tab copy.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: More intrigue in the (say what?) assessor's race

    I feel like this column should come with a diagram, a portable fan and a stiff drink. Sigh. After a week of looking into this particular subject, here's my conclusion: The closer you get to election day, the stinkier things get. And the...

  11. Lois_tab copy.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: B-town's good, bad and ugly, real ugly

    Thought I'd catch you up with a few tidbits from the "notes" file. Ombudsman program First, a huge thank you and kudos to the nearly 20 people who responded to my call for volunteers for the Kern County Long Term Care Ombudsman program....

  12. Lois_tab copy.jpg

    LOIS HENRY: Need a worthwhile project? Consider this one

    I learned a very sad term the other day -- "the unbefriended elderly." These are mostly old folks in nursing homes or residential care facilities who have no one. No family, no friends. No one to help them through the difficult final...

  13. spaycritters5.JPG

    LOIS HENRY: Stupendous achievements in spay-neuter program

    I don’t know what a spay/neuter crown would look like but all the folks at Critters Without Litters deserve one. As you read this, Critters will have fixed its 15,000th pet since opening its doors in October 2012. Critters is Bakersfield...

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