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    LOIS HENRY: Can we justify pouring water on fireworks fires?

    By Lois Henry
    Tuesday, Apr 14 2015 08:53 PM

    California’s drought has become quite handy for pointing the finger at things people don’t like — ­almonds, fracking, the Central Valley in general, etc.

    Since I hate being left out of any trend, I’ve got one, too: personal fireworks. If ever there was a time to ban them, it’s this summer.

    Even though the reasons are as plain as the tires emerging at the bottom of our dwindling reservoirs, I’ll restate them. It’s dry.

    Flaming, sparking smoke bombs in the hands of every yahoo from Eureka to Carlsbad is just dumb. I, of course, think it’s a bad idea all the time, but these days it’s even dumber, so to speak.

    Fires caused by fireworks take water to put out, water we don’t have. The state’s drought task force is telling Bakersfield...

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    LOIS HENRY: Will folks cut water use, or is wazoo tack required?

    Tucked into Gov. Jerry Brown’s executive order mandating Californians cut back on water consumption was a tidbit directing the State Water Resources Control Board to direct water suppliers to develop rates that would “encourage” water...

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    LOIS HENRY: Dogs win (and taxpayers save) with airlift program

    The last time I wrote about Wings of Rescue, I admit, I was irked with us. Local people hadn't stepped up to help this vital player in our animal overpopulation puzzle and Wings was ready to put an end to the large cargo airlifts of local...

  4. LOIS HENRY: Are almonds really the water hogs they're portrayed to be?

    With all the finger pointing brought on by Gov. Jerry Brown's mandatory water restrictions, I thought it might be fun to add a few statistics to the fire. Hopefully, you can find some ammo here, no matter what side you're on. Residential...

  5. LOIS HENRY: Sometimes the water questions are more telling

    Sometimes press conferences aren't informative so much for what the officials are saying as for what the reporters are asking. Wednesday afternoon, I listened in on a conference call with the Governor's drought task force where I felt the...

  6. LOIS HENRY: Finding essentials of life for those who've missed so much

    We’ve all seen those stories of people who spend 20 years or more behind bars and are then exonerated by new evidence. If you’re like me, you momentarily ponder the immense loss of years, shake your head and move on. For Jack Cummings,...

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    LOIS HENRY: Money, politics and nature conspire against Kern ag

    Perhaps you were busy last Wednesday and couldn't attend the water panel I moderated at the Kern Economic Summit. No worries, I'll recap the juicy stuff for you now. (Oh, read it, you'll sound all smarty pants at your next cocktail...

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    LOIS HENRY: A lesson on the true meaning of transparency

    It's easy to talk about transparency in government. But as we've seen time and again, walking that walk takes a lot of practice for some agencies. And in my view, the Kern High School District has stumbled. Badly. First was its...

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    LOIS HENRY: Local water districts feel cheated by 'exchange'

    Oh, the fascinating stuff our protracted drought is revealing. I’m not talking about tires and old town foundations at the bottom of California’s reservoirs. This drought is also putting long-held assumptions about water rights under...

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    LOIS HENRY: Wings program making a difference, but it's not enough

    I hate to say it, but Bakersfield's legendary apathy toward one of our most intractable yet curable problems seems to have done it again. Wings of Rescue, an all volunteer organization out of Los Angeles, will be cutting back its...

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    KERN'S BONES: Digging up treasures past and present

    Sorry, no snarky column today. Instead, I wanted to alert you to a new feature you won’t want to miss. We’re calling it “Kern’s Bones: Digging up treasures past and present.” (The name may change, depending on what my bosses think.) Like...

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    LOIS HENRY: UCLA’s immense power couldn’t squash this ‘David’

    The reality of our world is that sometimes David slays Goliath and sometimes he has to settle for giving the big Phillistine a black eye. Such is life when dealing with giants who have all the money and all the power. In this case,...

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    LOIS HENRY: Hiccups in the spay/neuter voucher program, but advances, too

    It's been almost a year since Kern County Supervisors agreed to give $80,000 to three local nonprofits to try and jump-start the county's targeted spay/neuter efforts. How's it going? Well, there's good news and bad. Good news: 1,149...

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