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    LOIS HENRY: A lesson on the true meaning of transparency

    By Lois Henry
    Tuesday, Mar 24 2015 06:55 PM

    It's easy to talk about transparency in government. But as we've seen time and again, walking that walk takes a lot of practice for some agencies. And in my view, the Kern High School District has stumbled. Badly.

    First was its jaw-dropping refusal to allow a Californian reporter into a classroom to observe the controversial Common Core method of teaching.

    Second are recent revelations that it initially refused to give KBAK Channel 29 reporter Kyle Harvey the names of public employees using publicly issued credit cards supposedly used for public business, which were then paid using public funds. (Am I being too subtle here?)

    In each instance, the district responded that there were extenuating circumstances, miscommunications and...

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    LOIS HENRY: Local water districts feel cheated by 'exchange'

    Oh, the fascinating stuff our protracted drought is revealing. I’m not talking about tires and old town foundations at the bottom of California’s reservoirs. This drought is also putting long-held assumptions about water rights under...

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    LOIS HENRY: Wings program making a difference, but it's not enough

    I hate to say it, but Bakersfield's legendary apathy toward one of our most intractable yet curable problems seems to have done it again. Wings of Rescue, an all volunteer organization out of Los Angeles, will be cutting back its...

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    KERN'S BONES: Digging up treasures past and present

    Sorry, no snarky column today. Instead, I wanted to alert you to a new feature you won’t want to miss. We’re calling it “Kern’s Bones: Digging up treasures past and present.” (The name may change, depending on what my bosses think.) Like...

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    LOIS HENRY: UCLA’s immense power couldn’t squash this ‘David’

    The reality of our world is that sometimes David slays Goliath and sometimes he has to settle for giving the big Phillistine a black eye. Such is life when dealing with giants who have all the money and all the power. In this case,...

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    LOIS HENRY: Hiccups in the spay/neuter voucher program, but advances, too

    It's been almost a year since Kern County Supervisors agreed to give $80,000 to three local nonprofits to try and jump-start the county's targeted spay/neuter efforts. How's it going? Well, there's good news and bad. Good news: 1,149...

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    LOIS HENRY: ‘Dusty closet’ find brings more historical figures to life

    My call for cool, old Bakersfield artifacts a few weeks ago hit pay dirt recently in more ways than one. Local risk management consultant John Pryor read my story on an old map owned by Dan Araujo that showed Bakersfield most likely...

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    LOIS HENRY: Unchecked science no basis for onerous air rules

    New ozone regulations being proposed by the federal EPA would essentially force us all into electric cars and we probably still wouldn't come into compliance. Ho hum. Kind of the same old story for the San Joaquin Valley, where we're...

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    LOIS HENRY: One step forward, two back on fireworks

    Even Kern County Supervisor Leticia Perez's self-serving, disingenuous and downright contemptuous ranting against a proposed ban of Piccolo Pete and ground flower-type fireworks wasn't nearly as stunning to me as Supervisor David Couch's...

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    LOIS HENRY: More overdraft doesn't seem like best plan for desert aquifer

    A plan that knowingly allows the Indian Wells Valley -- Ridgecrest -- groundwater basin to tip further into overdraft doesn't seem like excellent water management to me. But that's exactly what zoning changes being proposed by the Kern...

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    LOIS HENRY: PUC-PG&E entanglement gets even stinkier

    Back in September, I noted a certain stinkiness emanating from a smattering of emails between PG&E and California Public Utilities Commission then-President Michael Peevey regarding the Hydrogen Energy California project. Now that several...

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    LOIS HENRY: Tracking history through an old Kern map

    This turned out to be such a fun story, and with more elements than we could run the first time around, that we decided to give readers a second look at an old Kern County map. For background, Dan Araujo brought in an old map that’s been...


    LOIS HENRY: A (mystery) map for the ages

    At the risk of being self-indulgent (which I was recently called), I'm going back into Kern County's history -- again. Mostly, I just want to run this really cool map that Dan Araujo brought in after my last columns on the lengths the...

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