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    JOSE GASPAR: Is it time for Latinos to part ways with the Democratic Party?

    By Jose Gaspar
    Sunday, Oct 12 2014 03:00 PM

    Cal State professor Edna Molina will not be voting for any Democrats in the November midterm election, which is now less than one month away.

    "Democratic leaders need to get the message that they won't get the Latino vote (sorry to say, good-bye Hillary) if they ignore the concerns of our people or, worse yet, if they placate Republicans by implementing a massive deportation campaign that hurts Hispanic families," wrote Molina in an email.

    Likewise, Molina's colleague, professor Gonzalo Santos, said he does not intend to vote "for any Democrat that has not directly and publicly challenged Obama on his appalling record of massive deportations and broken promises."

    Particularly galling is that under Obama, as reported by Pew Research...

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    JOSE GASPAR: Church addresses abuse allegations in very public way

    The priest approached the podium as he does every Sunday ready to give a sermon. Except this time he did not. With a somber look and holding a document in his hand, the priest said, "Instead of a homily, I've been asked by the bishop to...

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    JOSE GASPAR: Immigrant youth can succeed -- so let them

    Would you expect a 19-year-old to be a) in college; b) working full-time; c) partying at every opportunity; d) a homeowner? Thinking back to what I was doing at 19, answer c would likely be the top answer. But Brenda Ruiz is no ordinary...

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    JOSE GASPAR: Teen, tenacious mom working hard to save young lives

    While some well-known public figures have emerged from Kern County, there are lesser-known individuals who fly under the radar while working for the benefit of their neighbors. They seek no political office, but are just as determined to...

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    JOSE GASPAR: Here's a thought, McFarland: hire police with clean records

    Help wanted: Looking for a person to be police chief in a small northern city in Kern County. Pay not all that great, but excellent career opportunity. Serious inquiries only. If interested, contact McFarland City Manager John Wooner....

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    JOSE GASPAR: Nellie Martinez enters a new chapter in life

    If there's a positive side to working in the news business, it's that it can bring you to know people who have faced the most tragic losses and yet somehow are able to endure, achieve and rise above adversity. One such person is Nellie...

  7. JOSE GASPAR: Transient sex offenders proving difficult to monitor

    Law enforcement in Kern County is finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of registered sex offenders. A growing number of them are joining the ranks of the homeless and are listed as transients. "When you have a sex offender who is...

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    JOSE GASPAR: These foster youth inspire

    Every so often, I run into people whose life stories are an example of human perseverance over the most challenging circumstances. And while many such examples are told from a lifetime of an adult experience, there are young people who are...

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    JOSE GASPAR: Shafter divided over school district unification plan

    One year after schools in Wasco tried to create a new school district by unifying its elementary and high school districts into one, the same effort is brewing in Shafter. But the current process under way there has already dissolved into...

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    JOSE GASPAR: New citizens achieve their dream

    They came from all over the world including China, India, Israel, Mexico, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. A week ago today, 23 immigrants came together in the Tehachapi Mountains to achieve a milestone moment in their lives. They became...

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    JOSE GASPAR: Cesar Chavez movie brings local history to the big screen

    As my older brother and I approached the entrance to the supermarket that summer day in 1969, there were perhaps 10 or so men and women near the store's entrance with handwritten signs that read, "Boycott Jewel's" and "Justice for...

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    JOSE GASPAR: Go to court, get deported

    Kern County Superior Court Executive Officer Terry McNally is eager to dispel rumors that any court personnel is in cahoots with immigration officials by tipping them off about a person's legal status. "It's pure speculation," said...

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    JOSE GASPAR: Abused farmworkers often afraid to speak out

    At what point does a victim of sexual abuse say enough is enough and denounce the perpetrator? What if your job and the means to support your children lie in the hands of that perpetrator? If you are threatened with being fired and...

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