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    JAMIE BUTOW: Does the Internet make or break a relationship?

    By Jamie Butow
    Monday, Feb 17 2014 02:00 PM

    Do you share your password with your spouse or significant other? Do you have joint email and social media accounts? Have postings online been a source of tension in your relationship?

    It's not much of a leap to say that the use of the Internet is woven into just about everything we do. Regular readers of this column are familiar with the research I've noted from the Pew Research Center. Their Internet and American Life Project is nothing less than phenomenal.

    They release more than a dozen reports each year on how we are using the Internet in our lives. All their data is collected from nationwide phone and online surveys, and supplemented with other data.

    Their latest report addresses the questions above and more. It's subtitled...

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    JAMIE BUTOW: Reporting tools change with growth of social media

    Way back in the dark-ages of journalism, reporters and editors used to flock to the lobby on the day new phone books arrived. These were super-valuable (and still are in many cases) as we went off to find sources for stories. When I was...

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    JAMIE BUTOW: The day Richard Sherman blew up the Internet

    "Oh dear lord." That's what was going through my mind as I watched Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman seemingly lose his marbles on TV after they won the NFC Championship. "This is going viral," was my next thought. "At least it's not...

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    JAMIE BUTOW: Live, laugh, love and click the 'share' button wisely

    My family moved to a new city in the middle of my fourth-grade year. One Friday I left my old school and on Monday I started at a new school. I was 9 years old and nervous that no one would like me. I wanted these kids to like me. I...

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    JAMIE BUTOW: A little advice for tablet buyers

    Kindle, iPad, Nook, Galaxy, Nexus and Surface. Are you confused? You're not alone. Heck, I own one and use several others regularly and I can't keep up with who has the latest what on the market. Last week as I was driving my son to...

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    JAMIE BUTOW: You have to interact on Facebook to see more

    Have you ever "Liked" a page on Facebook and weeks later wondered why that person or business hadn't posted anything? Have you ever gone to their page and seen that they have been posting updates and assumed you just somehow missed them in...

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    JAMIE BUTOW: Halloween's a great topic on social media

    I have long said my two favorite days of the year on social media are the first day of school and Halloween. I just love seeing pictures of all my friends' kids as they set out in new clothes with new backpacks for a new school year. I...

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    JAMIE BUTOW: Facebook gives itself a big gift: teen data

    If any parents out there have had any reservations about letting their teens join Facebook, here's something else to add to your "no" list. For some time Facebook has limited those younger than 18 years old from posting publicly. That...

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    JAMIE BUTOW: #Condorstown kicks social media into high gear

    Friday is opening night for the Bakersfield Condors hockey team, which means Kevin Bartl, Ryan Holt and their minions have ramped up the social media presence. And that's saying a lot considering they are pretty active on Twitter all year...

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    JAMIE BUTOW: Readers react to shutdown, CPR legislation

    The government shutdown -- or slimdown, whatever you want to call it -- is obviously provoking a lot of discussion. Here's a sampling of comments on a recent article on a Highway 65 gas pipeline project that's on hold because federal...

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    JAMIE BUTOW: TV isn't just for watching these days

    How many times have you started watching your favorite TV show and heard an announcer say, "Sync your mobile device to blah blah blah .com now for your second screen experience." Watching TV is now more than just watching TV. Networks are...

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    Final #kcfair social media wrap-up

    Another year of the Kern County fair has come and gone. And by the looks of the photos, a good time was had by all. I have to admit, getting to see all your posts helped me decide what to do and see when we visited the fair on Friday...


    Social media from the #kcfair

    So we had some technical difficulties on Wednesday -- the kind with the spinning beach ball and stuff never saves or uploads. Yeah, it was fun. That just means you get a double-dose of Kern County Fair posts today! Lot's of cute kids,...

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