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    HERB BENHAM: Twins walk 62 miles in test of sisterhood

    By Herb Benham
    Thursday, Jan 29 2015 10:50 AM

    Marcia was in charge of the food, Marion the schedule, and hook, crook or bonk they were walking 62 miles in one day. Marcia Giumarra and Marion Molhook are twins. A few months ago, they turned 62. Marion, in a text to her sister, proposed the dumb/inspired/lofty/terrific/ intriguing idea of walking 62 miles in one day in honor of their birthdays and twindom.

    Twins are different. Don't get in their way or between them, even if you are their husbands -- George (Marcia) and Roger (Marion) -- or they'll hurt you.

    Marcia and Marion do the normal twin stuff -- finish each other's sentences, communicate several times a day, sometimes subliminally -- and they seem to take enormous delight in one another's company.

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    HERB BENHAM: Cooking up reasons to visit restaurant store

    Talk about fun. Satisfying. This week I made two trips to J&E Restaurant Supply on East 19th Street. The first time I bought four Old Fashioned glasses ($2 and change each) and a stainless-steel muddler. The next day, I backed it up with...

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    HERB BENHAM: Grandparent role fills my mind at Costco

    Sam and I met at Costco recently for lunch. He asked what I was doing for lunch and while we were fishing for a place to eat, I suggested the hot dogs at Costco for both a cultural and culinary experience. In other words, a change of pace...

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    HERB BENHAM: Glow of movie screen warms our coldest month

    Don't despair. Gray days, cold days, January days. This is no time to take a knee, but an opportunity to spring to your feet and see a movie. Dismiss the darkness nibbling at the edge of your soul and fall into the wonders of the big...

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    HERB BENHAM: Giving back, but giving back precisely what?

    Couples were eating dinner recently and the conversation moved to public service. The woman who introduced the subject was married to a public service star, a man who gave his time, talent and sound judgement to organizations that needed...

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    HERB BENHAM: Catching up and calamari in Carmel

    It is unwise, perhaps unsafe, to find yourself between me and a bowl of fried calamari unless you are a giant octopus with six waving arms. Not much can stop me except an aquatic miracle. Last weekend, we attended a wedding in Carmel that...

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    HERB BENHAM: When child becomes parent, a bridge is built

    Katie called. Our oldest. She's due in late March. March is close. Two months and change. Soon we'll be counting down and alive to every phone call, email and text. This is new for everybody. Her because it's her first and us because it...

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    HERB BENHAM: Grandchildren have upper hand in name game

    Judy Hanson responded to the column about what grandchildren call us regardless of what we might prefer."My grandsons are creative. I'm Grandma Jingle Bells (all year long) and their other grandma is Grandma Waterfall. "I was playing...

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    HERB BENHAM: Let there be light -- after I find the darn thing

    The plumbing leak required a flashlight, and I have flashlights. Loads. Which household does not? Flashlights are a staple, so much a staple that two Christmases ago, I gave each of the children one for their cars. The flashlights were...

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    HERB BENHAM: Soup -- a ladle goes a long way

    Wednesday I was thinking about soup by 7:30 a.m. That's early for soup. Even if you like soup. Wednesday was my turn to cook dinner. The main course was Italian Wedding Soup. It was a special request. I don't blame the requester. Italian...

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    HERB BENHAM: A project projects calm

    I saw a bumper sticker that stuck with me: "When you're calm, you're home." I didn't get it at first because I'm a slow person, but after I figured it out, it made sense. I wrote it down. Copying helps with remembering, but also allows...

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    HERB BENHAM: 10 hours of shut-eye an eye-opener

    The holidays were good for several things, including sleep. One night I slept for 10 hours. Ten glorious, motionless, dreamt-in-color hours. Talk about rebirth. I was like Michael Keaton in "Birdman" -- I felt like I could fly and as if I...

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    HERB BENHAM: 'New' not as terrifying for our kids

    Thomas, our youngest, started a new job. I've been thinking about him. His mother has, too.I'm not sure you ever get too old for that sort of thing. We remember them moving from elementary school to junior high, high school to college and...

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