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    HEATHER IJAMES: A butterfly habitat helps in child rearing

    By Heather Ijames
    Wednesday, Apr 16 2014 02:00 PM

    I bought one of those live butterfly gardens from Insect Lore Bugseum, which starts out as a cup of caterpillars and is supposed to turn into five butterflies. Although I'd heard I might have to touch them, or touch near them when they were chrysalises -- and such did not seem plausible to my constitution -- my youngest really wanted to try and raise butterflies, so I acquiesced.

    The instructions were pretty scant, and as with many things in life, the ordeal seemed like a leap of faith that we could manage to raise these things from start to finish and not kill them in between.

    My son asked me on a daily basis, "Are they going to turn into butterflies and live, Momma, are they?" I didn't really know. I'd never done this before. But he...

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    HEATHER IJAMES: The ups and downs of middle life

    This middle-aged business is quite a pickle. It comes with this feeling that I'm stuck between two parts of life, filled with both pros and cons. PRO: I earn more money. CON: Earn was the operative verb, not have. Nowadays, I have to...

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    HEATHER IJAMES: A workout nightmare is when lunges, torture collide

    I had postponed working out last week until I found myself on a Sunday needing to squeeze in one last workout before Monday. In preparation for this dreaded workout, I procrastinated by hopping on Facebook. There, I found an advert for a...

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    HEATHER IJAMES: My non-reliable program for buying your next vehicle

    I received many opinions and ideas on how to buy my next car. My conclusion, though, is I really didn't execute any of it right. I got a decent deal, but I know it could've been better. I had the help of my mother and brother, with a...

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    HEATHER IJAMES: The pure torture of clam chowder

    I'm not a fan of taking my children with me to the vet for the simple fact that they act more rabid than most animals. But our dog was sick, and I nabbed the last appointment for the day, children in tow. Prior to the vet's arrival in the...

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    HEATHER IJAMES: Bookstore's closure brings particular pain to author

    I feel a particular, painful pang at the closing of Russo's Books at The Marketplace. About a year ago, I had a great book signing there. I was floored with the outpouring of clientele showing up on that Saturday, treading that familiar...

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    HEATHER IJAMES: There's no motivation like a stick-fort war

    We had three sisters, the husbands, and eight kids in one house for a weekend in the mountains. The lot of cousins immediately took to the woods and built two stick forts. Everything was great until the young teenagers got there. Not from...

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    HEATHER IJAMES: Doing thankful goes beyond being thankful

    A trend started a few years ago on Facebook where users post what they're thankful for on each day of November. Something about the ritual struck me this year, though. I almost felt an ambivalence toward the influx of posts. I'm probably...

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    HEATHER IJAMES: Silver-haired wisdom tends to be sound

    I was reading an article by a father of three young boys, a man who was trying to shunt conventional wisdom with the excuse of he was tired. He said he wanted to hurt people who told him to enjoy the time he has when his kids are young,...

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    HEATHER IJAMES: The worst part of youth sports -- parents

    I've had a respite from organized youth sports for a few years. It was nice. Had the boys in music lessons. No more cold morning games or hot afternoon practices. No more having someone sit next to me, spitting their saliva-riddled...

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    HEATHER IJAMES: A little effort goes a long way toward family togetherness

    We were riding along the bike path on Saturday when I realized we were a sorry bunch. I don't think the family had ridden together in more than a year, so our equipment needed a little bit of love and probably a bunch of money. The bike...

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    HEATHER IJAMES: If I had a daughter, I'd fight with her over short shorts

    This is about short shorts and the need to fight. There was a young man at the gym minding his own business, lifting weights. A young girl walked up next to him to stretch. I'd put them both at 19 to 20 years old. He couldn't help but...

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    HEATHER IJAMES: The ups and downs of vacations with kids

    Day one: We're on our way to Bodega Bay. We make a pit stop in Gilroy because they sell six ears of corn for a dollar and peaches the size of a linebacker's fist. They also have a vulgar named brand everywhere, and both of my kids can read...

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