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  1. Holly Culhane

    HOLLY CULHANE: Good leaders listen, give credit when it's deserved

    BY HOLLY CULHANE Contributing columnist
    Monday, Jul 28 2014 11:31 AM

    Having returned recently from a vacation, I feel both refreshed and refocused. It is amazing how stepping away from the office and opening your mind to new experiences can help you better understand and address some of the issues you left at home.

    Such was the result for a friend of mine. She had a chance encounter with a friend's 7-year-old son at a social event. Seated next to the boy, she soon learned this guy was a talker. While he was bright, interesting and witty, he also could suck the air out of a room if permitted.

    His parents are concerned that the boy is becoming a conversation hog; that he craves being the center of attention. And when others try to get in a word, the boy becomes upset about being interrupted.

  2. Steven Van Metre 11-10.JPG

    STEVEN VAN METRE: Boomers are again 'hitting the road' in retirement

    Summer vacations can give people itchy feet. That's what happened to my clients, who I will call Pete and Carol. High school sweethearts, the couple enjoyed long, successful careers -- Pete as a teacher; Carol as a registered nurse. They...

  3. russ_allred.JPG

    RUSS ALLRED: How to draw the right business circles

    Ever feel like you're running in circles? Google gurus say that's a good thing. Defining the people with whom you share information avoids a glut of data on your social network. It ensures that only the right people see what you want them...

  4. russ_allred.JPG

    RUSS ALLRED: A simple recipe for Internet success

    After reading my recent Californian article on business legacies, my friend told me his parents sent him to visit his grandparents for the summer. Afterward he confessed, "I hate cemeteries." Besides visiting graves, the other big activity...

  5. Robin-Paggi.jpg

    ROBIN PAGGI: React carefully in the workplace

    How do you react when people tell you things that you don't want to hear? Hopefully, the answer is "carefully." Because if you react poorly, chances are people won't tell you things you should know. And, if you're an employer or a...

  6. Steven Van Metre 11-10.JPG

    STEVEN VAN METRE: Worker's 401(k) rollover may be easier said than done

    As with many things in life, distributing funds from an employer's 401(k) plan may be easier said than done. Consider my client, who I will call Sam, who retired in 2004, but left his money in his former employer's 401(k) plan. Sam had...

  7. russ_allred.JPG

    RUSS ALLRED: The legacy of business service

    I stood on the grave of Catherene Jensen Nelson, my grandfather's grandmother. She was a midwife in the late 1800s and delivered 1,200 babies without ever losing a mother or child to death. Laid to rest in the beautiful, rural valley of...

  8. russ_allred.JPG

    RUSS ALLRED: Thumbs up for business

    One zucchini. That's all the plant produced. I buried sprinkler lines, built boxes, bought top soil, babied seedlings, watered, fertilized and all I got was one squash. The difference between a successful garden and a barren patch of dirt...

  9. Paggi.JPG

    ROBIN PAGGI: Ensure terminations are not related to romance

    I give a quiz in my harassment prevention workshop that consists of questions like this: An employer is generally held liable when a supervisor fires a subordinate for refusing to have a romantic relationship, regardless of whether the...

  10. Holly Culhane

    HOLLY CULHANE: Paid or unpaid, managing interns 'tricky business'

    As with the swallows that annually flock back to San Juan Capistrano, you can mark your calendars for the arrival of summer interns at local companies. It is a decades-old tradition, theoretically established to give students practical...

  11. russ_allred.JPG

    RUSS ALLRED: Get the most out of your marketing

    "Get out your spyglass Watson, the game is afoot." Referring to an archived article, a reader asked where she could get a list of all 20,000 businesses in Bakersfield. Elementary my dear reader: Visit and rent a list. Among...

  12. Steven Van Metre 11-10.JPG

    STEVEN VAN METRE: Lazy days of summer are perfect for financial check-ups

    The lazy days of summer have almost arrived. Graduations are coming and going. Thoughts of vacations are dancing in my head. I can almost smell the suntan lotion that I will soon slather onto my arms and legs to ward off the evil nasty...

  13. russ_allred.JPG

    RUSS ALLRED: Rising above the business cloud

    During a pleasant lunch at the Petroleum Club, I noticed three things from my seat 12 floors above the city: How flat Bakersfield is. I noticed how many trees adorn our city and how the dust clouds congregate along the hills on every side.... Daily Deal!

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