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Thursday, Dec 06 2012 12:59 PM

Pro-fracking report, anti-fracking concert


You win some, you lose some, same in the oil industry as anywhere else.

In this case we're referring to the high-stakes battle over the future of fracking, or hydraulic fracturing. It's the high-pressure injection technique that's becoming increasingly common in Kern County and elsewhere around the country.

On one hand, there's a new federal report that points to fracking as the way forward in the domestic oil boom. Without the controversial but highly effective practice, the implication goes, the United States will lose its status as a net exporter of petroleum products. Goodbye huge economic benefits.

That's the good news for Kern's oil industry. Now the less-than-good news (unless you're a big fan of the Bay Area music scene).

An outspoken opponent of fracking in California, Food & Water Watch, is hosting a "Concert to Ban Fracking in California" concert Dec. 14 in San Francisco. On the bill: Whiskerman and Shake Your Peace!

So far, environmental groups working to halt fracking in the state have struggled to gain much footing. Also, Food & Water Watch asserts, inaccurately according to the oil industry, that the practice is new to the Golden State. But these groups are speaking with a loud voice in Sacramento and are not to be counted out of the debate.

Here's a link to an L.A. Times story on the federal pro-fracking report:

And, if you're interested, here are details on the anti-fracking concert:

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