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BY MISTY WILLIAMS, Californian staff writere-mail:

Real estate business partners David Crisp and Carl Cole burst onto the local business scene a few years ago with a lot of flash and -- some might say brash -- style.

Their success has been phenomenal and they, especially Crisp, haven't been shy about it.

Crisp was featured in the June 2005 issue of REALTOR Magazine as one of the nation's top 30 Realtors under age 30. Crisp was also prominently featured in an article in The Sacramento Beelast fall.

Then The Californianpublished a front page profile of Crisp in June.

As the housing slowdown came, so did a ramp-up of nasty rumors about the partners, whose business continues to grow while others are laying off agents.

"There is a huge angst in the real estate community," said local real estate broker Chuck Dawson. "There's jealousy. There are wannabes."

Cole said the rumors are unfair.

"People don't have to like me, but at least appreciate the fact that I've worked hard for 60 years," Cole said.

In the business world, rumors do crop up.

But the Crisp and Cole gossip seems even more vitriolic than Hollywood rumors, said Jerry Swerling, director of public relations studies at University of Southern California.

The best thing Crisp and Cole could do is demonstrate their honesty and integrity through their actions, said USC's Swerling.

"Participate in community events," Swerling said. "Do anything they can to show that they are solid, honest citizens."

They've already been busy in that realm. Here is a rundown of some of their charitable donations:

* $250,000 for Cal State Bakersfield's Division I campaign.

* $20,000 to Cal State's education and business schools.

* $20,000 to the local American Heart Association, plus $8,000 raised for the association by auctioning off a Mercedes-Benz lease.

* $30,000 to the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra.

* $4,000 worth of television and radio ads for the Symphony created by Crisp and Cole's production company.

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