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Robert Price

Editorial Page Editor

Robert Price has been writing a regular column for The Californian since 1999. He was born in Iowa, lived in eight different cities as a Navy brat, attended high school in Sonoma County and graduated from Sacramento State University on the 10-year plan. Immediately upon his graduation, and despite having served as editor-in-chief of the award-winning State Hornet, Price immediately embarked on a career as an advertising copywriter. When it became clear he frequently would be asked to lie, he switched back to journalism -- and since doing so has not been asked to lie even once that he can recall.

Price joined The Californian in 1988 after making stops at two smaller daily newspapers. Since joining The Californian he has covered sports, the oil industry, local government, and music and entertainment, among a great many other things. He served as The Californian's features editor for two years (1998-99), wrote a thrice-weekly metro column for nine years (1999-2008) and in mid-2008 joined the Opinion section. He became the editorial page editor in January 2009, and continues to write a weekly column, in addition to many editorials. Among Price’s more memorable special projects: “The Bakersfield Sound,” a 1997 series documenting Bakersfield’s rich musical history, and "The Lords of Bakersfield,” a 17,000-word look at the sordid circumstances surrounding the 2002 stabbing death of Assistant District Attorney Steve Tauzer, for which The Californian earned the University of Oregon’s Payne Award for Ethics. Price won the George F. Gruner Award for journalism in 2003 and the California Newspaper Publishers Association’s medium-market award for outstanding local column in 2006.

Price is married to Katie Price, a high school counselor and former Bakersfield TV anchor. They have two children.

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  3. Guthrie on Guthrie at Fox

    Woody Guthrie, the renowned Dust Bowl troubadour, was so inspired by John Ford's classic 1940 film, "The Grapes of Wrath," he immediately found a copy of the book upon which it was based, took it...

  4. ROBERT PRICE: Imperfection of 'Cesar Chavez' would've suited the man himself

    The list of landmarks named for labor leader Cesar Chavez is a long one. In California alone at least 22 schools, six libraries, seven streets and 10 parks are named for the man. That's three times...

  5. SOUND OFF: About that black cat pictured at the crime scene

    Reader: Terrible shooting death, page three ("Man dies in shooting with sheriff's deputies in Oildale," March 28), and a photo of a black cat crossing the path. Hmm. That aside -- by the way, Casey... Daily Deal!

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