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John Cox
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John Cox

Business and General Assignment Reporter

Journalism claimed John Cox long before he could have known better. Naive and enthusiastic then as now, John whiled away much of his childhood creating mock magazines and newspapers with apt names such as The Daily Garbage. An exit appeared briefly in high school as an interest in science seemed to have cured him of writing. Alas, an unstructured college experience prompted John to switch majors from physics to computer science to English to — decisively this time — journalism (then to art history and back again to journalism.)

Out of college, John stumbled into a job reporting general-assignment news for the Los Angeles Times. A couple of years later, he found himself sitting in the health-care reporter's desk at the South Florida Business Journal. It wasn't long before editors of the Press-Telegramof Long Beach mistook John for a promising new business reporter. Later, Hispanic Business magazine was at a loss to find someone better to serve as associate editor, and there landed John.

Now, as he fumbles to write business and other stories for The Bakersfield Californian, John may never know whether the world is better off with one fewer scientist.

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