Wednesday, Sep 25 2013 10:44 AM

'First Look': Cox tries to 'trash' the studio

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    "First Look with Scott Cox" simulcast host Scott Cox thought it would be funny to throw trash on the studio floor to try to get a reaction out of Californian Digital Content Editor Christine Peterson. She likes to keep the studio clean.

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Simulcast host Scott Cox hates when people clean up after him.

For the past couple of days on “First look with Scott Cox,” Cox has wadded up paper and attempted to shoot it across the studio, into a trash can. But with many failed attempts, the paper would end up scattered on the floor.

On Tuesday, Californian Digital Content Editor Christine Peterson passed by the glass windows of the studio, noticed the mess and picked it all up.

To get back at her, Cox and news anchor Jeff Lemucchi decided to make an even bigger mess Wednesday. But Peterson didn’t react to Cox’s prank.

“We wanted you to dismissively shake your head at us and walk away but you didn’t,” Cox said.



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