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Herb Benham has been at The Californian since 1987. He was born in Santa Barbara and grew up in Bakersfield. Benham graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1976. He and his wife have four children - Katie, Herbie, Sam and Thomas. The Benhams live downtown in a 100-year-old-plus house that needs constant work. He is the author of two books - "First Kisses and Other Miracles," and "Sitting on My Fat Wallet." Benham started by doing the tennis column for The Californian and then 20 years ago became the feature columnist for the paper. He also teaches a writing class at Bakersfield College called, "How to write better, or at least less worse."

Recent Articles from Herb Benham
  1. HERB BENHAM: Computer virus spreads goodwill

    Recently a virus took over my computer and sent emails to everybody in my address book about a wealth management program offered through Wells Fargo Bank. My druthers would have been to blame it on...

  2. HERB BENHAM: My three ‘Sons’ episodes lead to seven, eight

    Read a great obit about an older woman from the South. Obits can be compelling. I like the ones where people use their best picture, the one when they were 21 and a knock-you-off-your-feet...

  3. HERB BENHAM: Pound opponent with your fists and intellect

    Violent and cerebral. I discovered my new favorite sport while staying with Erlend and Helen Clouston at their bed and breakfast, 2 Cambridge St., in Edinburgh.   It’s like “Sons of Anarchy,” the...

  4. HERB BENHAM: A vegetarian - except for the bacon

    A friend recently switched to a plant-based diet. His wife had adopted it and good soldier that he is, he threw his support behind her rather than live in a red state/green state household. "We try...

  5. HERB BENHAM: A tasty French pastry -- or three

    The best bakery you've ever seen might be 20 feet from your apartment, run by a husband and wife and be solemn as a church. The husband is the baker and his wife, who speaks to you in soft,...

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