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Herb Benham has been at The Californian since 1987. He was born in Santa Barbara and grew up in Bakersfield. Benham graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1976. He and his wife have four children - Katie, Herbie, Sam and Thomas. The Benhams live downtown in a 100-year-old-plus house that needs constant work. He is the author of two books - "First Kisses and Other Miracles," and "Sitting on My Fat Wallet." Benham started by doing the tennis column for The Californian and then 20 years ago became the feature columnist for the paper. He also teaches a writing class at Bakersfield College called, "How to write better, or at least less worse."

Recent Articles from Herb Benham
  1. HERB BENHAM: A top-flight seatmate is crucial

    I like to make friends on airplanes. It seems odd and almost unsporting to sit next to somebody for four hours and ignore them. I'm inclined to bring people on the team. Recruits can become your plane...

  2. HERB BENHAM: Urban adventure a heavy burden for uninitiated

    Recently I bought a pair of walking shoes and borrowed a backpack from a friend. We had a trip planned and rather than break both in on foreign soil, it made sense to test-drive them in order to...

  3. HERB BENHAM: Last meal? Just be sure to eat dessert first

    On a recent bike ride, we talked about what our last meal might be. The conversation began with my friend Bob asking whether I thought it was bad form to eat two doughnuts at Houchin Blood Bank after...

  4. HERB BENHAM: Steve Garvey a hit with Bakersfield

    Steve Garvey speaks like he used to hit -- expertly. I heard the former Dodger first baseman at the Second Annual Heart Never Forgets benefit for the Alzheimer's Disease Association of Kern County...

  5. HERB BENHAM: Crafty Christians work way into my heart

    Elinor Grant invited me for lunch recently at Mill Creek Christian Church downtown in the Crafty Christian Room. I liked the sound of the Crafty Christian Room, especially because I have gained an...

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